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A single light shown down illuminating a short balding man working at a table, all else was in shadow.

"I must find the angel" he muttered tweaking the settings on a strange weapon.

"One has been found and was not turned, luckily they were taken care off before anything could come to pass"

His face twisted to a strange sort of solemnity.

"I must turn the other so the prophecy doesn't come to pass"

at this he patted the weapon in front of him "and this is going to help me find him."

His features morphed into a cruel smirk, "That is, help me find him first"



It was raining in Jump City. Needless to say everyone on the team was bored out of their minds.

"I. Am. So. Bored." Beast Boy commented falling off the couch comically.

Raven rolled her eyes from her meditation position "so we've noticed"

"Friend Beast Boy!" proclaimed Starfire "If you are, as you say bored, why are you not playing the games of video?"

"Bored of those too" he responded gloomily

"Well then would you like to try some of the food from my home planet Tamaran?"

At this Beast Boy blanched, and managed to look green at the same time, he was saved from responding by Robin walking in the room.

"Robin!" he proclaimed dramatically "I, the video game overlord challenge you to a video game face-off!"

Robins face could only be described as smug "You're on!"



In the hour that past, Cyborg had come up from the depths of the garage and had joined the other two males in their video game war.

Then the completely unexpected happened. The door bell rang. When they had first built the tower, for some odd reason it had ended up with a door bell. Why a doorbell? No one was really sure, the tower was situated on a freaking island for crying out loud, so there really wasn't anyone who would ring it.

This was unexpected enough that they all froze when it went off, no one really sure if they had really heard it or not.

It was rung again, the standard chime ringing through the tower.

That was enough for them all to spring into action. Moving as one they all ran to the main entrance. Apon reaching the door, Robin held up a hand. They all skidded to a stop.

"Be ready" he said, yanking out his extendible pole "It could be a trap"

On Robins signal Raven opened the door, the familiar black encompassed the door before moving it open.

There was no one there, at first glance. Then they looked down. Collapsed in front of the door was a girl. The Titans moved cautiously closer, still no reaction.

Robin crouched down in front of the girl "Hey are you OK?" he asked somewhat conserned

She gasped and her eyes flew open, focusing on his masked face. Her arm shot up somewhat shakily grabbing onto his shoulder. He and the rest of the team tensed but did nothing, yet.

"Beware..." she started, seemingly having trouble articulating what she wanted to say.

"Beware what?" asked Robin concerned greatly now for the girls general health, if the rapid spreading of crimson liquid around her was any indication

"Beware the man named Karwa" she managed to choke out, before the hand she had so tightly clenched Robins shoulder with fell to the ground again, in a vain effort to try to keep her upright.

"Who's Karwa?" Robin questioned, in part because any information could be vital but also impart because they could loss this strange girl to a coma if they didn't keep her conscious.

The arm she had let fall to the ground, gave out, causing her to collapse half in half out of the tower. Robin moved to check for a pulse.

"don't bother" Raven said.

The next words she said confirmed his unwanted suspicion

"she's already dead"