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For most teenagers, a Friday night was usually simple. Some go on dates, some log on to the internet, some hook up…

But not me.

A Friday night would usually consist of: a.) Mom's new party, b.) spending the night with my best bud, Chad, and c.) studying for some stupid Algebra test.

The catch?

Mom's parties are held in MY house (so it'll be full of strange adults that I do not, nor want to, know), Algebra just sucks in general, and, oh yeah; I'm in love with Chad.

-Cue audience gasping here-

Yes, yes, I'm one of those people, And by "those", I mean people who can't seem to separate feelings from friendship. Who would've thought that a girl would fall in love with her boy best friend?

To tell you the truth, everyone.

They warned me that, and I quote, "A boy and a girl can't be best friends without one falling for the other."

But nooo, I didn't listen! I just had to freakin' fall in love! With my best friend, for goodness' sake!

"Hey, Sonny, dear. I'm just going to Mrs. Goldstein's house, okay?" my Mom informed me. It was like this every week. My Mom's sweet and extremely nice. No, really. But… the parties, the alcohol, especially booze, just makes her…

Weird. And ditzy.

Also, it gives her bad breath.

"Sure, Mom. See you at midnight!" I called back. Nah, I'm just kidding. She'll be back way after midnight.

My phone rang after Mom left.

I'll take her out and drop her off

On the outskirts of our town

I'll leave a trail of roses that'll lead back home (so come back home)

She'll pick a fight for no good reason

She knows I'll never leave

I love her half to death,

But she's killing me-

I didn't even look at the Caller ID. "Chad?"

"You know it!" Chad is my best friend. He always has been. Ever since the second grade, I noticed that I had an, ahem… special liking for Chad. It was just a small crush. Microscopic, really.

But over time, it grew and grew and grew.

And before I knew it, it turned into, you know, love.

The thought made me want to smile and gag at the same time.

"What do you need, Cooper?"

"The usual."

"The usual" was mostly watching Grown Ups or Get Smart at his house with the boys and shoving whatever edible thing we can find into our mouths.

"Of course you do." I smiled.

"So you're coming over?"

"In five minutes, cheesehead." I hung up and threw my phone on the bed.

I ran to my closet and threw on a blue Teen Gladiators shirt and some sweatpants. I dropped the clothes I wore earlier into the box my Mom put in my room for dirty laundry.

I don't really have girl friends…at all. I'm "one of the boys."

The upside: I know everything about him and I just saved myself years of Face book stalking.

The downside: I'll probably only be one of Chad's boys, but never his girlfriend.

I pulled my hair into a messy ponytail and then shoved my cow-print iPhone into my pocket.

I grabbed my car keys (my good ol' estranged father thought he could slither his way into my life by buying me a Porsche) and ran to my cars. I actually have two cars. One Porsche and one beat-down pickup from the 1980's. I usually use my pickup because the Porsche was too flashy for my taste.

When I drive up to Chad's massive driveway, I saw that the others were already there. Their crappy cars were already parked by Chad's many motorcycles.

I walk into his house; greet Mrs. Cooper – who surprisingly likes me for some reason – and then burst into Chad's room.

Chad, Nico, and Skylar were eating popcorn while waiting for From Paris With Love on HBO while Grady, Ferguson and James were playing a game on Chad's Wii (yes, Chad has two TVs in his room.) I coughed loudly to get their attention.

When they saw that it was only me, they just said, "Hey," in unison and then continued whatever they were doing.

I rolled my eyes and then sat down next to Chad. I, no matter how disgustingly cheesy it sounds, felt some butterflies flutter in my stomach.

I grabbed the remote, much to the displeasure of, well, everyone. I changed it to How I Met Your Mother.

"What'd you do that for?" Chad whined.

"We've watched From Paris with Love three times this week. It's getting boring."

"Blame HBO!"

I playfully punch him on the arm. But that doesn't mean that it didn't hurt. Hurt him, I mean.

He rubbed his arm and then scolded playfully, "You, young lady, punch way too hard for a girl."

I scoffed. "Please. I'm barely a lady."

"True. But you still punch too hard for a…female."

I was about to call him sexist (and kinda wanted to call him sexy too) but James decided to butt in.

"But," he piped in, "Sonny's barely a female!"

The guys laughed a little, nodding in agreement.

"And what the heck does that mean, Conroy?" I asked, kinda offended.

"Well, Alison," I cringed when I heard my full name come into the conversation. "You wear sweats everywhere, you don't have any skirts, or any accessories, you play video games better than us, you wear dark colors and not pink or purple or any other girl color, and you hang out with boys all the time," he ranted.

"But, even though those are true, I was born female and I'm pretty sure I have female body parts..."

James rolled his eyes, giving up. They know that I'm stubborn (and always right), so they don't bother arguing.

"Look, let's just all shut up and watch TV, okay?" Nico said.

We mumbled a, "Fine," then let it go.

After watching Barney flirt and bang a bimbo, I found myself getting sleepy.

I yawned a little, milking the situation by snuggling into Chad. I felt him tense a little by the sudden contact – since I barely even touch the boys because they're kinda sweaty and gross all the time – and then relax almost instantly. I pretended to snore quietly to make him think that I'm asleep.

"How 'bout we get back at Sonny for the 'Amanda thing' last Tuesday?" I heard Grady suggest. The "Amanda thing" was a prank I pulled on them that was, if I do say so myself, completely radical.


Two months ago, I persuaded them to join an online-dating website called OneSpecialConnection, which was, if you haven't guessed, completely fake. I joined too, but as a girl named Amanda Katriana Samuels. She's completely perfect – well, to the boys, at least. She was five foot seven, with sunshine-blond hair, emerald eyes, and a twig-like figure… A photo shopped Barbie that was looking for her Ken that shared Skylar's love for warm orange juice, Nico's obsession with harmonicas, and James' unusual infatuation with Mango-flavored birthday cake. All I had to do was make an account, add them up, charm them with my vast knowledge of their lives, and BAM!

The best prank ever was in motion!

Sure, it took two months, but hey, I managed to meet up with them and break their little hears by sending a butt-ugly girl that was a messy eater.

The girl was me in a mask and fat suit, BTW.

I made them believe that I cheated on them with their very best friends. They fought, I watched, broke their hearts, and blah, blah, blah.

Back to their conversation, the guys seemed to be hesitant. They know I could retaliate back with more pain inflicted on them. I mean, the last time they got back at me, I hired some dude to chase them around with pitchfork.

But, because they're as stupid as sporks (I mean, come on! What are they? Spoons or forks? WHY CAN'T THE COMPANY THAT MADE THEM MADE UP THEIR MINDS?), they agreed. They decided that they were going to throw water in my face. But Grady suggested that they do something meaner, so now, they wanted to throw two glasses of water in my face.


So when they were going to spill water on me, I jumped up and shouted, "BOO!"

They got so freaked out that they spilled the water on themselves.

"Yeah, that's what you get, dip wads!" I did my little victory dance, grabbed the remote and changed the channel. They glared at me while I just grinned. Serves them right.

"You're an evil, evil little troll," James hissed.

"You're a gay, gay little ladybug," I retorted.

"Butt chin."

"Gag face."

"Flat face."

"Flat butt!"

"Flat nose!"

"Flat forehead!"

"Flat… flat… Shut up!"

"No, you shut up!"

And before we knew it, Chad was in between us, Grady was holding me back and Nico was holding James. We've been known to…disagree a lot so my friends know when to restrain us from killing each other.

"Dude, it's not cool to punch girls," Chad told James. My hero… *girl sigh here*

"Psh. She's no girl!"

And that's when I lost it.

I was sitting on Chad's bed, holding a bag of frozen peas to my cheek.

I glanced at James, who was sitting next to me. He had a black eye and a cut lip. I only had a small bruise on my cheek and a cut on my arm.

Mrs. Cooper was looking at us, concerned. "Okay," she said, "what happened?"

James and I tried to explain at the same time. Chad was next to me, trying to put a band-aid on my arm – and once again, my hero – while Nico and the others were out to buy some cream for James' black eye.

"One at a time," Mrs. Cooper said calmly. "Sonny?"

"You see, I was asleep – well, pretending to be – when I heard that the boys were going to pull a prank on me. I scared them when they were about to throw water on me, though. But James got mad and called me an evil troll. We kept calling each other names and were about to get into a fight but the guys stopped us. Chad told James that it wasn't cool to fight girls, and James said that I was no girl. Then, you know, I punched him, and… you know the rest," I explained.

Mrs. Cooper sighed. She pinched the bridge of her nose and muttered, "Sonny, James, go hug."

"What?" we exclaimed together. EW, no! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!

"Hug or else you two are banned from the Cooper household!"

I knew that she was bluffing – since she loves me and kinda considers me a daughter – but, to make Mrs. C. happy, James and I *cringe* hugged.

-And add gag here-

It was uncomfortable and it made everything seven hundred times more awkward.

Worst. Friday. Ever.

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