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Launched Rocket

I'm not the luckiest person in the world. There, I said it.

I used to think I was – I have great parents, an awesome older brother and the best best friends in the world (including one who has a pretty hot older sister) – but High School came and brought along my unfaithful father, my brother with my friend's sister and my undoubted lack of luck with girls.

The funny thing is, I always was the one mocking Sam's inability to talk to Cindy Sanders (and yet, he dated her for about a month); or Bill, always so shy and – let's face it – not the most best looking guy around (but even so, Vicki Appleby was into him).

You see, we were all geeks in the eyes of everyone in our school. It seems like one can't like the same stuff one did months before getting into High School. I can't like Star Wars or comic books, or I'm a dork. Not cool in the wild teenage world.

Now here's a thing: I've never been cool. I might be funny and good looking – I know I am -, but not cool. Not in the way everyone wants me to be; and more: I can't change it, I can't give up the stuff I really like, because it'd be like giving up of myself. It doesn't quite make sense to me.

What bothers me the most is… my friends are exactly like me, but they've got girls, while I'm still here waiting for my chance. I mean, I wasn't even lucky in a make out party! How can that be?


I told Sam my chances with Vicki Appleby were ruined because she was into Bill. He laughed at me, of course.

"They made out once. It doesn't mean anything." He said. "And I'm not sure if he'd be interested anyway, she's a bitch with him."

"Sam. Who wouldn't be interested in Vicki?"

Sam just waved it off. I told him I'd give him three evidences of why Vicki and Bill would be a couple anytime soon.

"Well, and I'm gonna give you one reason why they'll not, no matter what you say: he's a geek while she's the queen bee. It's not gonna happen."

He had a point, but I rolled my eyes. "You dated Cindy."

Sam shrugged. Rumor has it that he's the cute one of us three. Bleh.