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The next morning, Quinn was in the bathroom when Rachel walked in, dripping in red slushy.

She was shocked to see Rachel like this- no one had seemed to have slushied her for a while. It was such a shock to the blonde, that she ended up missing her eyelashes, getting mascara all over her face.

"Rachel... Who did this to you?"

"Oh, it was no one. Not that it matters anyways... I'm used to it by now..." her voice trailed off.

"That's the thing, though. You shouldn't be used to it. It should have never even started... I, I know it's probably too late now, but, I am so, so sorry for everything I ever did to you..."

"Its never too late, Quinn. But why now? Why are you acting like you care all of a sudden?"

"I do care, Rach... And I'm worried about you... Please, just let me help."

"I can assure you that I'm perfectly fine" She was putting her walls back up. She was such a good actress. "You have absolutely nothing to worry about."

Rachel may have been the best actress in the world, but still Quinn wasn't convinced. However, she wasn't going to push the matter.

"At least let me get you a change of clothes." The taller girl suggested. "I have some in my locker. Never know when you may need them."

"Okay, then", said Rachel, as she tried to get Quinn off her back. The ex-cheerleader exited the room, leaving Rachel alone with her thoughts. She looked at herself in the mirror.

"Look at you. Just look at you. You're disgusting. How can you let people do this to you? You really are the perfect idiot, aren't you Rachel?"

Rita's words spoke clearly to her. She was the only one to make sense nowadays. On the upside, at least she was perfect at something...

The need for Rachel to cut was almost hurting her on the inside. The thing was though, she knew she couldn't. Quinn was already worried. She'd arrive back at any minute, and if she saw blood, then, well...

How would she react to something like that?

No. She couldn't do that. She'd just have to deal with the inner turmoil she felt until she could find a quieter place to bleed.

Bringing Rachel out of her current state, Quinn entered with her change of clothes.

"You're a lot smaller than me Rach, but these'll have to do." Quinn handed Rachel the clothes, which the drenched girl gladly took.

"Thanks, Quinn. I'll just go in the stall and get changed. You can leave now. I'm not holding you here."

"No, Rachel, I'll wait for you. Besides, just get changed out here. You need to use the sinks to get clean anyways. Let me help you."

"I'd honestly prefer my privacy Quinn." Rachel lied. "I'm sure I can deal with being a little sticky all day."

She couldn't let the blonde help her. That would involve stripping. And stripping would involve Quinn seeing her arms. No, this couldn't happen.

"Rachel, that's just really stupid. Change out here", Quinn commanded.

"I've told you I like my privacy." Rachel turned to enter the stall. As she was about to open the door, Quinn grabbed her arm, causing a yelp to escape the smaller girl.

"How many times to I have to tell you Quinn?!"

"It's the girl's bathroom. I'm sure if anyone walks in they won't care."

"No. Let me change in the stall."

"I don't want you being uncomfortable all day. You're still covered in slushy."

"I'll be fine. I've done it a million times before and you haven't cared." Rachel was getting really snappy at this point. That hurt Quinn. She knew she'd been a bitch to the girl in the past, but that really got to her.

"Rachel... what've you got to hide?"

Rachel was alarmed by this question. Was she onto her? Did she really give away too much information yesterday?

"Nothing... I'm going to change..." and with that Rachel locked the door.

Quinn sighed heavily, before leaving the bathroom. As soon as she heard the door click shut, Rachel got changed into her new set of clothes. She noticed how her cuts had opened on her arms from where Quinn grabbed her. Blood had seeped through her shirt.

Please, don't let Quinn have seen that...

She really wasn't sure how she was going to get this cleaned up in time for her next class. There really was a heavy flow of blood.

Oh, shit... Little did Rachel know that Quinn was thinking the exact same thing...

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