It was a regular day for the Ghostbusters,they were out catching ghosts as usual. But that all changed...It was midnight and the Ghostbusters were getting back to HQ after catching 43 they got to HQ they found a package for them. They Opened it and Ray said,''There marshmallows! Exactly 36 marshmallows!''.In one of them there was note that said,''From your old friend,SP''. The Ghostbusters had forgotten about Stay Puft and thought it was a old friend
.The next day stranger things happened, the GhostBusters came down to eat breakfast but it was already made! Pancakes with Stay puft marshmallows and a newspaper
. Egon picked it up to read it and it turned out to be 5 years old.
He turned the page and their was a scribbles that said' ''M BACK'' .He looked in his fresh coffee to find a Stay Puft marshmallow in it.''Oh God not again'',He yelled.
All of them knew what was coming but they didn't know when.
They steaked out at the roof of their HQ and watched for Stay was 3 seconds midnight, same day Stay Puft was destroyed. 3...2...1..ROOOOAR! A portal opened and Stay Puft walked out but was pushed by mysterious white arms causing Stay Puft to step on a church. Out came another monster but this time...It was the ghost from the Ghostbusters logo! The Ghostbusters drove toward the tallest building and went straight to the Puft was Angry and ran toward the big ghost and the ghost pushed Stay Puft into a building. The fight went on for about an hour and the GhostBusters had to do had captured the ghost easily but what about Stay Puft? There machines couldn't destroy him this time. They luckily owned a machine able to create fire and owned a big one. Big enought to destroy Stay Puft. They carried it to the Stay Puft saw the Ghostbusters and he was ready to destroy flipped the switch and BAM! It hit Stay Puft all over and he was turning red, it was to much for exploded again but this time.. forever!
It was over..

The end