This is my first story, it's a one shot thing. Hope you like it :). I don't own the Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot but I do own this story. Thank-you :) xx

I was tired of being the unpopular princess. I wanted to be someone else. I wanted to express my feelings to the world trying to show them who I felt. I looked in the mirror in front of me, grey boring eyes, Yield-shaped triangular hair the colour of chestnut, pale skin and the lanky awkward build - don't forget the long legs.

I'm such a giraffe.

Michael, the guy whom I love and my best friend's brother would never fall for this. He wanted pretty cute girls like Lana Weinberger not his sister's best friend. I suppose maybe the only reason why he can stand being near me is because of the thing on my head that pokes my head with those spiky things that dig into my hair - my tiara. I was sick of being a princess. I mean, everyone thought I would speak with a really posh voice and say stuff like "Oh Elizabeth, please get your feet of the table" and "Ooh Henry, please put the kettle on dear,".

No way, dude.

So now, I was going to turn Goth. Yes, Mia goes Goth. I was going to show everyone that I was no ordinary boring princess who speaks with an posh voice, I was going to show everyone that I had the guts to go Goth. And, I would impress Michael Moscovits as well with my ultra glam Goth look.

I got a tongue piercing, I dyed my hair jet-black, dyed my clothes black and bought these wicked clumpy kickass boots. Nice. I was boss around here tiara or no tiara. I was ready to rock by the time Monday rolled in. Everyone took in my look and gasped. Everyone was scared of me, even Lana Weinberger and her minions. Except Michael, he wasn't scared at all, his opinion mattered the most to me "What do you think of my new look Michael?" I asked him casually as we we're walking to G&T. Normally I would have struggled to croak one word out to Michael but with my new look I felt confident, as if nobody could bring me down. Michael stopped and looked peevishly at me for some strange reason. I mean, come on, what had I done? "Listen Mia, you're look may be very...uh...feisty but it's just not you," he said diplomatically.

"What do you mean?" I whispered timidly, my hopes on getting my big hands on Michael we're crushed on, I felt like a squished bug - he didn't like my new look. "Mia," he sighed "I want the real you."

"Why?" I said angrily "Nobody saw me as a geeky little princess, Michael. Boys didn't admire me like this before."

"Mia," he said quickly "I do,". Michael would always be Lilly Moscovits's brother to me and nothing more, he just wanted to be friends with me and-

What did he say?

"Mia," he smiled "I loved you before as the geeky princess. You may think I only hang out with you because of your tiara but I hang out with you because of...well, you. I've been waiting for the right moment to ask you out and I believe that this is the right moment."

"Oh," I beamed " Wow! Are you just messing around Michael? I would love to go out with you."

"Great. Except I love the old geeky Mia, not this freaky Goth Mia," he said "Promise me you'll change back to how you used to be,"

"Anything for you," I blushed, prettily I hoped. Then Michael did the most amazing thing ever and kissed me. My mouth tingled with excitement, joy pierced into my skin like needle injecting an antidote into my skin. Happiness germinated inside me. Michael loved me for who I was, geeky Mia.

And for once I didn't care who I was, all I cared about was Michael.

The End