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The district thirteen guards were terrorising a man for trying to take some bread outside with him.

They looked ready to beat him to a pulp

Peeta made a mental note to never get on the bad side of any of them.

He stared down at his food; he suddenly didn't feel hungry anymore, which was just as well. The food would probably give him some serious disease. And he was pretty sure the people in district thirteen were getting cholera from the water.

He sighed and looked around the room; no one seemed to have an appetite either.

Maybe it was something in the air.

The trip to district eight went well, slightly uneventful, but at least they didn't get blown to bits like peeta had half expected.

Over the past weeks, Coin had been parading them around every district apart from one and two, sometimes, peeta thought she was just as bad as the capitol.

The only upside to being paraded around like circus freaks was that they may get to go to district twelve.

If they behaved.

And the fact that Peeta and Katniss had seemed to put the citizens of panem under the impression that they were lovers.

But Peeta still wasn't sure whether that was an upside or not. Katniss certainly didn't seem to think so.

He got up and out his tray away, as he turned to walk out the door; he noticed that almost ten people had got up to go after him.

He was reminded of when he was doing tests at school, and no one wanted to be the first one to finish

He almost laughed, people were like sheep.

His almost laugh turned into a frown, it's no use thinking of district twelve, it would just get him depressed and searching for the nearest cupboard.


Coin could be nice sometimes.

Well, not really.

But she had her moments.

By some amazing miracle, she had let them visit district twelve

But, she had warned them that if they showed too much attachment or favouritism, there would be consequences.

Apparently, Coins "moments" didn't last very long.

they wouldn't be allowed to visit their family, basically, what they had to do was shoot a Propo and leave.

And they were shooting in the woods.

Miles away from town.

Frankly, the likelihood of meeting his family was slim to none.


Peeta never liked hovercrafts.

They were loud and there wasn't much air or space, and Peeta constantly felt like the ground would open up and he would fall to his inevitable doom.

That's one reason why he was ecstatic when he was given the go ahead to descend the ladder into solid ground

The fresh air was like a punch in the face. After weeks breathing in recycled district thirteen air, the clean air of the forest was a luxury.

Katniss seemed to think so too, because she almost smiled.


Peeta turned to the excitable capitol rebel, Plutarch.

"What do we do now?" Peeta asked

"Well, I've got a pre written speech here; you and Katniss will share the lines, and for god's sake, please try to sound enthusiastic."

Frankly, Peeta didn't know how to answer to that.

Two hours, a sore throat and two coffees for Plutarch later and peeta and Katniss just wanted to get out of district twelve as soon as possible.

The pre-written speech stunk, and that was peeta being nice, he didn't voice his niceness out loud though, because it looked like Plutarch and the district thirteen citizens were extremely proud of their stupid speech.

Neither Peeta, nor Katniss could act enthusiastic for the life of them

It was a terrible speech, although Plutarch was obviously extremely proud of it. It was long and un-engaging, and even the "big finish" line was terrible. Cressida was getting extremely annoyed and kept complaining that the light was changing; Katniss kept getting anxious because she couldn't shoot the animals scurrying past them in the woods.

"I give up!" Plutarch said finally, throwing his coffee to the ground in exasperation.

"Me too." Cressida agreed. Plutarch looked at her like she'd done something wrong.

"You know what, screw this!" Katniss said "these fake speeches and stupid costumes can never describe what's going on in the districts! I saw it, the children were so used to seeing blood in district eight that it didn't even bother them!"

Katniss took a deep breath

"What the capitol need to know Is that they will not get away with this. In district twelve, people from the seam are seen as second class citizens, and to people still stuck in the delusion that they are, I say this. In the eyes of the capitol we are all second class citizens, and if we burn, they burn with us!"

"And cut!" Cressida says "it's perfect, and the lighting brings out all of your best features, and this I sure to get loads of people on our side!"

Katniss looked completely and utterly shocked

"You were filming that?" she said

And Peeta laughed, actually laughed, loudly and fully, chest clenching, doubling over in fits of giggles.

"What's your problem?" Katniss spat

"It's just… this… is so cliché!" peeta said, in-between more laughter

"I guess it is…" Katniss said, giving him a half smile, like someone had tied a sting to the right corner of her lip and pulled it right up, her aura shone brighter than ever, her voice tasted just a little bit sweeter.

"Do you know what would be even more cliché? If we all, 'erupted in a fit of giggles' right now."

Everyone (including Plutarch) erupted in a fit of giggles. Peeta smiled triumphantly, there was a high pitched noise coming from the direction of district twelve, almost as if it was laughing with them.

"It sounds like the district is laughing." Mused Cressida "I bet it's laughing at your joke Peeta"

Peeta chuckled.

Katniss began to scream.

Because that's when the bombs dropped.