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What a strange dream, Jake thought. Not wanting to open his eyes, he attempted to roll over but a feminine moan and a slight pressure on his chest stopped him. Opening his eyes Jake almost jumped out of his skin. The same girl from his dreams was snuggling into his chest. It wasn't a dream so the only answer was that he was dead. The smile on her face brought him one. All of this ended when Jake felt a terrifying presence. Looking around Jake found the source. Miya was standing in the doorway a mask was floating next to her head and it scared the shit out of him. On instinct Jake squeezed the girl lying on his chest.

"I know we just met", she giggled tiredly "but as your sekrei I can do all sorts of things for you.

The mask grew bigger and Jake knew he wasn't dead. Because he was probably going to die now, the brown hair girl could feel his terror and turned around to face Miya. "Miya its not what it looks like", was all he could get out.

Miya face was cold. "I bring you into my home and this is what I get. Your friend breaks into my house so you two can have sex while I am sleeping. I thought you were a nice young man."

"Nothing happened Miya", said the girl. "But if you could leave for like ten minutes I would like to with my akibashi.

Jake trying not to draw attention thought to himself. This girl is brave, and he could of appreciated it more if he life wasn't on the line.

The ladle in Miya hand moved faster than he thought possible and tapped Uzume on the girl on the head. "Uzume you know I don't tolerate that kind of conduct between unmarried people beneath my roof."

"Takehito really rubbed off on u Miya." At the mention of Takehito the demonic mask disappeared.

Miya must have seen the confusion his face. "Takehito was my husband he died a few years ago."

"I am sorry to hear that." Jake said sincerely. "

"Thank you but time heals most things. It's through him how I met Uzume and learned of the sekirei plan.

"What's a sekirei" Jake asked.

"You haven't told him yet Uzume? Well if you will explain it to him I will finish breakfast.

"So Uzume what is a sekirei and what did I get myself involved in?"

"Well I am a sekirei and there are originally one hundred and eight of us. Each sekirei has his or her own special power." Jake was going to say something but Uzume cut him off. While smiling she said, "Please hold all questions until the end of the story. Our ship crashed on this planet hundreds of years ago. Minaka didn't find us until around twenty one years ago". Jake wanted to say something but let Uzume continue. "Well after Minaka saw what we could do with our powers he hatched the sekirei plan. He wants us to battle till there is only one left. The winning sekrei gets to stay with his or her akibashi forever and the akibashi gets a reward. Don't ask what the reward is. Do you have any questions?

Jake had a hundred questions but the first one was. "What's a akibashi?"

"An akibashi is a sekirei destined one. The one we are meant to be with forever. When we kissed wings of light appeared out of my back. That is sort of a sekirei mating ritual.

I don't remember much about last night. Jake said shaking his head. "so what you are saying is that I am involved in a highlander style tournament with alien Pokémon. What's next, is Godzilla going to be stopping by?

"Well Jake if wasn't a sekirei could I do this?

"do wha…. Something pinched his butt. Turning around one of Uzume veils was latched onto his butt. Turning back Jake heard her say, "gotta catch em all" while laughing Uzume launched herself at him. Hugging him and causing both of them to fall over. "I will heal your heart"

Eventually they made their way down stairs and had a seat around the table. Miya was at the head of the table Kagari was to the right and Jake with Uzume on his arm to the right. "Miya I am sorry about your window", apologized Jake "The least I can do is repair it. I have a little knowledge in wood working. I am pretty sure I can make it good as new."

"Well if you could I would appreciate it", Miya said putting her chopsticks down. Jake you're not from japan.

'No mam I am from America, Texas to be precise

My husband went to Texas once; he said when it was all over he would take me there. Jake you won't be able to go home until it's over. What will you do?"

There is no way he can keep me vacation is only two weeks and I a am a American citizen.

"Don't underestimate Minaka ", Miya said. He is a lunatic, but he is also a genius. You are player now and you won't be able to leave until His sick game is over. If you need a place to stay Jake", Miya said with a smile. You can stay here but… the demonic mask appeared out of nowhere… there is a few rules you need to follow.

After breakfast Miya discussed the lease with him. Basically he would be trading chores for room and board. The rules were simple, no foul language, fighting and no sexual relations between unmarried couples. So it was just like being back at his parents' house. Well if he was going to be here for a while he better go get his stuff. "Uzume do you want to tag along? I am going to go get my stuff.

Uzume jumped up when he spoke "there is nothing else I would rather do. well maybe not nothing" and she whispered in his ear. His face turned a bright red.

"Where on earth did you learn all that?"

"The internet "she smiled.

He didn't know what half that stuff was but it sounded awesome.

Their walk to the motel was good. Just idle chit chat. She had a good sense of humor. Jake felt really good just being around her. Being trapped in a foreign country isn't so bad when there is a beautiful woman involved.

In his motel room it didn't take long for him to get his stuff together. He never unpacked. Uzume was sitting on the bed staring at the half empty bottle of whiskey." what happened to you:" she cried I can still feel your pain. Taking his hand Uzume pulled him down to the bed. 'PLEASE let me take your pain away. No one should hurt like that.

Jake laid down next Uzume wiping her tears away. "You already are taking it away. But I don't need that right now. I just need some time. I promise I will tell you everything just no right now. I just want to enjoy being here with you. Jake leaned over and kissed her causing wings of light to appear. The moment was ruined when jakes phone went off. Grabbing the phone Jake flipped it open.

"Hello Jake my name is Minaka president of MBI. I am calling to inform you that you are the first foreigner to join the sekirei plan. Number eight aka Uzume probably told you the basics. So I will skip those. While you are a part of the game you will not be allowed to leave until you win or lose all of your sekirei. I have taken the liberty of calling your work and your family informing them that you are ill. Al so I have taken the liberty of calling your work and family. Informing them that you have become quite ill. That should cover any questions about you staying longer than two weeks. Also we are going to need you to send Uzume in for a few hours. We need to run some test. Any questions?"

"ya I have one", replied Jake. These people are aliens but they are still living beings. Why make them fight.

"Simple because it will be fun. If that's all, I really need to go. Running a company makes me a pretty busy man.

Jake tried to say something but the phone was already dead. "What a ass." He wants you to go in for an exam.

Well Jake do you think you can survive without me?

"I don't know. What will I do without the smart ass girl beside me?

"Well I'll leave now. Sooner I leave the faster I can get back.

Jake walked back to Maison Izumo by himself. Without Uzume he felt notably worse. Thanking Miya again. Jake apologized that he wasn't going to be eating dinner. That he just wanted to take a bath and go to sleep. That was where he was now soaking up the heat from the water. A small splash brought him back to his senses. Two red ponytails and a set of glasses was all he could see through the heat.

"Jake smith age 20 recently divorced and on vacation from America. The whole time the red head was speaking she was moving closer.

"Wait a sec…" Jake stuttered. But she pressed her exposed breast against him pinning him against the wall.

"I am sekrei number two", she whispered into his ear. "Sekirei of wisdom and you are… not my akibashi. Matsu scooted back across the bath.

Wait… what… I am so… confused. Jake said after catching his breath.

"Sorry about that Matsu said with a sad face. The grin on her face scared him almost as much as the mask did. "We can still experiment so long as I don't get your dna inside of me" Matsu jumped at him again. Jake was relieved when a white veil wrapped itself around Matsu and pulled her outside the tub.

Matsu hit the tile outside the bath and bounced. "No one is going to experiment on him until I do first.

"Uzume it's not what it looks like"

"I am hurt Jake, pouted Uzume. " I'm not gone three hours and your already trying to replace me. 'You could of at least have invited.

Jake was horrified. In any other country he should have been running for his life and he still might have to. But to his relief Uzume busted into laughter.

"You should see your face. It's priceless. I wouldn't mind you having other sekrei as long as you experiment with me first.

Well that was it Jake thought. This country is full of crazy women, beautiful but fucking crazy.

Sorry about that Uzume" Matsu apologized but as you know I am kind of stranded here. So I had to take a chance my options are limited. If we could just forget this whole thing happened and not tell Miya I would be grate full.

"You tried to rape my akibashi. I wonder what Miya would do to you?"

Please don't Uzume. Whatever she would do it wouldn't be pleasant. Besides I wasn't going to rape him. Just experiment a little….. nothing to dangerous.' She giggled looking back at him.

Jake had never felt more like a piece of meat then when that sekirei looked at him. it was to much for him. I'm going to bed "announced Jake hopping out of the bath. Jake tried to save his dignity. By quickly grabbing a towel to cover himself up. That failed when Uzume slapped his ass and Matsu complimented his package. Jake walked out of the bathroom as fast as he could. Beautiful but crazy he thought.

Collapsing on his pallet Jake was exhausted. It was the best day he had in months, despite almost being raped by a sexually aggressive alien. Funny he would never have thought that would of happened to him in a million years. Slowly closing his eyes Jake thought. Well it could of ben worse. As Jake fell asleep his temperature droped and his dreams came back.

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