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Everyone made it safely back to HQ from a successful negotiation. A woman who was struggling with post partum psychosis was having a difficult time coming to terms with the loss of her little boy. Having taken another young mother and her infant hostage after seeing them at the Ice Rink pushed her into a panic driven rage to save her baby.

Sergeant Parker headed negotiations and Constable Callaghan seconded. Constable Rousseauto cover Parker and Callaghan.

Sierra 1 Constable Lane, Sierra 2 Constable Braddock. Constable Scarlatti to man information and mange all communication from command truck.

Reading the beginning of the transcripts Greg rubs his head in frustration, all he wanted to do was go home, unwind and watch the game.

"Serge, hey I thought we were going to finish paperwork tomorrow?" Raf comments as he heads passed the briefing room.

"Yeah, I was but I figured it would be best since we all have end of shift tomorrow."

"Well don't you and the rest of the team have date night tomorrow night as well?"

"who knows, none of us have had the time to make reservation to anywhere, with the size of our group we would need to at least let them know we are coming."

"You know Spike and I were talking and we would be willing to watch all the kids at a central location. Spike also had a suggestion on a place if you are all interested?"

Greg looked up from his paperwork to see that Raf was serious about his offer.

"That would be great!"

"Alright I will give Spike a call on my way home and let him know."

"Thanks Raf, good night."

The next morning all of Team 1 was in the process of getting the ready for their last shift for this rotation. The guys were in the dressing room when Raff and Spike got their male teammates attention.

"Okay so Raff said he talked to Serge, We are offering babysitting to those with kids. We also have a surprise, well I do. You all know that I have a friend who owns a restaurant right? Well I got him to reserve the upper loft for everyone. I figured it would be a great surprise for the girls. Sam since Jules works here and you have a hard time even surprising her with birthday presents here I wanted to tell all of you in the locker room."

"So what Spike didn't say was that your reservations are at REDS Wine Tavern." Raf says.

All the guys except for Raf and Spike start talking at once.

"How did….." Ed

"You got reservations where…..?" Greg asked Shocked

"Jules has said it was impossible to get…." Sam stated

"Yep I said it right REDS Wine Tavern. Oh and don't forget to remind Wordy we included him and Shelley in this outing." Raf commented

The shocked silence continued as everyone filed out of the locker rooms.

Winnie and Jules were at the front desk talking, as the guys filed by Winnie asked Jules. "Was that weird or what? I don't think I have ever not heard them before I have seen them." Jules didn't comment she was watching Sam his face was one of disbelief and gratitude, something was up.

"Winnie can you dig for me?"

"Absolutely I will see what I can find."

"Thanks, going to briefing let me know what you find."

As Jules walked into the briefing room all the whispered conversation stopped; Eyebrows raised she found her seat and turned to look at Sam.

He refused to meet her eyes for fear giving away his excitement. He had an Idea that he wanted to run by the guys but hadn't had enough time in the locker room.

"Soooooo…..What's going on?" Jules asked

"What do you mean?" Asks Spike

"Ummmm usually we can heard you guys long before we see you. So what's with the silent as a mouse routine?"

"oh you know family secrets" Greg says

Jules is interrupted by Winnie

"Team 1 Hot Call! Suit Up"

So much for a slow day!

Okay so the restaurant is an actual place in Toronto I Googled for restaurants and found REDS Wine Tavern to be open in Sept. I liked the web page and chose it for this setting. Other than that any and all descriptions are my own.