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"I can't believe you're staying here for the summer!" Your friend Maiko was smiling widely as she threw her arm around your shoulder and hugged you. "I never actually thought that I would see you until school started!"

"I know, it's wonderful, isn't it?" you replied. "I'm staying just down the block, right by the beach."

"We can hang out so much together!"

It was the first week of summer vacation. School had just ended, and your family had decided to stay at the summer beach house you owned. It was beautiful, with a plain view of the ocean in the back and the cool, salty breeze was always blowing. Plus, Maiko happened to live here and now you could spend time with your best friend.

At the moment, the two of you were walking to the boardwalk for some shopping. You needed a new bikini, anyway. Your old one was faded and too tight. "Are there any good stores here?" you asked.

Maiko nodded. She had her arm linked to yours', the familiar middle-school gestured bringing back school memories. "Yeah, there are great stores. Actually, I know this one filled with the cutest bikinis…oh! And then there's the Shoe Central, which I've wanted to go there because I saw the cutest stilettos…"

You laughed. "I can't believe you can wear those," you commented, referring to stilettos. "They hurt my feet. I prefer flats and flip-flops!" Hence the cute red flats you wore at the moment.

She caught your eye, smiling. "One of these days, remind me, I'm going to teach you how to walk around in heels like they are flats!"

You both giggled and began talking about accessories. Finally, you arrived at the boardwalk. It was streaming with people—love-struck couples, smiling families, trendy-dressed teenagers, quiet elders, friends. Along either side of the boardwalk were stores displaying all different sorts of things, including toys, clothes, footwear, beach items.

Maiko looked around, scanning the stores for a particular one. A few people waved at her, and she waved back. "There's the one," she finally said, and headed off in that direction.

You followed her. As you neared the clothing sore, you noticed a group of boys hanging around the front. They were all gorgeous, pretty-looking guys around your age. There were four of them—a blonde, a brunette, and two black-brown haired. When you and Maiko neared the group, one of the males looked up and grinned. "Hey, Maiko."

"Nishikado-san," she replied, smiling. "How are you?"

"Good, thanks." He then slid his eyes over to you. Interest flared behind his irises and he sauntered up towards you. "Wow, aren't you pretty. I haven't seen you before."

"You a friend of Maiko's?" asked the blonde. He had shoulder-length fair hair.

You nodded. "My name's (First Name) (Last Name)."

"Nice to meet you," said the first one who'd spoken, Nishikado-san. "I'm Soujiro."

"Akira Mimasaka," said the blonde.

Nishikado pointed to the mute brunette. He had blue eyes like marbles, and he was standing off to the side, dressed very neatly in a moss-green sweater and jeans. "That's Rui Hanazawa. Sorry, he can get pretty sleepy and then he'll be all quiet." Hanazawa just raised his eyes.

You noticed the last guy, leaning against the window glass of the store. He was the tallest of the group, and he stood with his arms crossed over his Nike T-shirt, which showed his broad chest. His hair was funny; it was all curly on the top. "Who's that?"

"Him? Oh, that's Tsukasa Doumyoji," explained Nishikado.

Doumyoji glanced disinterestedly at you. His eyes caught yours', and for a second, you found yourself lost in his gaze. Then he said, "Have you heard of me?"

"You? Um, no…are you famous?"

"You've never heard of the Doumyoji Enterprises? God, you must be out of it, then," he said, returning to stare past you.

You were a little confused, but Mimasaka waved it off. "Sorry, sometimes all Tsukasa thinks about is himself. So," he said, "do you go to school here, (Name)?"

"She's at the same school as me," Maiko answered, smiling at Mimasaka. She turned to you. "(Name), these guys go to Eitoku."

"Oh, that school filled with rich and snobby kids?" you scoffed. "I've heard of it."

"Hey, come on, we're not that bad," Nishikado said. "We're actually pretty good-looking."

"They're known as F4," Maiko continued.

Now you'd actually heard about the F4 before. You'd heard stories about the four delicious guys. They could be pretty cold. "Ah."

Something must've shown on your face, because Mimasaka said, "We're not like that anymore. We're all pretty easy-going. You just have to watch out for Tsukasa." He hooked his thumb at the said boy, who just rolled his eyes.

Maiko clutched your arm. She was eyeing a sundress in the display of the shop. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude, Mimasaka-san, but we came here for some shopping…"

"Oh, that's okay. We were on our way to the café." Nishikado then brightened and said, "Maybe you can join us later!"

Maiko looked like she loved the idea and you thought it wasn't half-bad, but it was Doumyoji who spoke, "We can't have two irritating girls following us around." He pushed off from the wall and began walking away. "Let's go."

Then he stopped and turned around, staring at you from half-lidded eyes. "Maybe you should go home and search up my name. Then you'll see how important I am." And with that, he was turned around and striding towards the café.

Nishikado chuckled. "Sometimes he gets steamed that not everyone knows who he is. All right, then, it was a pleasure seeing you again, Maiko, and it's great meeting you, (Name)." He walked after Doumyoji.

Mimasaka nodded pleasantly. "Have a nice day, you two."

He went after the other two and soon it was just you, Maiko, and Hanazawa. The brunette yawned sleepily and rubbed his eyes with his fist, looking around. He then went to move past you, but as he did, he murmured, "I hope I see you around."

Then he, too, was gone.

You watched the four walk away. Then you said, "They aren't that bad, the F4…but that Doumyoji guy is annoying."

"I meet them just a few weeks ago. They are so interesting!" laughed Maiko. She then tugged you inside the store. "Okay, time to shop!"

You allowed yourself to be pulled into the shop.