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„What's happening?!" Lucy yelled nervously. „Why is the ground shaking?!"

„It seems that something went wrong!" Erza said calmly. "Let's hurry and get out of this damn place!"

"We can't!" Lucy locked her eyes with Erza's, determination written in them. "We have to find that book!"

"Forget the book, Lucy, our lives are more important right now!" Gray said while dodging one of the rocks which were now falling from the ceiling.

"Luce! Ice-brain's right, for once, we should get out!" Natsu's hand landed on her right shoulder, keeping her from going into the next room. "Let's come back later."

Lucy looked at the door leading to the book they needed so desperately, then she turned around, her eyes closed, and said: "Fine. Let's go."

They started to run towards the exit but Lucy couldn't help but stop and look back one more time. And just as she wanted to follow the others the floor beneath her feet cracked up and she fell.

"NATSU!" she screamed stretching her arm for her best friend who turned around. Lucy saw the terrified look on his eyes as he started to rush towards her but he didn't manage to grab her hand. Instead, he jumped after her and tried to reach her. "Lucy! Your whip!" he yelled. Lucy understood and grabbed the whip which was hung on her belt but she didn't manage to do anything because suddenly, she was engulfed in a brilliant, white light and the next moment she was outside.

What happened? Am I dead? I don't think so since I'm still falling… WAIT! I'm still falling!

She looked beneath her and saw nothing but deep blue. The ocean! She looked up and saw more blue mixed with white clouds. Why was she falling from the sky? She was in that damned building just a moment ago and now she was falling from the sky! Where was Happy when she needed him?


She looked up at the sky and saw that Natsu was falling as well. He held out his arm for her to grab but he was too far away, she wouldn't even be able to reach him with her whip so she looked back to the ocean and saw something which made her heart jump out of joy. They were heading straight for a ship and by the looks of it they would crash right onto deck but not if Lucy could do something to change that. Intuitively, she reached behind her back towards the key-chain on her belt and grabbed the key she needed right now. It was not necessary for her to check whether the one she was holding out right now was the right one, she could tell from the feeling it gave off. "Open the Gate of the Ram! Aries!"

A moment later she and Natsu landed on a huge cotton-like pillow.

It was a nice morning. The sun was burning down on the ship and the wind was blowing nicely. If it continued like this they would reach their next destination within a few hours

"SANJI! FOOD!" Nami heard somebody scream from the kitchen and didn't even need to look to know who it was. She tied her long hair into a pony tail and sighed as her captain was kicked out of the kitchen.

"Wait till it's done, you shitty captain!" Sanji screamed and shut the door with a loud bang.

"But I want to eat now." Luffy pouted and held his stomach "It's been three hours since my last meal! And I'm bored!"

"WHAT THE-!" It came from he crow's nest. Usopp jumped down just as Nami had looked up to ask what's happened.

"Two people are falling from the sky!" He yelled, pointing upwards.

"What?!" Chopper who had been reading a medical book up to that moment jumped up and searched the sky. Nami did the same but she couldn't see anything since the sun was shining mercilessly, blinding her eyes.

"Are they from Skypeia?" Luffy asked excitedly, a huge goofy grin on his face.

"Long-nose-kun is right", Robin said looking upwards with her sunglasses protecting her eyes from the dazzling sunlight. "They are probably going to land right on deck. I wonder if they'll break the wood."

"Stop talking like that, Robin!" Usopp gasped hysterically.

The next moment a huge white pillow appeared on deck and the two uninvited guests dived right into it.

Everything was black.

Lucy's head was aching. It felt as though an elephant was standing on it. What happened?

"They just fell from the sky?"

"Yeah, if it wasn't for Chopper, they'd probably be jelly by now."

From the sky? That's right. She fell from the sky. Does that mean that she was dead? And Natsu! What happened to Natsu?

"Do you think they fell from Skypeia?" a silly voice asked excitedly.

What was Skypeia?

"Dunno", a deep voice answered.

"And what was with that weird pillow? Where did it pop up from?"

"Maybe one of them has eaten a Devil Fruit."

Devil Fruit? What was that? Who were those people? Where was she? Was Natsu there? She tried to call for him but her voice didn't do as she wanted. She tried to open her eyes but it took her a lot of effort. When she had finally opened them a little a blinding light made her blink several times until she finally opened them completely.

Some people were gathered around her while she tried to get up. Lucy looked around and realized that Natsu was not in this room. She started to panic a bit.

"Who are you?" she asked the people around her who were observing her curiously. "And where's Natsu?" Her eyes narrowed as she glared at them.

"Calm down, my dazzling beauty, we won't do anything to you" a blonde guy with black clothes and a swirly eyebrow said in a silly voice while dancing around the room.

"I asked you where Natsu is!" she said again, a tad angrier.

"If you mean your pink-haired friend, our doctor took care of him and now he's sleeping in the boy's quarters", a beautiful orange-haired woman said casually. Her hand was resting on her hip but Lucy had the feeling that she was on alert.

"Took care of him?" Lucy asked, looking at the beauty in front of her. "Where is he? Is he okay? I have to see him! Please!" She was desperate. The woman said their doctor took care of him, did that mean that he was injured?

"Don't worry, he's okay."

Lucy looked around the room in search of the person belonging to the voice as she heard it again.

"And you should rest some more."

This time she turned her head towards the right side of her bed to spot an animal wearing a blue hat with a crosson it.

"Tanuki." She stared at the animal and couldn't help but giggle.

"Why are you laughing?" It yelled. "And I'm not a tanuki, I'm a reindeer!"

"Sooooooooo cute!" Lucy squealed and grabbed the little guy, crushing him in a bone-breaking hug.

"Let me go, you bitch!" Lucy let go wondering why the little guy sounded so happy while insulting her.

"Don't think it makes me happy that you called me cute! It doesn't make me happy at all, you stupid asshole!" he said with a wide grin and a slight blush on his face.

Lucy laughed. "What's your name?" she asked the reindeer and put him back on the floor next to her bed.

"I'm Chopper!"

"Hi, Chopper, I'm Lucy!" she introduced herself with a kind smile on her face. "So you're the doctor here?"

"I am!" Chopper exclaimed proudly, his hooves were resting on his hips, his blue nose pointing towards the ceiling.

"And you took care of my friend? Is he injured?" Lucy's smile vanished and was replaced by a worried expression. Her hands gripped the blanket which she didn't realize she was covered with.

"Don't worry", Chopper said with a reassuring smile. "He's not injured at all he just has a bump on his head, nothing more!"

Lucy felt as though a huge weight had been taken off her chest. She breathed out and let go of the blanket. "Can I see him?"

"But you really should rest a bit more, you've fallen from the sky after all", the doctor said worriedly.

"But-" She didn't get to finish her protest because right then the door flew open.

"LUCY!" A pink-haired boy yelled, relieve in his voice, and rushed towards her bed and hugged her closely before pulling away and observing her closely.

"Natsu!" Lucy exclaimed happily as a grin formed a cross her face and her eyes started to sparkle.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt? Have those people done something to you?"

"I'm okay! What about you? Was Aries' cushion enough?"

"Don't worry, I wouldn't be harmed by a pathetic fall like that!" Natsu said, showing Lucy her favorite toothy grin.

Somebody coughed and both of them turned their attention towards the beautiful woman from before.

"Who're you?" Natsu asked with a confused expression on his face. Lucy mentally kicked him for his rudeness. She blushed and quickly stood up. "I'm sorry for being so rude just now! And thank you very much for helping us!"

"It's okay!" the woman said. "By the way, I'm Nami, this crew's navigator!" she said with a warm smile on her face.

"Hello, Nami! I'm Lucy and this idiot here is Natsu!" Lucy said in response and suddenly remembered that they shouldn't have been falling from the sky in the first place. "But", she began, "where are we?"

"On a pirate ship!" a man with a straw-hat who was standing next to Nami said.

"A pirate ship?!"

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