To say that I'm moved by Katawa Shoujo would be nothing short of an understatement. Inspired, I come with the work. Here I come then with an OC, who will actually not take Hisao's place. Rather, he'll take place of one of those background people. Let's see what I can do to make it all work. Please forgive me my rusty English. Hope you'll enjoy.

...They say every coin has two sides.

I'm not sure what to think about it. I think I became such a coin now.

My name is Casper Stratoavis and I'm a new Two-Face. What do I mean by that? Perhaps that latest accident on science lesson. Turns out, splashing someone's face with sulfuric acid actually does damage.

You know how sulfuric acid works? One of its properties is its hygroscopic ability. What does it exactly mean? Well, it extracts water from everything it touches, including air. How pleasant does is feel to get splashed with something that can almost immediately dry you clean?

The one thing that consoles me is that the acid in question reached only one half of my face. It still turned it into something that would put Arnold Toht's treatment to shame, including the hair, the right eye, the right ear and a part of my mouth. Miraculously, the nose got saved whole so at least there's that.

I don't have to tell that the whole experience was somewhat unpleasant.

Because of my freshly-acquired disability, I'm transferring to another school. There's an academy in place called Yamaku which is exclusively for physically disabled students. The whole concept of abandoning everything so I can just move to other school kind of escapes me. I mean, I could still work even with such a major face injury. It's not like I went completely deaf or blind. On the other hand, when I think about Agusu... The thought of moving away from her suddenly becomes an incredibly tempting thing.

Right. I think at this point I should mention who Agusu is. Well... She used to be my girlfriend. We broke up a week before that incident, but she had never really came to terms with it. She was always overly attached to me. A little too much. To be honest, it was creeping me out how she and her posse of girl delinquents from my old school physically threatened every other girl that was in my vicinity. I decided I cannot put up with this. She was intelligent, attractive and caring, true, but her lack of empathy towards everything not being me was... unsettling. She was a borderline yandere. When I broke up with her, she apparently decided that if she cannot have me, no one will... Fast forward to today.

I suppose there's at least one reader out there who wonders about my definitely not-Japanese name. I think I can mention it while I'm still in the train to Yamaku. My origins are European: I'm half-German, half-Polish. Born and raised in Hamburg, my family moved to Japan something about two years ago. I'm still not sure why exactly did we end up here, but being a half-arsed otaku, I was more than content. Previously I lived with my parents in Tokyo, but the incident with acid forced me to change schools. As it turned out, Yamaku is a boarding school. Well, that's new, to be honest. I've never had an opportunity to live in one. To be honest... I'm kinda worried. My parents tend to be... weird, but they had always provided me with emotional support when necessary. Now, the only thing I'll heard from them will be a cellphone.

The incident didn't really change much. My disability isn't the prettiest around, yeah, but I still have the other eye and the other ear perfectly viable. Makes me wonder what will I do with that other part. Perhaps they'll offer me a mask of some sort? Yeah, I can totally imagine that, wearing a Deadpool-esque mask all the time.

...Okay, it changed a bit.

It shouldn't come off as a surprise that such incidents initially come off as a great shock, especially if said shock is paired with an extreme pain. Such circumstances can lead to various mental disorders. My parents, quite sensibly, decided to check my brain as well. Turns out... I got diagnosed with a case of dissociative identity disorder. To put it shortly, there's... other me. I tend to call him Nega. Apparently, which is a strange case by itself, he's aware of me and vice versa. Heck, we even tend to make smalltalk every so often. That being said, I don't like him, even if this feeling isn't mutual. He's, from what I've gathered so far, largely based on... a character I created some time ago. I'm a writer, well, an amateur one... But hell, I'm starting to go offtrack.

He's mischievous, to put it lightly. Definitely enjoys discord he may cause if he ever takes over. He's malignant, painfully sardonic and also tends to be extremely blunt with most of his statements. I usually keep him in check, but sometimes... Sometimes, usually due to stress or another case of shock, he appears, shoving me aside. Nega tends to be "online", as he once put it, for at least an hour. The most egregious case involved him taking control for the whole day, but those are one-shots that don't happen often.

Do I react when people mention my face in some way? Sometimes. It usually depends on their actual reaction. To be honest, I expect people in Yamaku to rather just raise an eyebrow rather than jump away in pure terror. Sometimes I reply with a snide remark, sometimes I just make a shrug. I don't like to beat around the bush in that case. When people ask, I just casually state what happened, usually also throwing the note about my split personality and ending the short conversation with a shrug. I'm not a martyr to glorify my injury, but there's no point in acting all mysterious about it. If people are curious, I satiate their curiosity. That's it.

Well, here I am. To be honest... I didn't expect it to be so... I dunno, rustic. It has a nice feel to it. I was always a sucker for history and nice architecture. I suppose insides will be more modern though, what's with school's entire premise to be comfortable for disabled people. Considering how mine own disability doesn't do that much to limit my movement, I couldn't care less.

Interestingly, there's another guy waiting near the gate. He has short brown hair with a single strand sticking around. To be honest, he looks pretty average. A classical Japanese high school student, one of the many seen in all those anime. Makes me wonder what's his disability. He doesn't seem blind as he appears to read the sign near the main gate. Maybe he's deaf then? Or mute? Gah... I shouldn't have such a curiosity about those things. I suppose certain people are more than likely to be sensitive about the topic. I can almost imagine it. "Hi, I'm Casper Stratoavis and I miss half of my face. How about ya?" I definitely need to work on my tact.

He turns and it just so happens that I'm in his line of sight. The brown-haired guy goes wide-eyed, and I suppose my face is enough of a reason.

Seeing as the first impression didn't go all that well, I decide to take a step further and do something to repair it.

"Hi there." I greet him with a casual hand gesture.

"H-hi..." He responds after a short while of hesitation, trying not to look at the other part of my face. If I were a girl, perhaps I could mask it with hair or something... But alas, I cannot. "You're a new guy too?"

"Take a wild guess, mate." I say with a slight smile. I suppose it may come up as even more disturbing, seeing as the other half of the smile dies out in a giant scald. That's when I noticed the other guy is pretty short... Or was I that big? Well, being an European certainly grants you with more respectable height. Standing at 180 centimeters, I suppose I could be perceived as noticeably tall.

"Right..." He replies after a while, nodding. "...Uh, you're not Japanese?" Well, that should have been obvious, even when taking into consideration my beautiful mug.

"Yeah. Half-German, Half-Polish. Moved to Japan about two years ago. Oh right, didn't introduce myself. Casper Stratoavis." I tip my black fedora to him to which he responds with a nervous bow.

"Hisao Nakai. Pleased to meet you, Stratoavis-san... I guess."

"The feeling is mutual." It is then when I notice my parents closing to the main gate. Apparently they've dealt with all the formalities, so it's free for me to enter. But what's this? Took me a while to realize, now that my vision is slightly confined, but there are two other people with them. Hm. They're most likely Nakai-san's parents.

"Your homeroom teacher waits for you in the corridor." My mum says, giving me a slight smile. "All of your things are already in your room, so you only need to unpack things."

"Right. Thanks a lot." I respond with my now trademark half-a-smile.

"You and Hisao-kun will be located in room-next-door." This statement makes me raise my remaining eyebrow. Oh? I love it when my parents dictate what's the best for me not even bothering to ask about my opinion. I give one more look at Hisao. He seems like a nice guy for now, so I suppose there's nothing wrong with us being neighbors. "Well, we need to get going. Take care of yourself."

"Sure thing, Mum. See you soon." We give each other a hug before she goes to our old Renault. Meanwhile, Hisao's mother says farewell to him.

"Behave, right?" My dad says, giving me a nod. We both shake hands. "If anything's wrong, call us."

"Thanks." Finally, both mine and Hisao's parents depart, leaving us behind. The only thing we can now do is to enter the walls of Yamaku Academy for one year...

Well, it's most likely like any other school, just with other people. Nothing to fret about.

Our homeroom teacher seems a bit out of place, but appears to be a nice guy. Akio Mutou or something like that... I'm not sure I quite caught his name. He asks both of us if we want to introduce ourselves to class. Sure, why not?

Apparently the class has only sixteen people in it, not counting us. Huh. I suppose it's easier to manage such a group when it's smaller. "Such a group"... I can't help but think it sounds insulting.

I gave a quick glance at my new classmates. Most of them didn't have any glaring injury that everyone could see, save perhaps for two girls in the front: The former missed her left hand, the latter had prosthetic legs. Interestingly, she(the legless gi-That sounds wrong too) wasn't Asian, but rather had some sort of an Indian heritage. Perhaps she was, just like me, a foreigner living in Japan. Of other people who piqued my interest there was a guy with a beret and incredibly annoyed expression, as if he just wanted to end the class for today; a guy who looked incredibly like Lelouch Lamperouge; a pink-haired girl with those weird curls thing – they looked a bit like drills, to be honest – a guy with a considerable corpulence, blatantly sleeping with his mouth open; a girl with a fringe covering the right part of her face and keeping said fringe with her hand which, interestingly, had severe burn marks over it and, last but not least, a short-haired girl with glasses shooting both me and Hisao a cold, challenging glare. What's her problem?

"Well, from today we'll be having two new students in our class." Mutou started, presenting us to the audience. I think I saw a few interested glares, but most of people were just doing their own business, giving us absent-minded looks. To be honest, it's a nice change of pace. The wildest reaction had to be the one of scarred girl with a fringe, as she for a few seconds looked like a fish without water, desperately grasping for air. I suppose it had something to do with the fact that her and my injury were so similar.

There was a long moment of silence after Mutou's initial speech. Yeah, who will introduce himself first? I don't want to come out as rude, so I just give a welcoming gesture to Hisao. He nods and clears his throat.

"Well, hi everyone." He has some visible problems speaking. Considering he probably used to be an average Joe before whatever caused him to move to Yamaku... I hope I won't have the same problem. "I'm Hisao Nakai. I like soccer and reading and, well, I hope we'll get along well." There's a few seconds of clapping from everyone, excluding the sleeping guy in the corner. Even the girl who missed her hand was clapping, which, to be honest, made me feel a little uncomfortable. She didn't have to do it...

Hisao made a small bow and took a place next to the pink-haired girl, leaving me no choice but to sit next to the scarred one. I suppose I can work with that. It's not like my injury is any worse. I cleared my throat before beginning my own speech.

"It is good to meet all of you." I started before realizing I kept turning my left hand in circles. Huh. Some habits don't change. For some reason, this seemed to further annoy the girl with glasses. For the sake of being an ass, I decided to carry on with it. "My name's Casper Stratoavis. Like the previous speaker, I like reading, but also writing stuff. I consider myself something of an artist..." I decided that mentioning the split personality for now seems pointless. "Hope we get along." Mutou's getting slightly impatient, so I decide to cut the conversation, make a small bow and take the last place. I give a small nod to the girl sitting next to me, but she only shies away, avoiding the eye-contact. Oh. Well, I suppose she's just timid or something.

The lesson goes for a while before a sound of bells ringing signals the lunch break. Man, I was getting hungry. Interestingly, the girl next to me scurries almost immediately after the bell. Before I can say a word to her, she's already out of classroom. Huh. She really must be incredibly shy. Well, I suppose there's no point in wondering about it now. Time to get something to eat. Just as I stand up, however, I can feel someone's presence next to me. The person in question seems to be this pink-haired girl, accompanied by the girl with glasses and Hisao. Judging from his expression, they snatched him into whatever scheme they may come up with already. Looks like I'm their next victim.

"May I help you?" I ask the pink-haired girl which only grins in response before... signing to the girl with glasses. Huh. So her disability is being mute? Perhaps that's why she was so annoyed at my senseless hand-turning. The short-haired one signs back, small smile creeping across her face.

"I think the question should be the other way around." Pink-haired responds with a grin. "Anyway, since you and Hicchan are the new around here, me and Shicchan will guide you around!"

Hicchan? I give a small look at Hisao who also doesn't have the slightest idea what's up with those two.

"Uh... Thanks, I guess." I reply after a while, scratching the back of my head. This is also signed to "Shicchan" who only adjusts her glasses and gives a sly smile before signing back.

"Shicchan says this is the most basic duty of a class representative." The pink-haired gal says, still grinning. Suddenly, she bursts into laughter for no apparent reason. "I'm Misha and this is Shizune." I've noticed that she keeps signing almost subconsciously, likely so Shizune can understand what's going on.

"Pleased to meet you two, Misha-san, Shizune-san." I respond, making a small bow. The pink-haired girl seems slightly surprised that she drops the signing.

"Oh, there's no need for honorifics, Caschan." She responds, regaining her attitude and smiling again. "Everyone in Yamaku is on first name basis. Other students, that is."

...Wait. How did she call me?

"Caschan...?" I find myself repeating.

"Well, duh." She playfully sticks her tongue at me, going back to signing. "Just like Hisao is Hicchan, you will be Caschan."


"Well, anyway..." To be honest, I'm a little lost whether it's Misha who says things or is she just interpreting Shizune while keeping her own bubbly attitude. That's kind of confusing and I can see that Hisao is at loss as well. "Will you go with us for lunch?" I suppose they're just doing their – or should I say, Shizune's – class rep duty, being sociable with everyone. "Hicchan will be with us as well!" She adds, as if this would actually change my mind.

"Sure... Not a problem." I reply after a while. "So, Misha..." For a moment I decide to ask about a name, as it definitely doesn't sound Japanese, but then I decide against it. Probably that wouldn't be a good way to start a chat. "You're Shizune's interpreter?" Of course, that's asking about the obvious, but I suppose that's as good as it gets for the time being.

"Yup!" She responds with her usual grin, before bursting into another laughter. Huh. She definitely has ADHD.

Well, I suppose this is a good start though, I must admit, my thoughts still dart back to that girl with a fringe. Eh, you worry too much. She's likely very shy or secretive. There are people like that.

For the time being, I suppose I'll find myself content with those three as my companionship during lunch(even though Hisao looks as confused as I am right now).

I originally thought to make this longer, but I suppose this will suffice as well. :) Anyway, hope you liked it. Read and review. Make my soul happy. See you in next chapter.