A major fan of both Tom Hardy and Shia LeBouf, I flipped when I saw the trailer for Lawless. I went to see the film the day it opened and instantly fell in love with this story. I absolutely adore Tom's character Forrest Bondurant and have become a bit obsessed. I've now seen the movie three times and have read the book by Jack's grandson Matt Bondurant that inspired this whole thing.

While reading the book and watching the movie I had one question that neither answered, "Just how the hell did Forrest Bondurant get so tough?" It is hinted that the loss of his family to the Spanish Lady Flu is what hardened Forrest but there had to be more to it. Since I couldn't figure it out, I decided to write it.

This is merely a prologue to what I hope will be a tale as gripping as the real one. A lot of what happens in taken straight from the book with a bit of my own flare. I sincerely hope you enjoy.


Growin' up in Blackwater Creek you bound to hear a lotta things 'bout them Bondurant boys. Things like, "They invincible, so don't bother tryin' to kill 'em." Or things like, "Forrest Bondurant ain't to be messed with." But the thing 'bout small towns is while they sure like gossipin', they like keepin' secrets more. Few know what made Forrest Bondurant so tough, so ruthless. Them folks that do know also know better than to share. Lucky for you all, Forrest and I happ'n to be buddies – well, as good as buddies can get where Forrest is concerned. And Forrest done gave me permission to hell his story, the real one. The story before he married Maggie Beauford, before Special Deputy Rakes was shot, before the Great Franklin County Moonshine Conspiracy. Naw, this story happened long before all that shit.

This is the story of how Forrest Bondurant became a man worth a legend.

Be prepared y'all. You 'bout to see a side of Forrest the likes a'which you ain't never seen before.

Note: The prologue is meant to be read as if an old man with yellow, tobacco stained teeth, dirty hair, and holes in his coveralls is speaking to you, the lovely readers. However, the rest of the story will not be in written with this backwater language.