Chance quietly sits in the waiting room outside Dr Arkhams office.

This feels like high school. What if he recognizes you?

"Nicole Parker?"

Chance smiles and looks up at Dr Arkham as he exits his office. He holds his hand out and she shakes it.

Well well well, I'm shaking the good, evil docs hand. Soon you'll be screaming in terror. Just as soon as Dr Crane gives me the ok. Until then, I have bigger fish to fry. I mean how hard can it be to bust out one inmate? Without making a mess of corse. That is the real challenge.

Dr Arkham holds open the door and Chance walks out with him right behind her. She looks down and frowns at her blue scrubs.

I hate these tacky nurses outfits.

Dr Arkham soon joins her and matches her pace as they walk twords the cells.

"Now, imagine my surprise when I heard a nurse of your skill wanted to work at arkham. Your relatively new at this so here's what your job is: you are to deliver the medications to the patients. It may seem simple enough but I warn you, the maximum security is a very dangerous section. Those are some of the better known. Harvey Dent, Jane Doe, Edward Nigma, Usually the joker, Victor Zsasz, Pamela Isley, Harlein Quinzel, Cornelius Stirk, And most recently, Johnatan Crane. Now, I'd understand completely if you'd like to switch for a different section. Not many want to see the revolvers."

Chance raises an eyebrow.


Dr Arkham chuckles.

"Nickname from the guards. The ones who treat the facility like a revolving door. Don't worry, you should be alright. Just try not to engage in conversation with them."

They round a corner and see an elevator at the end of the hallway.

"So...what did you mean by sometimes joker?"

Dr Arkham stiffens slightly.

"He's out more than in. Currently, he's loose on the city. I hope the mess of a police department come to their senses and find him themselves. That bat they trust only creates the insane."

They stop at the elevator and walk inside as the doors open. He pushes the third floor button. Once the doors close Chance presses her lips together.

"So are there any tricks I should watch out for?"

The elevator dings as it passes the second level.

"Several. You'll pick up on them. Don't give them anything other than meds, don't answer any of Nigma's questions, don't mention meat around Stirk, no personal information to Zsasz, don't talk to joker period. However he's currently away so you can relax about him for now."

The elevator opens and they step out. Dr Arkham leads the way down the hallway of cells. He keeps looking forward while chance gets a good look at each inmate. Some are standing to get a good look at her, others could care less. She pauses at the riddlers excited expression.

"Riddle me this, how do you solve the insolvable?"

Chance glances at Dr Arkham down the hallway and smirks.

"Easy. By cheating of corse."

Riddler raises an eyebrow.

"Intresting. Your the first to answer that one correctly. Tell me, what is your name?"

Chance huffs. "It's Nicole."

Riddler smiles smugly.

"You're lying. I'll find out soon enough. See you soon, nurse."

Chance walks past his cell and quickens her pace past harleys cell. She quickly meets up with Dr Arkham at the end of the hall. He is staring into a cell as she approaches. Before she can ask, she overhears the conversation.

"Do you still have that crippling fear of heights, doctor?"

Chance walks faster as she reaches Dr Arkham and surpresses a smile once she sees Crane lounging in his cot, reading a book. She looks closer and almost laughs.

Edgar Allan Poe. Of corse.

Crane doesn't notice Chance at first until he looks away from Dr Arkham. A smug smile spreads across his face as he looks her over.

"Who's this lovely creature?"

Dr Arkham tenses. "This is our new nurse. She'll be delivering your medications from now on. Don't harm this one."

Crane sighs happily. "Now why would I hurt this little blue beauty?"

He winks at Chance and she nervously turns to a very annoyed Dr Arkham.

"Just try and get better this time, Crane."

Dr Arkham angrily walks past the cell and Crane turns back to her once he's out of earshot.

"Goodnight Dr Crane. I'll be seeing you first thing in the morning...It came upon a midnight dreary, full of woe weak and weary, pouring over the lost volumes of forgotten 465, Intresting choice in reading material."

Crane smirks as Chance meets up with Dr Arkham by the elevator. Once the elevator doors close, Dr Arkham turns to chance.

"I realize he seems harmless now, but he's just as capable of mental damage without his toxin."

Chance smirks. Dr Arkham pushes the button for the second level.

"Where are we going?"

Dr Arkham waits until the doors open.

"There's someone you need to see."

She follows him past several cells only to stop in front of one with a girl crouching in the corner.

"Linda Fritawa. Dr Cranes last accomplice. After betraying him, she...was in an 'accident' that sent her over the edge. We're not sure what exactly caused her mutations. He is a very dangerous man. Don't get too close."

Dr arkham walks back to the elevators while chance stares at the figure in the cell. Almost startled when she speaks up.

"So your the new girl. Intresting."

"I don't know what you mean."

"You smell like a chemistry set. So either you are, or very soon you will be, screaming for Crane...and I don't mean from fear. Then he'll toss you aside and make you his lab rat."

Chance chuckles.

"Looks like there's a few differences between us. I don't sleep with my teachers and two, I'm immune. Good night, Fright. Or should I call you, traitor? I'm his apprentice, you were a manipulative slut who pretends to care in order to save her own sorry ass for getting caught between a rock and a hard place. You deserve everything Dr Crane did to you after what you did to him. Currently, I'm working on an escape strategy."

Chance walks back to the elevator and smiles.

Man that felt good.

The next morning Chance found herself pushing an old metal cart down the hallway of cells. At each one, she slid the pills into the designated slot of each plexiglas door. Eventually she reached the riddler who was waiting by the door for her arrival with a smile plastered on his face.

"What is something your trusted with, but not yours to share?"

Chance shakes her head and rolls her eyes as she picks up his paper cup of pills and moves twords the door.

"Easy, a secret."

She slides in the pills and he grabs her hand before she can pull away. She struggles against his grip.

"So nurse...what's yours? What is your real name?"


He shakes his head and pulls her arm in further, not hard considering her thin frame.

"Let go."

He meets her eyes and she gulps.

"Tell me your real name. It's incredibly easy to break an arm in your current predicament."

Chance relaxes in defeat. "Fine. My real name is...Michelle."

Riddlers expression softens. He pulls her arm up slowly and Chance nervously shuts her eyes bracing for pain. Only to feel him kiss her hand. She opens her eyes and looks back at him in confusion as he holds her hand.

"Don't lie to me. I always know when you do it. See you tomorrow, Michelle. Don't worry, your secrets safe with me."

He releases her hand and she quickly pulls it out of the door. Chance walks quickly to the end of the hallway to Cranes cell. He is sitting in his cot waiting for her.

"Pocket the meds and pretend to give them to me."

Chance discretely does as she's told and hands Crane the empty paper cup. He pretends to take them before looking at Chances confused expression.

"They can't hear us down the hall but they can see us. Don't want anybody catching on. Tonight at ten, after lights out, use the stairs and visit me. We never got around to discussing your progress on the components of the formula."

Chance smiles and nods before walking to the elevator.

That afternoon, Crane was reading in the rec room while barely paying attention to his chess game with nigma.

"Checkmate. Have you noticed the new nurse?"

Crane sets his book down to reset the game.

"Obviously. Why do you ask?"

Nigma smiles.

"She's quite good at my riddles. Better than the rest of the imbusils here."

Crane raises an eyebrow.

"You're attracted to her? She's young. Only twenty."

Nigma shrugs and leans back in his seat.

"I don't mind. An intelligent mind is an intelligent mind in my opinion. You don't mind, do you?"

Crane finishes setting the board.

"No. It's just that from what I've observed, she doesn't seem like the relationship type. She probably is more focused on her education. After all, as you know, knowledge always comes first."

Riddler makes his first move.

"She certainly didn't argue against my charms. How can you be certain that she's getting an education?"

Crane makes his turn, forgotten his book due to the conversation turn.

"I am. I'm sure her teacher wouldn't like it if her attention wasn't fully focused on her very important studies. So I'd back off if I were you nigma."

Nigma raises an eyebrow and makes his move.

"I don't care what you think Johnatan. I will win her over. That girl is full of secrets. It's only a matter of time before I pry them to the surface."

Crane takes his turn.

"I would be careful if I were you. If you try to get into her head, it can damage her fragile psyche."

Nigma pauses and looks at crane.

"Fragile? She seems fine to me. I'm begining to think you know more than you are letting on. Come to think of it, how did you know how old she was if you've only known her as long as me?"

Crane pauses and gets up from his seat. He stares bullets thru Nigma before walking to the other side of the room. Nigma shrugs and leans back.

"Very well. I'll figure it out eventually."

That night, Chance cautiously sneaks to the third floor via the stairs. She tightly clutches a key card in her hand. Once she reaches Cranes cell, she unlocks the door and waits for him to signal for her to come inside.