Note: I hope you like this, I randomly thought it up while reading the secret series (read them they are really good) I don't have synaesthesia myself so if anybody has it please share your experiences, It will really help also, please don't get offended if you have synaesthesia, peeta has a very extreme and probably made up form of synaesthesia its basically all the forms of it all jumbled up, but anyway, I'm rambling, please read and review!

Peeta Mellark has always been different. He knew it, his parents knew it, and his brothers knew it. He had confusion of the senses. Synaesthesia the doctors called it, his senses were mixed up. He could hear letters, see smells and taste names. for example, the letter A was red, C was yellow and O was purple, this got quite annoying sometimes, as it meant he was failing math and English, or at least he likes to think synaesthesia was the reason, it was probably because he was really bad at said subjects.

One advantage, if any, of him having synaesthesia was that he could see people's aura, that's what he told his parents, but they just think he's making it up. An aura is a light glow that emits of people, and not just certain people either, everyone. And one thing he's learnt about auras is that everyone in district twelve has the same colour aura, grey. Sure, there are variations of what shades of grey different people are, his brother Rye had a light grey aura, slightly yellow, that's how peeta could tell that he was fun loving and slightly mischievous, his father had an almost blue aura (but still grey) that's how Peeta knew his father had a kind heart. His mother's aura was such a dark grey it was almost black, and I'm sure that you don't need me to say what that told Peeta about her personality.

And so, when our story starts, Peeta is kneading dough behind the bakery, today is a somewhat special day for Peeta, him having recently turned eleven years old, it was the first time he was allowed to deal with the trades, his father, before now had taught him everything there was to know about trading, he now knew how much bread to give people, who to take trades from and how to haggle (although he wouldn't be haggling unless the deal was really unfair, as most of the people were seam and needed the food) so as you can imagine he was extremely excited any hyper when the bell rang signalling a trader was at the back door, he rushed to the trader, completely abandoning his dough and gripped the brass handle, his heart pounding and circles still swimming around his eyes, like ripples in water,(which was the normal thing his synesthetic brain saw when the doorbell rang) and pulled the door open, and tried not to look disappointed when Delly's smiling face greeted him, as, of course it would be rude

"Hi Peeta!" she squealed a creamy white mist pouring out of her mouth and the taste of sugar filling Peetas.

"Hey Delly." He replied flashing a sort of fake smile.

"Do you want to come out and play?" she asked, and more sugar filled Peetas mouth

"No." the word came out of his mouth before it occurred to him that it might have sounded rude so he quickly added,

" I meant, I'm bit busy and a doctor might be coming over to help with my synaesthesia." that was a lie, and he felt a bit bad about it as he watched Delly's slightly chubby figure and light grey aura walk away after bidding him goodbye. She was the only person outside his family that knew about his synaesthesia, he didn't trust anyone else, she might have not guessed, he looked and acted no different to any other eleven year old. But he kind of had to explain it to her after he accidently told her that her name tasted nice.

Time passed and peeta began to worry that no traders would come. When the doorbell finally rang again, he was pacing up and down the kitchen, while the dough he was meant to be kneading went dry and lumpy. The sense of de ja vu came to him as yet again; he rushed to the door while purple ripples swam across his eyes. Gripping the brass handle he thrust he door open, cringing at the bang it made when it hit the fridge and he girl who stood in front of him raised her eyebrows.

Looking at the girl again, he almost did a comical over dramatic double-take. She looked about his age and amazingly beautiful with stormy grey eyes, full pink lips, olive skin and silky hair in a braid down her shoulder, but that was not the strangest thing about her, the strangest thing was her aura, it was not grey, like everyone else in twelve, it was a deep purple and slightly blue, peeta know from experience that blue meant she had a kind heart. But he had yet to discover what deep purple meant.

"Can I see your father?" she asked in her beautiful, musical voice, the taste of strong, but sweet mint instantly filling his mouth.

"Are you trading?" he said, surprised at how normal his voice sounded "because I'm handling the trades today." He noted that if he was trying not to sound cocky, he'd failed, miserably.

"um…okay, and yes I am trading." she sounded slightly nervous as she handed him her game bag, which after looking inside, peeta saw contained three squirrels and a rabbit. Immediately he worked out that her haul should earn her one medium sized loaf of bread and one small one. Taking a paper bag he picked up the bread along with and extra loaf of bread and four cheese buns.

"What's your name" he asked randomly while putting the bread in the bag

"Katniss." Came her cautious reply, Hmm… Katniss, Peeta thought. It was a green name and he liked the way her name tasted, it tasted even better than Delly's name!

"I'm Peeta." He said while he handed her the bag of baked goods. His heart pounded as he watched her grey eyes peek inside

"Oh no! " She exclaimed "this is too much!"

"It's okay, I got a bit carried away and baked too much bread, take it." Another lie. This brought his grand total of lies for that day to two. He told himself it didn't matter, what she didn't know wouldn't hurt her. But he was getting increasingly nervous as her grey eyes searched his blue ones, maybe she could sense lies! It wasn't too crazy of a thought, he, could see auras, that seemed crazy it you didn't understand it and perhaps her strange purple aura meant she was a lie detector! His heart was pounding by the time she looked up and all his worries all faded when the sides of her lips quirked up into a warm smile,

"thank you" she almost whispered, it was weird, these two words seemed to set her aura alight, deep oranges and reds flickered around its edges, covering the purple up but not completely, it almost looked like she was a flame, flickering in the darkness as she half walked half ran away from the bakery.

Peeta ambled away from the door, almost reluctantly. His thoughts whirling around in his head like the tornados he'd heard about in the other districts. Katniss, the girl with the purple aura. Katinss the girl with the fiery aura. Katniss the girl on fire. Katniss mellark. Peeta found he liked the sound of that.