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The flight wasn't too bad, Jake thought to himself. Flying from America to Tokyo took a little longer then twelve hours, but it was worth it to leave that mess of a life behind even if it was just for a little while. Looking around the airport he spotted what he was looking for the bathroom. Almost in a dead sprint Jake headed towards it. Something about flying I just couldn't go.

Closing the stall door behind him, Jake walked to the sink to wash his hands. Turning around Jake caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. At twenty years old he was in the prime of his life. Six foot tall with blond hair and blue eyes. Weighing in around a hundred and eighty pounds, he had a slim athletic build. Wearing his usual blue jeans with a blue and black striped t shirt. "I'm not bad looking and I have always treated her right" whispered Jake. "So why did this have to happen to me?" "What did I do wrong?"

Two months earlier

"I am leaving you Jake, there is someone else" this can't be happening Jake thought. It has to be a bad joke. "Why Claire, what did I do wrong?" Jake whispered. "We haven't been married a year and we have a little girl on the way." "That's part of it" Claire replied. "She isn't even yours. Those words ripped his heart out and everything he knew came crumbling down. "What do you mean she isn't mine?" Claire gave him a blank stare. "It's simple ten months out of the eleven we have been married I was screwing him." He wasn't dumb and he knew what she was getting at but to actually confirm it. It hit him like a freight train. Tears welled and the pain, it felt like a piece of him was dying. There was nothing he could say or do so he just walked away.

Wiping fresh tears away, Jake moved to leave. 'Well at least I got to keep my car and my savings, that heartless bitch." Walking out of the airport Jake couldn't help but think about what had happened. That's done and over with. But why is the pain still so bad? Putting his hand on his forehead, "well great looks like I'm starting to get sick." Jake stated to no one in particular. "figures id burn two weeks of vacation and my savings to get over here only to get sick" waving for a taxi, he would find a motel and sleep it off. This wasn't going to end his vacation." I am in japan and I'm going to have fun."

Towards the center of Tokyo in a MBI building, busty brown eyed girl was sitting on her bed, looking towards the airport. What was that and why does my heart hurt, she thought. "What's wrong Uzume?" asked the woman entering into room. "My heart hurts Takemi." replied the girl. Sahashi Takemi her adjuster looked at her warningly. "Well we get u checked out"' smiled Takemi. "You are getting released next week, so it might just be from the excitement." Lying down on her bed, that wasn't excitement. It was the worst thing she ever felt and it was lingering. Curling up into a ball Uzume wiped tears from her eyes.

Jake had managed to find a motel called the golden fish. He was now lying on the small twin sized mattress in his room consuming a bottle of whiskey he had purchased earlier. Setting the half empty bottle of whiskey, Jake rolled over and started to cry. He was alone, and couldn't keep his emotions in check anymore. "There is no point." He muttered drunkenly. Jake let his past chase him into sleep hoping his dreams would be different tonight.