"Where are we going Parker?" I asked as we hopped a bent wire fence heading straight into some woods.

"You'll see." She said with the signature Winchester smirk continuing to lead me further into the woods.

We jumped over a few branches and ducked around a few trees until we came upon a dirt road leading downhill.

"Since we are just out here, what happened to you at Carthage?" I said a bit hesitant to ask. It's been almost a month since our show down with Lucifer, but it still stung thinking about it.

"We are not just out here." She said after a deep sigh complete with an eye roll. "I was bored so I decided to show you what's out here. We still have a day before Dad and Sam get back."

"That doesn't answer my question." I said as we came to a second decent.

"Well, after you zapped me to God knows where, I decided to look for Cas, so I popped myself into the hotel, church, whatever that thing was, where I felt his grace. I found him trapped in a ring of holy fire with Meg as a guard, helped him escape, and then went to find you guys." She rushed out not looking at me in the eye.

"That's all that happened?" I asked sounding like my mother when she thought I was keeping something from her.

"Yep, uh huh, that's all." She said before turning with a more commanding disposition. "Since we are asking questions, what is going on between you and my father?"

That was a question I had been trying to avoid, but I suppose it was bound to come up sooner or later. After Carthage, Sam wanted some time off, Bobby asked Parker to stay and help him with the work around the library (Those papers and books pile up fast.), and Savannah didn't come home after the news of Ellen and Jo. All of these reactions were normal for our extreme circumstance, but Dean and I became restless so we began hunting everything we could get a lead on. It was to the point that we completed nine hunts in a week. We didn't sleep and we barely ate.

We didn't stop because we didn't want to face what we saw at Carthage. It wasn't until Bobby basically grounded us that we took a break. Dean was just let off on probation because a hunt came up that called for him and Sam, but Bobby said that with my genetics he was afraid that, if it was someone associated with my father, I might blow the town to smithereens, so he sent Parker and I only for research purposes. Honestly, I don't blame him for it, but anyway, this is how we have been for the past few weeks.

"It's not like anything was going on. We both just needed to do something, get our anger out." I said looking the other way. We also found that we needed to be near each other because we understood how the other felt. I was completely broken when I found what Lucifer had turned into, Dean knew how that felt. Dean was hurt over Ellen and Jo's death; I've felt that pain before. We just needed to know that we weren't alone in our pain, anger, and restless craving for revenge.

"That wasn't quite was I was talking about, even though that does help a bit." At the confused look I was giving her, she decided to elaborate. "I meant how you guys were acting once you came back."

I thought over the times Dean and I have been around one another but nothing came up as unusual.

"How do you mean?" I asked now severely confused.

"You guys are extremely close now. I mean before Carthage Dad wanted nothing to do with you and I heard from Savannah that he completely turned his back on you after you guys met Gabriel." She said stopping to turn and face me. "But, now it's like you guys are joined at the hip. Like, if one of you is in a room and the other walks in, one of you gravitate toward the other. Or you guys touch each other constantly. Your hands constantly touch, you guys sit together and Dad's arm is always around you… and-"

"I get your point." I said embarrassed finally realizing how we had been doing exactly how she had said. "Wait, Parker, does it bother you?" This is her father we are talking about, she may not like the idea of someone taking him when he belonged with her mother.

"At first maybe, I really don't know. A part of me still wants a normal family, just my mom, my dad, and me; though I know it's impossible. Then once I started seeing the way you guys would look at each other, I was happy that you guys could find some normalcy among this madness." She said showing as little emotion as possible. "Plus he could have always found worse!"

I turned to see her smirking face, with every intention to object, but she shouted: "We're here!"

I looked back to see a small gated shack with three 'No Trespassing' signs.

"This is why we hiked 2 miles out here?" I asked looking around. Something was up and I don't like it.

"Well, I have wanted to check this place out since we drove past it on our way into this hicksville town, but I needed some kind of backup, so when I saw you had nothing to do, Ta-Dah! I brought you out here." She said throwing her arms wide.

"You really can be such a teenager." I said rolling my eyes at the face I was receiving. "Alright, let's go!"

Parker did a little Snoopy Dance, punching her fist in the air, before jumping onto the fence and beginning to climb. I followed her suit, but something didn't feel quite right.

Once we were both in, Parker took out her small Boker MA-2 knife and pried the door lock off. I pulled the door back as she holstered her knife to reveal an opening at the center of the floor.

"Ooh, maybe it's Area-51?!" I asked sarcastically as she opened the hatch on the floor.

"Oh ha ha, bloody ha!" Parker said in a British accent once again rolling her eyes. "Come on!"

We climbed down the ladder into, what looked like, an abandoned underground house.

"I wonder what this used to be." Parker said speaking my own thoughts.

"It was actually a bomb shelter an old man built during the cold war. " We heard a voice say from behind us.

"Uriel." I said sneering at the sight of a traitorous scum of an angel. He may not be as bad as Raphael or Zachariah, but treason against my Grandfather is blasphemy.

"I thought you were nothing more than a poof of feathers." Parker said with the same disgust I held.

"Then you are no smarter than those flannel wearing maggots." He said turning his unemotional gaze to Parker, who only kept her ground.

"What do you want?" I asked weighing our escape options.

"You" He said looking between us, emotionless fading into confidence. "Dead."

"And why would you want that, Chuckles?" Parker crossed her arms and leaned up against a wall. If she was concerned at all about how to get out of this steel cage, she didn't show it.

"Because you two and your so-called family are going to screw everything up for us." A smirk was beginning to form, making Uriel seem a lot like Zachariah. "So why keep around a liability?"

Us? Wait a minute.

"Ooh." I said while exchanging a pitying expression with Parker. "The little angel can't even make a plan of his own!"

Parker gave a weak laugh. "He has to follow big brother's great plan!"

We didn't know who Uriel was following exactly, but we had figured it was Michael, so Parker made an educated, risky, move. But by the look on his face I'd say that risk paid off.

"I can plan on my own!" He screamed. "I choose to follow Raphael!"

"Holy Hell." I said realizing that Michael and my Fath- Lucifer was not our biggest problem.

"What would Raphael have anything to plan about?" Parker said stepping forward near me, finally thinking about a plan B.

"You mud-monkeys can't see past the noses on your face." He said a cockiness reaching across his face. "You all keep thinking that the fight will all end with the End Battle."

When we heard this we both relaxed immensely.

"Raphael wants to take over Heaven?" I asked crossing my arms over my chest.

"And you call our family moronic?" Parker said crossing her arms leaning against me.

"We have bested them before and you are no exception." We could tell Uriel was beginning to fear us, which was what we needed. This plan could cause trouble, but they can't know that they have the upper hand.

"You may have beaten my uncle and father, but you forgot something." Parker said pushing off of me as we started to circle him.

"And what is that?" Uriel tried hard to keep up his confident appearance but we had already seen right through him.

"You're playing with the big boys now and you are outnumbered." I said giving Parker the signal to attack while I reached for the knife strapped to my thigh.

"Oh that is where you are wrong." Uriel said a genuine smile creeping against his lips. I tried to get to Parker without looking suspicious, but something restrained my arms. "I came with back-up."

I looked back to find three more angels; two behind me and one grabbing Parker.

"Parker! Fight and run!" I called right before taking the knife off my thigh and stabbing the angel closest to me.

I began taking out the other, unsuspecting angel when I heard Parker scream out. "Ah!"

Once I disabled the second angel I found Parker with a stab wound in her side and Uriel backing her into a corner. I rushed behind Uriel and stabbed him in the back, but his grace over powered mine and sent me flying back into a wall causing me to cough up blood.

"So who exactly are the big boys then?" Uriel said stalking me taking his time, exactly what I wanted him to do.

"Parker go now!" I said stumbling to my feet, but when I looked at her she was bleeding heavily and still thinking of a way to fight. Instead of arguing with her I snapped my figures and sent her hopefully somewhere near the hotel.

"You little bitch!" Uriel screamed grabbing my hair and dragging me down to me knees.

I just grinned, feeling some of the blood trickle down the corner of my mouth.

"You can't kill what you can't find." I said with a pained smile which resulted in my head coming into contact with the wall.

"Just how long do you think God is going to keep you alive?" He snarled in my ear.

"So you know that you can't kill me, so why are you still here?" I asked confused.

What's their plan for me if they know I can't die?

"We still need that precious pearl hidden in your memories." He said with a sinister smile. "That plan your bitch of a mother came up with."

I felt a panic rise up in my stomach. It was all starting again; what Alastair and Zachariah did. I was never going to escape.

I could feel the first punch that he laced with grace to the side of my cheek. I felt my lip spilt, more blood running down my chin. I knew what to do though. I just would crawl into my little world to escape all the pain, as I had learned to do during my time with Alistair. I felt a kick to my stomach as I began reaching for my world of lullaby, but when I heard Uriel's voice in my ear I was drawn back.

"Oh and don't worry if God does decide to end your miserable existence, we will go find Parker and her asinine father." I could hear the grin in his voice, causing my panic to rise even further. "I'm sure you told them what's been going on."

If he began attacking me again, I couldn't tell. the only thing I could register was that they were going to come after two people that knew nothing of what was going on. If they were captured, tortured, and wanted the way out , they wouldn't be able to give those bastards the answer they were looking for.

I can't let that happen!

It was then a white light began shining brightly all around the room. It took me a little while to realize that the source of the light was me.

"NO!" I heard Uriel scream.

Then the whole world went black and I was left standing in the darkness.

Where am I now?

"You are safe my child." A loud booming voice called out. It was a dominate but gentle voice.

"Who are you?" I asked taking a fighting stance ready to strike.

"I am the one who created your family and the world. I am the one cast your father from the heavens." It replied.

God? No way, there is just no way!

"Do not question me!" The voice boomed.

"Yes, Lord." I said kneeling. I know better than to piss the Almighty off.

"Now I have come to you because it is time for your father to be brought out of his misery. He has asked for salvation so I have brought you and your mother's plan into action." He said.

"Not that I am ungrateful for your support, but you would not have had to tell me of this." I said somewhat confused but still trying not to be struck by lightning.

"The only reason I have come to you is because Parker Bishop is now a part of the plan. She is my factor to place into the plan and it is your job to keep her safe until her part can be played." He said humoring my curiosity.

"I shall do as you command." I said sounding like a soldier.

"There is one more thing, in choosing this path you will die." he said as evenly as he told me everything else.

I was taken aback by this little piece of news but I stood firm.

"I will keep Parker safe, my Lord." I said trying to keep my voice level, but just finding out that you are going to die soon makes you a bit shaky.

"You have done well me child. Now go." And with that I was blinded a light and was flung from wherever I was.

When I opened my eyes I was staggering through the woods not too far from Bobby's. My head felt like it was about to explode, I couldn't see straight and my body was so fatigued, I honestly cannot fathom how I was walking at this moment.

"Angel!" I heard Dean's voice call.

I looked in front of me and, sure enough, past the trees was Dean sprinting toward me.

I tried to call out to him, but it seemed my voice even weak. Instead, I tried to run to him but that only cause me to fall over a root.

"Angel, are you alright?" He asked rolling me into his arms.

The movement caused me to begin shaking as if I was having a seizure.

"Whoa, whoa, calm down. It's ok."

No its not!

I tried to speak again but it only made the shaking worse. It was getting to the point that my muscles were cramping up, causing so much pain to run through my body, but there were things to care of.

"P-p-p-Parker." I said through all the shaking.

"Parker's fine at the house. Just stop worrying and calm down!" He said trying to still my by wrapping his arms around me.

How is she fine? Um… Last I saw she had a stab wound.

I obviously wasn't going to get anywhere in this state, so I did as I was told and tried to calm myself.

Once the shaking dimmed, Dean helped me stand up, through my arm over his shoulder, and we began walking to Bobby's. Even though I was still weak and my head was still spinning, once the house was in view, I sprinted to the front door.

What happened to Parker? It was all I could think.

When I finally made my way to the door I lost my footing before the door actually opened


I prepared myself for impact with the floor, but instead found myself being caught by two sets of arms. As much I loved to be in Dean's arms, the other set took priority.


Using as much strength as I could, I pushed Dean aside to look Parker over for the stab wound.

"What happened?" I said knowing that Parker would understand I meant about the wound and what happened after I zapped her off.

She just gave me a little push on my should, almost knocking me over by the way, and shifted her eyes between me and Dean.

That's odd.

It was then that I sensed something different about her, but I couldn't define it. It was an energy but there was no spell around her. Perhaps an entity, but there was no sign of possession.

"But- no- When I last saw you-"

"Maybe you should sit down." Dean said ushering me over the couch.

I was about protest that I was perfectly fine but when I looked over to Parker she wasn't making eye contact with either of us, so I knew that if I wanted her to talk to me Dean was going to have to disappear.

"Ok, ok." I said taking a deep breath once I was seated on the couch. "Dean, do you think you could go and get something to drink? Bobby just ran out of our special."

I saw a light go off in his head, just like I knew it would. It had become a kind of ritual for us, back when we were on our own, to drink at least a double of Jack. It was one of Ellen's favorites and it always seemed to hit the spot. Now, I will say that that more times than none we would drink more tha half the bottle, but we know how to hold our liquor.

As much as I hated to use something that had brought Dean and I close together as a distraction, I had to get him out of the house.

"Alright give me 20 minutes." He said giving me a worried smirk before turning to Parker. "Make sure she doesn't try to do anything."

"Yes, sir!" Parker responded in a sarcastic tone.

He left after looking me over a last time.


"What happened?" I heard in double.

"Hey, I asked first!" Parker said pointing her finger at me.

"And I think that you really don't want to piss me off right now." I said feeling the demonic energy surge though my soul. I began to use my grace to control it like normal, but the moment I felt the two meet a wave of pain wreck through my body.

Let me explain something, I've been a hunter since I was 9. I have been injured and tortured on many occasions, but this pain was like my being, my very soul, was trying to rip in two. It hurt to the point I could even scream. All I could do was sit against the couch motionless.

In was so caught up in my vegetable state that I hadn't realized that Parker had been apologizing.

"This wasn't my fault. I just want to make that perfectly clear." She said turning from her pacing to face me. "Ok, so obviously not wounded anymore, but I had been stabbed when you mojo-ed me away. By the way you sent me 10 miles out of town. Anyway when I got there some angels tried to jump me, but I took care of them real fast. I had tried to find my way back here, when…"

Because I was still chained by this pain, I had to sit through the suspense. Unfortunately I had a feeling that whatever was about to come out was something I was not going to like.

"Listen I was going to tell you, well, I guess I wasn't, but I hadn't really thought that I was going to see him again."

I literally had to push through the worst pain of my life to stop the teenager from rambling.

"Parker!" I croaked out, trying to everything but not scream, as I grabbed her shoulders. "Just spit it out."

Even though my voice at that last part was pain and almost begging, she was held herself in a defensive position with her leg up and her arm blocking it. "I sort of met Lucifer…."

. Did she say what I think she just said?

"You what?!" I screamed almost instantly regretting it as the pain almost made me black out.

"Twice." She said changing her position to now block her face.

"Parker, you have exactly 10 seconds to elaborate before I hit you with blunt side of my Colt." I said feeling the pain begin to dull.

"Ok, ok, I had run into him back at Carthage when, once again, you zapped me off into the hotel. I had tried to reason with him, telling him that I understood the true story of how he fell, about his hatred towards humans. But he before we could really talk he had the ritual to get to so he left. Then tonight, after I fought off the angels, he appeared saw that my wound was more severe than I had realized and healed me." She said very fast, having to take a deep breath afterwards.

Of course he wouldn't listen about his fall. It doesn't matter what people think, my mother and I are the only ones who know why he fell. Honestly if people would read the Bible, everyone would know the truth.

"That doesn't explain the energy surrounding you." I said pointedly.

"I knew you would catch that." She said reaching for her neck pulling out a chain, to reveal a pentagram surrounded by Enochian symbols. "He gave this to me right before he left."

A protection sigil?

"Why would he do such a thing?" I asked more to myself, but when I looked to Parker, what I saw was quite alarming.

"Well- I-I-" She stammered as I saw a faint blush creep across her pale features.

"You- He-" I stammered not wanting it to be what I knew it was. "Now wait just one minute! Are you?"

"Just shut up!" She said shaking her head, causing her bangs to fall into her face.

"You have got to be kidding me." I said almost more shaken about this development than knowing Raphael was now a player. "You can't be!"

She just turned to me just enough to see her eye and that's when she told me the troubling truth.

"Yes, I am in love with Lucifer."

I sat on the kitchen counter hold my third Jack's double.

How could Parker have fallen in love with him? It has to be that whole teenage crush thing right? I mean come on this is the devil! This girl may be weird but this is a bit over the top!

Dean was watching me, ready in case I decided to collapse, hardly touching his own drink. I don't know why he was so concerned, just as I told him, my pain had dulled. The Jack was helping but this pain really wasn't physical it was spiritual.

"Well, I'm off to bed." Parker said jumping up from her seat at the kitchen table.

"Wait, what's wrong with you?" Dean said making us both freeze. "Since when do you go to bed before two a.m.?"

We both took a breath knowing he was joking. Honestly I probably would have laughed, but I knew the reason that Parker was running off. She wanted to get away from me and to make sure nothing was said around her father. She stuck her tongue out at him and shot me a quick look that told me we would talk later, before retreating upstairs.

I tossed back the last of my drink and hopped of the counter. "I think I'm going to hit the rack too."

I moved for the doorway but Dean leaned in the doorway putting his arm up to block my way.

"This could be considered kidnapping you know." I said trying to lighten the intense staring match that was happening. As much as I loved his eyes, I really feel like an intruder when I begin peaking into his soul.

"What happened today?" He asked not grapping his gaze. "I've never seen you like that even when you were trapped in your memories. And how panicked you were about Parker? That's not normal."

"Alright, we were ambushed by Uriel. I got Parker out before anything happened to her, but I was caught in the process. I'm not sure how I got away, but the next thing I knew I was in the woods with you." I explained having to choose my words very carefully.

I know I was giving him the half truth, but I was I going to tell Dean that I let Parker get stabbed, she met my fa- Lucifer, and I spoke with God. The boy didn't even believe in angels until they were trying to kill him.

"Uriel? What's that bastard up to?" Dean asked with a snarl to his voice.

"Just with Zachariah, I suppose." I said.

Yes, Uriel said he was with Raphael, but, as it doesn't surprise me he would be involved, we don't know for sure. Plus, after the threats Uriel gave about finding Dean and Parker, I wasn't going to give Dean any motive for seeking him out.

I know that giving him the half truth is the only way to protect him, but why does it feel so wrong?

Because a half truth is the most cowardly of lies and since when have you ever been ok with lying to him?

When your mind can win an argument against you, there is something wrong.

"Well, I'm off to bed." I said trying to brush past him.

"Wait." He said a handing snaking out to grab my bicep. "Are you ok?"

"I'm better. I'm not dizzy anymore-"

"That's not what I meant." He said shaking his head. "You haven't been the same since Lucifer freed Death. We all have been starting to bounce back a bit, but haven't. And you haven't said anything about it either."


"I get that I've no right to say anything. I mean, damn, I never talk to anyone when I have problems, but after I got bitched slapped by the devil, I woke to you screaming at me to wake up and run. That wasn't the disturbing part, though." He said as his grip on my arm tightened.

"What was it that bothered you?" I asked seeing in his eyes that he was genuinely upset.

"The fact that you were crying." He said as emerald green and ocean blue had yet to break away. "And it was the kind that I've only seen when someone you love dies."

Well, I had just watched my father contract Death to kill the entire world. Oh and by the way, to do that he killed an entire town!

"Wait a second." I said furrowing my brows pushing into him a bit. "Did bother you that I was crying or because I had someone to lose?"

He lost his bearing for a second but regained it quickly.

"It was more that someone you cared for had the balls to hurt you." Dean almost growled grabbing my other arm pulling me almost flush against him.

I was surprised by this reaction. I had a feeling that it could be something like this, but this was so much stronger than I thought any of his emotions could be.

"Protective much?" I asked trying to once again lighten the intensity.

He just stared at me, thinking, confusing himself, and then a solution came into his mind.

"Yeah, I guess I am," He said, but then another thought appeared. "Probably a lot more than I should be."

I was so taken back that I almost gasped, but before I could, Dean's lips crashed down on mine.

I gave in immediately, feeling like a dam, which had built up over years, had crumbled down.

You knew this was coming. Back when you first met, when he gave you your name, and the times he's kissed you before you knew you felt something for him.

I couldn't help but say it was true, but my thoughts were becoming disoriented as his tongue grazed my lips. He encircled his arms around me, closing whatever distance we had between us. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his tongue kept prodding for the entrance that I wasn't willing to let go of just yet. I was enjoying the little game we had started, but I granted him access when he entwined his fingers in the hair at the base of my neck and began pulling, causing me to moan.

Then this became what you craved when you two were alone all that time. You may have drowned it out with your misery, but this is what you have always wanted.

I became so obsessed with exploring every inch of him that I hadn't even noticed that we had somehow maneuvered to the couch. Dean broke the away from the kiss moving to my neck, when I saw that I was lying on the couch clutching to the man hovering above me. Making a decision, I pushed Dean up so he was kneeling between my legs.

He looked at me with a questioning gaze. I merely answered by pushing his shirt up, raking my hands over his chiseled abs and chest. He got the hint and peeled the shirt off completely, before helping me out of my own. As he laid me back down, continuing to drown me in the most heavenly kisses, I knew my mind was made up.

This is where I belong.