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Chapter Three Songs: Bon Iver – For Emma

Bon Iver – Lump Sum

Chapter Three


My eyes shot open! The blaring of the alarm on my phone frightened me so bad I physically jumped up from my bed and slammed my head hard against the shelf that was above my bed.

On impact I made a large 'OOF' noise, fell straight back down onto the soft mattress grasping my head which was now pounding with pain.

A few seconds later Charlie bursts into my room holding a shotgun, swinging it around the place. The second I see the gun I leap up bang my head again, shouting out to Charlie to put the gun down!

Charlie's eyes quickly scan the room and found that there was no threat visible. He quickly but carefully lowered the gun to the floor and walked over to my bed.

The look of sheer 'what the hell was all that about' on my face must have startled him slightly because he seemed to be giving me the same look in return.

'What?' he said, giving a slight shrug of his shoulders. As if this was the most normal day to day activity. Bursting into your only daughters room wielding a freakin' shotgun and waving it about as if it's some piece of clothing!

'DAD! What the fuck is wrong with you?!', I shouted. Excuse my French but DUDE! SERIOUSLY?!

'Bells! Language!', he said firmly, giving me a pointed look that meant 'while you're under my roof'.

'I'm sorry but Jesus Christ! What the hell were you doing?! A shotgun? Really Charlie? You brought a freakin' shotgun into my room! What if you shot me?!

'But I didn't, so it's okay.' He happily agreed with himself.

I on the other hand was completely gob smacked! 'But I didn't so it's okay'. What kind of stupid answer is that?!

'Charlie, I'm your only child! You nearly shot me.' I exhaled. The sheer shock of it and the fact that I was getting pretty bitchy with him was making my face fill with anger. Not to mention my head was throbbing with a fiery pain. And it was going to be my first day of school today!

'Bells I've been a cop since I was 18 okay? I know how to look before I act. I would have never have shot you. But if there was a boy in here that's a whole other story.' He gently put it while patting my leg while my hand clung to my head as if my brain would slip right through.

Charlie brushed my hand away from my forehead to have a good look. This gesture alone made me wonder why my mom would have left Charlie. I know he was quiet, and awkward and sometimes even clumsy. But something made me question it all. Charlie would do anything for me. I know things got a little heated with the whole feud but they could have made it worked.

'Ah, it's nothing. A bit of a bump, that's all. You've had a lot worse.' He exhaled as he did that thing that all dads did when they were preparing to get up.

He deeply inhaled then leant forward on his legs and pushed himself up into a stance. He turned to look at me, nodded then walked out the door. I could hear as his heavy booted footsteps clobbered down the stairs.

I grabbed my blanket and hugged it to my chest. I've been so tired with the past few days I forgot to really look at my old room. Just looking around made me smile.

The cream and purple floral wallpaper Charlie had picked out for me years ago. The crack in the top left hand corner, which had been there since I could remember. The desk that was directly under it. It used to be in the living room where Renee would sketch. She said she tried to make me into an artist but I would just smack over the crayons onto the sheets of paper.

I threw the blanket off of me and swung my legs over the bed. I stood on my tippy toes to stretch out my stiff, cramped body. My arms reached above my head and I made a little squeal which Jake pointed out I did when I stretched. He thought it was cute.

Thinking of Jake reminded me of something. I looked under my bed and pushed one of the moving boxes aside to see if it was still there. A little carving that read; 'J.B loves B.S' surrounded by a large love heart. I looked down at it and smiled goofily and giggled at the way it made me feel. I had completely forgotten it was there.

I pushed myself back from under the bed making sure I wouldn't hit my already fragile head and sat up on my knees. I slowly got up and walked towards the door, which beside it was my full length mirror Charlie had so kindly bought my two days ago since I was making my stay more permanent.

My eyes instantly went to the growing blue/grey bump on the top of my forehead. It could have been a lot worse. I could have been going to my first day of school with a large bullet hole in my abdomen. Still though, the ugliness of the thing on my forehead bothered me. I took my hair from my pony tale and smoothed it around my face so the bump was slightly hidden. I should have taken Renee's advice and a side fringe. At least I didn't have any zits showing.

I looked at my clock. Crap! Forty-five minutes had already passed and I wasn't even dressed yet. Jake would be here shortly! I kicked the door with the back of my foot while I pulled my top over my head and flung it onto the bed. I hurriedly took off my grey sweatpants which I slept in off and flung them somewhere. I pulled out the outfit I had decided to wear yesterday after a lot of debating.

My outfit consisted of a brown leather jacket, a v-neck long sleeved dark grey top, dark jeans with a cream design on the ass and brown leather boots.

When I had my clothes on I decided to work on my hair. I had a crease in the middle. Last night I decided to go to bed with my hair a little bit wet so it would curl more than it does naturally. I made small plats either side of my head. I kept the very front the way it was so to hide my accidental self harm.

I had just finished putting my massacre on when I heard the rustic beep of Jakes rabbit outside my window. I ran to the bathroom to wash my teeth. I held back my hair as I scrubbed and scrubbed, I then spat out the toothpaste and gargled my mouth with stinging, nasty mouthwash I had bought yesterday. I grabbed my bag and threw on some earrings and a chain before I ran downstairs.

When I got outside Charlie had his arm leaning on he roof of Jake's car and was bent down talking to him when they saw me approach. I awkwardly smiled at Charlie and he outstretched his arm which had a brown paper bag, in it I presumed was my lunch. I walked to the passenger side and got in. Charlie reached onto the roof and handed me over a flask.

'Thanks dad!', I exclaimed, surprised that Charlie actually prepared food for me. I was surprised that he wasn't half starved actually, he didn't know how to cook at all.

'You got everything? Notebook, pens and all that?', Charlie asked concerned.

'Don't worry, I'll take care of your girl Charlie', Jake smiled at him.

'Just keep her away from them. You hear? Bella, be careful. Just stick with Jake and you'll be fine.'

'I will dad.' I said slowly.

'Okay, go on! Get out of here, have a good day Bells.' He said with more than obvious fake, weak smile.

I just gave a small back so it would ease his nerves. While Jake backed the car out the driveway, I placed my seatbelt around myself and looked up to see Charlie standing there waving. I waved back at him and gave him a more enthusiastic smile. Jake and pulled out and made our way to Fork's one and only High school home of the Trojans.

I turned to look at Jake. He nearly always wore the same thing. A black t-shirt showing off his muscular chest, blue slightly ripped jeans and a black leather jacket.

'You checking me out?' he turned to glance at me for a second, then turned back to keep his eyes on the road. Oops he caught me.

'Maybe..', I whispered to him flirtatiously.

'You look hot by the way,' he said smiling to himself. Damn that sexy smile.

'Don't look too bad yourself'. I smiled back at him.

'You nervous? First day and all. You're the new girl. Not only the new girl, but the sexy as hell new girl!' he said, putting a little more emphasis on the 'hell'.

'Shut up, I playfully slapped him on the shoulder,

Yeah I am a small bit, I know you're there for me and all but still. I'm Jake Black's girlfriend, half the school is going to hate me anyway.' I whispered to him dismally.

'Bell, I know. But you don't get it, you didn't exactly grow up here you know? You're lucky in a sense but on the other hand, I guess it's going to be tough. And it's not just me that'll be there for you. Jared, Quill, Embry, Leah, Emily, Paul and Sam will be there. There's a lot more too. Don't worry about it, nobody will mess with you.' he said sternly.

'Well, let's see if you're right.' I said quietly as we drove into the gates of Fork's High school. We pulled into what I presumed to be the student car park. I looked over at Jake and he gave me an encouraging smile back. I exhaled slowly and opened the door.

The air was cold, it almost hurt to breathe. Jake fixed up his jacket and came over to my side to pick up my bag and hand it out to me. Jake went to the booth to get his backpack and books. I slung my arm through the straps of the large handbag, and while I adjusted it on my shoulder I could feel something. Like a tingly sensation on the back crown of my head. I lifted my arm to my head and turned around.

Eyes. His eyes. They were staring at me intently. Green. The person that belonged to these eyes was holding onto a silver Volvo door.

Jake came to my side and I was immediately freed from the hypnotic stare. I fluttered my eyelids to get a grasp on the present. I pulled my bag higher onto my shoulder and felt Jake's arm wrap around my waist hard. I looked down to wear his hand was then up to look at his face.

I had never seen this look on his face before, I was beyond confused. I looked to see who or what was a victim of Jake's intimidating glare. It was him again. The guy with the emerald eyes.

I then realised. He was one of them. The ones my father hated. The ones my boyfriend hated. The ones I, myself was supposed to hate.

The Cullens.