This will be fun. ;)

I hope you all enjoy the second story in the APW series. ^^

"And you're sure you'll be alright alone tonight?" Peach asked for at least the fifth time that evening.

"Yes, we'll be fine," Dawn answered with a sigh. "Honesty, Mom. You say I have to babysit, and now you're acting like you want me to be babysat now."

Peach smiled. "Sorry, Dawn. It's just that, four babies can be a lot of trouble sometimes."

"I can handle it. Besides, I have friends coming over to help, remember?"

The doorbell rang.

"And that's probably them." Dawn ran downstairs to answer the door.

"Hey, Dawn!" Star said. "I'm not late, am I?"

"Nope. In fact, you're early. And you're the first one here, too."


Dawn laughed. "Come on in."

The two girls went to the playroom where the babies were playing.

"We shouldn't have too many problems tonight," Star mused. "It'll be five against four, after all."

"That's true," Dawn said while laughing again.

"Dawn! We're leaving now!" Peach called. "Could you come in here a minute?"


Dawn and Star went back downstairs.

"Now, we're going out for dinner then a movie," Peach started. "If you need anything, you have my cell phone number, right?"

"Yup. Will you be out late?"

"We'll be back before ten. Good luck with the babies."

"Bye, guys! Have a good time!"

Dawn closed the door behind the two couples.

"Well, Star, it's just you and me for a little while I guess."

"I hope the other didn't bail on us."

"I doubt Mimi would let that happen…"

At that moment, the door bell rang again.

"That would be them, I hope. Star, would you mind getting that? I want to make sure the babies are okay."

Dawn went upstairs and Star opened the door. Fawful, Mimi, and a rather bored looking Dimentio were standing outside.

"Hey, guys!" Star said grinning. "Glad you didn't bail on us!"

"We would never do that," Mimi said with a smile.

After closing the door behind them, Star led the three up to the playroom.

Dawn was sitting on the floor waiting for them.

"Now that we're all here, I'll tell you the plan for tonight: we'll play with the babies for about an hour, then it's their bedtime. After that we're free to hang out together and watch a movie or something. It'll be easy since the little trouble makers go to bed at eight." Dawn smiled. "What could go wrong?"

"Um, how about losing a baby?" Star asked.

"What?!" Dawn realized Baby Mario was no longer in the room. "Oh crap!"

"Guess we better look for him," Mimi said.

"Right. Dimentio, stay here with the door closed watch the others. The rest of us will look for Baby Mario." She ran out of the room with Fawful, Star, and Mimi close behind.

Dimentio closed the door and chuckled.

"Yes, 'what could go wrong' indeed."

That Baby Mario; always causing trouble. And the night's just begun!