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"What." Came Ravens dead pan answer.

No one was really sure how to respond. The law of conservation of mass, heck any physics law really had just been blown to smithereens. Raven drifted closer

"I recognize this, they had something similar on Azarath, it's called an 'aura' weapon"

"an aura what?" yelped Beast Boy. Raven ignored him

"this one looks like it will only respond to certain auras though, so it's heavily modified to be so selective"

"the question" stated Cyborg "is, why did it choose you Robin?"

They were back at the tower. It was raining again in Jump, but the tower was not filled with its usual sounds.

'Why would it only affect me?' Robin pondered

The others had tried it but the pole didn't even so much as twitch let alone open. Basically it was utterly useless to anyone but Robin, and the dead girl, but she was well dead.

But there was no more time for him or the other Titans to continue pondering. The phone rang.

"Jeeze what's up with the phone? How come we never get a happy call on our phone?" complained Beast Boy.

Cyborg answered it. They waited for the response wondering what they were calling in. Cyborg got off the phone with the assurance that they would arrive there as soon as possible.

"What's the problem?"

"Someone's been murdered"

They arrived at the scene. It was one of the more dangerous parts of the city, it wasn't helping that it happened at the end of an alley. "Why do murders always happen at the end of dark creepy alleys?" wondered Beast Boy. No one had any real response.

The victim was male, looked about 18-19 years old. Dark brown hair, spiked up, but short. He was pinned to the wall, how? The police didn't know, there wasn't any obvious impale-ations. "Get some light in here!" called Robin the street was light up like it was broad daylight within minutes. Police photographers also descended when the lights went on taking pictures of everything in the alley. When they finished the Titans cautiously entered the scene careful not to disturb any possible evidence.

Cyborg started talking to the commissioner, trying to gain permission to access cameras around this area so that they might be able to get a clearer picture, no doubt he would.

Robin walked up to the wall examining the body, Raven next to him. Her eyes glowing she examined the body,

"there's no evidence or residue of magic" came her report.


Robin looked closer at the body, but not touching, what was keeping it suspended?

"here!" there where small metal spikes in strategic positions that held the body on the wall. Defiantly painful. With that mystery solved he pulled back to examine the body, to determine the cause of death.

What immediately came apparent was the large chest wound. As if a circular hole had been punched through him. What was really odd was what was on the wall behind him. The design of two angel wings looking like they were created with the victims own blood decorated the wall.

Cyborg finished talking to the commissioner and immediately got to work. He must have gotten permission then. Robin walked over,

"Do we have an I.D.?" he asked.

"Gray Richmond, nothing outstanding on his record but a couple of parking fines." Came the reply

"why do you suppose he's in the area?"

"the housing cheap here, wouldn't surprise me if he lived in this area because he doesn't have a lot of cash" Robin narrowed his eyes thoughtfully

"but why would they target him?" he said almost to himself.

Unknown to himself something else picked up the phrase.

Back in his temporary base the main checked another name off of the list he had compiled.

"Well that's another bust, why did she have to go off and- she was supposed to obey me!" the device started buzzing, chatter coming out of it. The man smiled, his listening device was working perfectly.

"But why would they target him?" came the last phrase out of the box, before it fizzled out because of the rain. The man smiled

"why indeed."

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