Title: Sasquatches and Spider Webs

Author: Ria

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Chapter Seven: Spider Webs


Kel crouched over, resting his hands on bent knees and gulping down breaths of warm, early-evening air. It had taken almost two hours to reach Betsey's lair, and jogging most of the distance had left him winded. Heat drew beads of sweat from his skin and he had to take a moment to cool down. The earthy pit regulated temperature fairly well, but there would be no breeze underground.

He listened intently for any nearby sounds around the pulse drumming in his ears — more than once on his run, he had gotten the distinct feeling that someone was tracking him. After a few minutes, everything was still silent and Kel slipped through the narrow, barely visible opening.

Kel emerged in the cavern and made his way over to the web, careful to avoid the white elastic patches stretched over the ground. He dropped his backpack next to Sam and took out the gloves, quickly coating them with gray powder. He reached up to the younger man's face and started to pull the webbing off, the elasticity vanishing at contact with the substance. With the drug just wearing off, Sam moaned a few times at the rough touches against his cheeks.

Once Kel had cleared the facial area, he dug a gloved finger into Sam's mouth to remove some of the web within and to create a small cavity. He took a water bottle from his pack and dumped a little of the powder inside, allowing the mixture to coalesce, before tipping it to against the younger man's lips.

The liquid worked as it was designed and the tight strands released their hold on Sam's teeth; the remaining droplets, trickled down his throat and caused his head to jerk forward, choking him awake. His eyes rolled as he tried to concentrate beyond the lingering effects of the tranquilizer. He finally managed to focus on the familiar man in front of him, whose lips were moving too fast for Sam to make out any words. A swift movement and stinging pain at the side of his head, brought his hearing back.

Kel scowled as he tried to get Sam coherent enough to answer his questions, finally smacking him across the face. "WHO ARE YOU?" He shouted angrily as Sam's eyes latched onto his. "I want to know the truth. Who are you working with?"

"Huh?" Sam managed and went into a short coughing fit, hacking up some of the congealed webbing that was still stuck in his throat. Small specs of it landed landed on Kel's face and glasses, causing Sam to grin as he got his breath back. "You… you got spunk on your face." Sam giggled slightly, still under the influence of whatever concoction was pumping through his veins — sedatives always made him giddy.

Kel wiped the gunk off his lenses with the corner of his shirt. "Answer me, NOW!" He yelled again as Sam's eyes started to slide closed again. Another blow to his head from the opposite direction caused Sam to groan uncomfortably. Thankfully, the drug was still blocking out most the pain he had felt earlier.

"HEY!" The angry shout echoed from the outer wall and Kel whirled around to face two very pissed off scruffy men pointing guns in his direction.

He jumped back slightly, careful to avoid the webs, and grabbed a small hunter's knife from his back pocket to place against Sam's throat. "Not a step closer," he growled threateningly while jerking his captive's head back by the hair.

The vibrations caused by the more drastic movements had caught Betsey's interest as she sat back in a dark crevice watching the exchange, waiting for more prey to get tangled in her web. A couple of her long black legs inched forward in anticipation.

Dean's aim at Kel's chest remained steady despite the potential threat to Sam. He and Bobby had been able to see most of the room before stepping into the cavern, and it made both hunters' skin crawl. Once in the room, Dean's attention had immediately zeroed-in on Sam, while Bobby kept a vigilant eye for the beast lurking in the shadows.

"Alright," he calmly tried to reason with the demented grad-student, "No one has to get hurt. Let's just lower the weapons…"

"NO!" Kel cut him off angrily. "Who are you guys — really? Why are you here?"

"We're here because of the missing persons. You were right, we're not with the state, but we are trying to make the area safe again by removing the threat."

"Ha. That 'threat' is my life's work and I'll be damned if you're gonna destroy it." Kel shifted his stance again, eyes locked on Dean, waiting for his next move.

Betsey felt the motion in a strand of her web when Kel's foot lightly touched it. Exuberant at the opportunity for another kill to hoard, she lunged forward with speed and precision, her fangs latching into his neck and collar bone.

Before Kel had even registered the attack, he was flung back against a larger part of the web and pinned against the sticky trap. He could feel his throat gushing blood at a high rate and figured the placement of Betsey's fang had slit his jugular. With consciousness fleeing fast, the last clear vision he had of this world was the dark hairy body pressing over him.

Bobby and Dean watched the events unfold within a few quick seconds, momentarily shocked by the monster's size and speed. Bobby snapped out of it first and threw a hand into Dean's chest. "Any thoughts on how ya wanna kill this thing?"

"Whatever works. Once we get Sam out, we'll find out how flammable this shit is." Dean responded quietly, taking soft steps in his brother's direction while the beast was still distracted. He whispered when he got a few feet from his brother, "Sammy?"

Sam's head had dropped forward to his chest, but his eyelashes were fluttering lightly as he continued to fight the lethargic effects of the drug. From a closer distance, Dean could clearly see blood staining the side of Sam's chest were the spider had left massive puncture wounds. "Come on little brother," he encouraged in a hushed voice while reaching up to check Sam's pulse.

Bobby had started moving to the other side of the cavern, trying to get the upper-hand on the spider threat. He had pulled out the largest caliber gun available to him and was moving in for a sure kill at close range when Betsey turned sharply to skitter in Sam's direction. Dean's attempts to rouse his brother had caused enough vibration in the web to alarm the spider, and she was prepared to fight for the prey she had caught.

The oldest hunter was able to get three booming shots into the beast, but they barely had an impact on her exoskeleton. "DEAN!"

Dean looked at the black mass barreling toward them and knew he had to keep the murderous thing away from his brother. He intentionally raked his boot through a few strands anchoring the web and moved several yards away from Sam. His tactic worked and Betsey went for the new meal opportunity. "Come get it, you ugly bitch!"

He pulled the machete from his belt and held it posed in front of his chest. The bulk of the spider was more than he expected, but he managed to knick off one of Betsey's front legs at the joint as her weight drove him to the ground. He rolled so his back was pressed against the ground and thrust the blade up into the spider's abdomen, the sharp edge slicing easily through the molting carapace. Dean managed to slide the machete down the full length of her body, and there was a shrieking sound as her innards fell loose, drenching the older Winchester in fowl smelling entrails.

Betsey seemed to shrink in on herself as her legs curled in and her body rolled off to the side, completely still. Dean breathed heavily as he sat up and looked over the goop that had ruined his clothes. He looked up as Bobby rushed over to him. "What the fuck?"

"You killed it." Bobby's voice sounded immensely relieved.

"Yea, but look at the mess. This didn't happen when the hobbit did it." Dean made a pouty looking face while trying to brush the goo off the edges of his leather jacket.

"You're confusing fantasy with reality again, son." Bobby smiled and reached out a hand to help Dean back to his feet. "Let's get yer brother outta hear so you can go pyro on this creepy-ass place."

By this time, Sam had found his way back to some coherent thoughts and was able to describe the gray powder Kel had used when working with the web. They applied the substance hastily, wanting to get out of the lair as soon as possible. When the strands holding him finally came loose, Dean and Bobby helped get his feet on the ground. Sam immediately crumpled, knees buckling as pain flared through the left side of his body.

Dean managed to catch his brother before his head could hit the ground and pulled Sam back against his chest, so Bobby could take a look at the puncture woulds at the side of his ribcage. The oldest hunter tore Sam's shirt a bit more to get a clear look at the angry injury and grimaced when he saw the black coloration of something slightly protruding from beneath the kid's skin. He had Dean hold his brother still while poking around the area — no broken ribs, but the tangible object had slid in against two of the bones.

Bobby brought the first aid kit along, but didn't have anything with him to remove the impaling object. Luckily, Kel's discarded pack was crammed full of lab supplies, including a pair of forceps. Sam was too heavy to carry all the way back to the car and there was a high risk of further damage if they tried to get him walking with the object in such close proximity to his vital organs.

When Bobby signaled he was ready, Dean tucked Sam's head under his chin and put a steadying hand across his brother's forehead. Sam immediately started squirming in pain as Bobby quickly peeled back some healing skin to get the forceps around the foreign object. Dean shifted his arm to hold Sam's chest still. "Easy Sammy, it'll be over in a minute. Hurry it up, Bobby."

"I'm goin' as fast as I can, just keep him still." Bobby locked his focus on the task at hand and after another stressful minute, was able to slid the object out from Sam's ribs. The younger Winchester cried out sharply before the tension left and he fell back, breathing heavily.

Sam's right hand curled into Dean's jeans by the knee as he tried to will the pain away. "Dean… hurts."

"I know Sam, but we can't give you any painkillers yet — there's no telling what that asshole put in your system." Dean commented while rubbing his thumb around the injection sight on Sam's left arm.

Bobby stayed quiet while applying the antibiotic cream and dressing the wounds. Luckily, the injuries looked much worse than they actually were. Dean watched while whispering comforting words to his brother, relieved to have him back in one piece.

Just as Bobby finished packing away their supplies, Dean spoke up, "So what was in his chest?" Sam was practically out cold again, still laying against Dean as the older brother brushed the shaggy bangs away from his eyes, feeling the slightly fevered skin.

"Looked like a fang." Bobby replied.

"Ouch." Dean grimaced and glanced back to the black mass of dead spider — just knowing it was there made his skin crawl — and sure enough, the expired beast only had one remaining fang.

"Pretty sure Sam thought the same when it broke off inside him. You ready to head out? I can sit with him outside while you torch the place." Dean nodded to Bobby's question and started to rouse his brother. The thought of this place going up in a furious blaze was deeply satisfying and he grinned from ear to ear in anticipation.


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