Summary: Being one of the most popular and successful students in school is not easy. Pair that with a huge, confusing, crazy family, an uneven reputation to keep, the unfortunate mishaps of one Ride, the "unbalanced" teachers of Greyhound High, a whole bunch of new faces and a life on the outskirts of Portland, and what do you get? Yep. Max. Varying POVs.

A/N: Ohaidere! Yeah, I decided to make a new story, and yeah, I know it's crazy, because I already have 3 going at the moment. But hey, you can't limit a writer's imagination! To summarise where the summary hasn't, Max is popular for many reasons, most of which you will find out in the story. The chapters will all be from a single POV, so it's not always Max's insight. I usually want to see what other characters think of something, not just a single person, so this way you can get the full coverage you want: if you have a POV request, PM or review, buddies! That also means you might have to read whose POV it is carefully, because I read it wrong once and thought they were saying that Max had dated Lissa before, but it was actually Fang's POV.
Max lives on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon with her mum and various random family members. The houses aren't near school, and Max isn't usually seen in public, which just gives that "elusive and exclusive" edge to her personality – and popularity, too.

Hope you enjoy the first chapter, pretty much an intro to Max's life, then things will pick up, I promise. R&R

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Disclaimer for the whole story: I don't own Maximum Ride, or any references to shops, places, fandoms, music or anything else you find in this story. I warned you: Don't sue me!

Hello, People That Aren't Me.

Get your notebooks out, readers, because this can get a little confusing and I want you to follow; I'm not going to repeat myself.

Jeb would be the logical place to start, since he's the man responsible for all of this. Jeb Batchelder: 34 years old, scientist, currently married to Marian Batchelder (maiden Janssen), 38, also a scientist, and a crisp one too. Mother of Ari Batchelder, 6, owner of Malamute Akila and beetle… Beetle, and Maya Janssen, 22, mother of Ari Janssen; named after her beloved younger brother. Maya was on a university geography where she met her ex-sweetheart, Roland Ter-Borcht, father of baby Ari. Unfortunately they never got married and split up when Maya's trip progressed from Germany, the place where they met and the birth country of Roland, to France. Maya would rather not talk about it but I do know that she broke it off because Roland was controlling and almost kidnapped her because he wanted them to stay in Germany forever. Douche. And by that time, Maya was single, still in schooling and now also pregnant. (In case you're thinking: wait, Jeb and Marian only got together a few years ago, Maya isn't Jeb's blood daughter.) Former-wife of Jeb Batchelder: Anne Walker, 31, FBI agent (minus the helicopters. Okay maybe not), mother of twins Angel and Zach, also known as Zephyr, Captain Terror, Gazzy or the Gasman, 10-year-old owners of male Scottie Total, who is most likely in love with Akila. That brings us to the wife before Anne, Valencia Martinez. 29, vet, mother of gorgeously Hispanic over-achiever Ella and also yours truly, owners of a grumpy pug named Magnolia, who is just too proud to be in love with Total and can only be controlled by a blood-Martinez. Whup for me. Former-husband of Valencia Martinez; Hans Gunther-Hagen, father of Sam and Dylan, my cousins, but not by blood. Hans' sister, Heidi Griffiths, 27, mother of Lissa Griffiths, owner of Moral, an American Saddlebred, and James "Iggy" Griffiths, 'father' of secret pet piglet Punkin. Valencia and Hans had one child whilst they were married; Jennifer Joy or "J.J." as she prefers (and by 'prefers', I mean do it or she'll have your arm off), who now lives on the ranch with Hans, Sam, Dylan and current guests Heidi, Lissa and Iggy.

And then there's me. I could go into a lot of detail here and hand you another paragraph as long as the one above about myself, because obviously, ogres have layers. Like an onion. (And don't say like a cake, because I'll crush you, Donkey.) But I won't, because I'm a generous ogre. My name is Maximum Ride, Max to those that value their noses. I'm 16, crazy, and I'll let everyone else explain to you what I look like – I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot about how gorgeous I am soon. Oh yes, and my personality: one thing you'll notice quite quickly is that I'm devastatingly modest.

My um… 5 families have 4 houses (and a ranch, where J.J.'s homies live) on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. The closest high school from our land is Greyhound High, which is where we've been studying *cough*goofing off*cough* for the majority of our lives so far. The families bought this land together because Jeb still gets along with his ex-wives and my mom with her ex-husband (Hans, not Jeb). Jeb's never had a messy break-up: I know having two ex-wives and a new wife, not to mention all the girlfriends, makes him sound like a womanizer, but he's not. He just hasn't found a woman that he gets along with long-term yet, and none of them have seemed to "love" him for very long. That's not counting Anne and my mom; they're decent women and they did love him enough to marry him, even if they did get divorced in the end. Criticise them and say goodbye to your face!

(Ha. Ha-ha.)

Being the most damn popular chick in the school is not as easy as you would have thought. It's precisely because everybody knows your name that you have to be so careful about how you present yourself, and what you do in public. I would know, but I'm too thick to realise it, so I just act like nobody's watching most of the time. And I think that's exactly why I got where I am in the first place.

Got it? No? Read it again then, Sherlock.

A/N: Did you guys like the intro? And did you actually understand it? ;) Sorry it was so short, it was pretty much just an explanation of Max's life and family; I did try to make it interesting. But was it interesting enough that you would read the next chapter?

If you were wondering, the part about ogres having layers like onions and cakes was a Shrek reference. Shrek and Donkey are arguing about what an ogre's layers are like: Shrek says onions, but Donkey insists that it's like cake… probably because he's craving cake. I tried to use a lot of original names for Max's family because I like it when people do that, and also, I added Magnolia because I think she never gets enough recognition. I swear, if you ask a group of MR fans what original dogs they can think of in MR, 98% will say Total and Akila, because nobody remembers Maggie.

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