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Chapter 11
"Altaïr" Malik called out for the third time that morning, but he hardly responded. He didn't even grunt or acknowledge the Dai's presence. It annoyed Malik but he was uncertain this was because Altaïr ignored him or that he didn't know what was distracting the assassin so much.
He took a book and walked over to the table Altaïr was sitting at, running his finger along his hidden blade rather creepily and Malik dropped the book on the table rather harshly making the assassin – who had forgotten his guard completely – startle and jump up in a reflex. "What is wrong with you?" he hissed at Malik obviously angered by the moves.
"What is wrong with you? I'd rather know. These past days you've been out of it completely and I see you sitting around with that strange look on your face and letting your guard down completely" Malik suddenly frowned at his own words, wondering how he could've been so stupid before; he, of all people, should know why Altaïr was staring away into nothingness each day with an blank expression on his face. He was dreaming.
Altaïr, the cold hearted assassin was day dreaming about something that was better than the things occupying his present at this moment. "I'm just resting" Altaïr muttered sitting down rather angrily at the nosy Dai. Technically Malik out ranged him; even if he would gain his previous rank of Master Assassin back. But their personal history together made it unable for Altaïr to really give him credit for this.
"Who is she?" Malik asked after a short moment of silence in which Altaïr was staring at the table top and Malik, on his turn, at his hood. Altaïr looked up with a angry frown something that would make others turn away from him immediately and not even considering to pry in his private life any further, but not Malik. Malik's grin only grew, his expression turning in a teasing one, knowing he had struck bulls eye here.
"It's not something to be embarrassed about" Malik tried making fun of the situation obviously. But he turned serious as he noted how Altaïr didn't respond, instead took his eyes off of him. He sighed then and pulled the chair back that stood in front of him, sitting across the man that obviously seemed slightly bit broken. "What's wrong?" he asked quietly catching Altaïrs eye only a moment before he turned his gaze away from him again. "Why would anything be wrong, just leave me be" Altaïr spat but didn't take an effort to leave. Perhaps because he didn't want Malik to think he was right about the entire situation. Malik sighed again and licked his lips uncomfortably. He was Altaïrs friend before but they never had shared a sensitive moment then. And he didn't really know how to put himself into this position comfortably. There were very little brothers in the brotherhood that were as cold as Altaïr. They each had their problems and they discussed them. Shared their worries and problems, some didn't, some bottled everything up, wanting to look tough obviously and Altaïr was one of them. "Assassins are allowed to marry, Altaïr" he quietly started, clearing his throat before continuing "You've been chasing a rank that acquires a lot of you. But maybe you should stop and wonder if you don't deserve a little more in life" the assassin didn't respond so Malik left it there. Wondering whether or not Altaïr would take his advice or if he even had listened to him. But as he wanted to stand up Altaïr spoke suddenly. "Al Mualim once told me, that there is no room for such a thing in an assassins heart. I have to keep my head empty" he said never looking up "but I like to think of myself as an true assassin. I have accomplished a lot in my life even though I've dropped hard. I realize I have not always made… great… decisions" was that an apology shining through his words? "but I want to regain my rank. Do what I think is right. Take lives in order to save more. But somehow, she will not leave my mind. Whether it is at night, when I'm trying to catch some sleep or at moments where I should be concentrating. I… I guess that I just don't know what is important to me anymore. My rank... Or her" Malik felt himself rather tense suddenly. Altaïr had opened up and his words were rather deep. Was he seriously considering leaving the brotherhood? That would be a deadly decision and one that Malik was sure his old friends would regret. "Next to an assassin" Malik had to choose his words carefully. Even though he was unsure what he had to say. "You are also a just another regular man. A human being and everyone is capable of falling in love, no matter what Al Mualim said. You know, a woman's touch only brings good in a man's life"
Suddenly Altaïr seemed uncomfortable with the subject of the conversation. And quit frankly Malik was aware that the words he had chosen really didn't help Altaïr any, but at least he had tried. "How's Sarah" Altaïr asked and Malik chuckled at this. "She's fine, I'm thinking about asking her for her hand when I return to Masyaf" he informed him friendly. It had been a long while since the last time they had just a regular, friendly conversation together. As if nothing had happened before. "Are you returning to Masyaf soon?" Altaïr asked curiously trying to count how long Malik had been here already. "I have no idea. I don't reckon I will. But Sarah seems loyal to me, as mentioned in her letter"

"Altaïr?" a quiet voice suddenly disturbed them both as Altaïr obviously had wanted to make a cheeky remark, judging by the look in his eye. A look that Malik hadn't seen in quite while. Malik turned around quickly on his chair staring at the woman that stood there, holding a straw basket. Maya. His friend. "I-I'm sorry, Malik, I just- I hadn't spoken to you for awhile and you weren't responding so I thought I could walk in but- I mean – here, I brought you fresh bread." She was utterly confused obviously and as Malik slowly looked at what she was staring at behind him and he noted the expression Altaïr was wearing and he put two to two. "I-I'll see you later" she quickly said turning around and pushing the door open. "Seriously, Altaïr? Maya Alzahabi?" Malik was blown away that of all the woman in the world he chose the most innocent, sweetest woman on earth. "I-I should-" Altaïr mumbled standing up pointing at the door rather desperate and completely ignoring Malik's previous remark. He already made his way towards the door pushing it open and disappearing, leaving a shocked Malik who suddenly burst out laughing standing up and shaking his head, opening the basket hungrily. This was getting stranger and stranger.