SRU Couples and a Date Night!

Okay so I am still working on another FanFic but this seems to intrude on it so I will start this one as well. Bear with me PLEASE! I don't know where this is going completely yet so no guarantees on how many chapters any suggestions would be great! This is seeming more a Jam fic with the support of their married and date co-workers

Ed L/ Sofie L, Sam B/ Jules C., Wordy/ Shelly W, Greg P./ Marina

Date night was not something that was a constant at the SRU but with all relationships in the open now group dates where the conversation between the couples who saw each other everyday.

Jules started it this morning at workout. "Hey you know we all have talked about getting together for a big date night, what do you guys think about tomorrow tonight we are all off shift."

"Sofie was all for that she was excited just to have a date night! With the baby and work it is hard to find the time." Ed was on board

"What about Us! Raf and I don't have girlfriends are we invited?" Spike jokes

"Invited to what?" asks Greg

"Date Night" choruses the group

A non committal groan comes from Sam as he walks into the weight room.

"I thought we had decided to take this slowly when we talked about a group date night? You do remember how rowdy we tend to get right? No sense in getting band from our favorite watering hole"

"Oh Sam you think you are taking me out to the Goose for a date night?" Jules comments

"Sof would kill me man! We have to actually make an effort here."

"Marina would not take kindly to our one night out with everyone to be in the bar we all haunt to unwind"

These comments from his team mates have Sam thinking and planning.

"So…." Sam Starts "What are we thinking?"

"Well we could go to the dinner but anyone know of a classy place that is not to classy?" Ed comments

While his team mates are contemplating a good place to go Spike just watches knowing he has the solution. He smirks at this thought, he has the solution, he never has the solution at work he leave that to the snipers on the team.

Letting them squirm Jules just laughs silently. Since becoming part of the "other half" of a Team one officer, meaning the girl of the relationship, unbeknownst to her colleges she had become great friends with the other women of Team One. This was going to be a great story for Tea and coffee on one of her off days. She now had a standing coffee date with Sophie, Shelly, and Marina they treated her like one of the spouses but also as a way to make sure their husbands were actually okay. At first she was apprehensive about that part but they respected her hesitation and never pushed if she wanted to keep it private. Being drawn back to the conversation by Raf and Spike, she really started laughing at the antics of the only 2 single team mates left.

"We could give them suggestions right?" Raf says

"What and give away our secrets?!" exclaims Spike

"Well isn't that what team mates are for?" questions Raf

"Weeeelllll Okay if you think so." Spike wines

"Spike I am not taking Sophie to a strip bar so thanks but no thanks." Ed is laughing at the faked outraged look on Spikes face.

"I would never…."

"Of course you would Spike!" states Sam

Greg is just chuckling and staying out of it. He and Marina had just started dating and he had brought her to the picnic but a more intimate date night with his team was not where he thought they should be, but he did know about her coffee date with the other wives and in Jules case significant other of the team mates made him acquiesce.

All comments where halted when Winnie's voice came over the loud speaker. "Hot Call Team 1 Gear Up! Shots Fired at Nathan Phillips Square! Unies say distraught medium height female 18-20 subject escalating."

Team 1 gears up and heads out in 3 SUV formation. On head sets the conversation has turned from one of teasing and excitement to serious and determined.

Determined to bring everyone home in one piece

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