He awoke to see a white ceiling above him.

So it had been a dream after all…

Then he frowned. He felt hungry. He could smell food from some sort of café.

He then sat up quickly, his eyes widening. He felt...


He scanned the room, and saw it to be a hospital.

It wasn't a dream, afterall! I got back! I got back with Ib…! Wait…

…where is she?

Memories hit Garry in the face as he remembered falling through the portrait, his scared yet tired eyes looking for Kane as he saw a red petal detach from its stalk.


And Kane had said she was too weak to survive the fire, anyway…


And even if she was alive, would she remember their time in the gallery?


He looked at the pipe entering his hand, before he detached it from himself with a hiss of pain. He then climbed out of the hospital bed, pulling on his trousers and shirt before opening the room door. He checked the hallways for anyone who could stop him, before he set off in a sprint around the hospital,


He checked the wards frantically. He dashed in every room he could see, not caring if he was being rude or disrespectful.


He ran to the desk at the hospital, and the woman behind it raised her eyebrows at him. He quickly spoke her name, her address and explained the situation. He was not prepared for the news.

"She's gone, sir…"

"What do you mean?"

"She isn't here anymore."

Garry fell to his knees. There was so much he had wanted to do, to say... to just be with Ib. Now that had been taken from him…


He was sure he heard it. His eyes widened. He looked down the corridor, seeing Ib, her crimson eyes looking desperate as she looked around frantically. Then, her eyes locked onto his.



Ib ran towards him, throwing her arms around him as he hugged her back in disbelief. He felt her body shake with sobs as he looked at the receptionist,

"Oh… right," the woman said, slightly confused and guilty. "I just thought you meant because of her visiting. She's been visiting you non-stop for the last four days. She's even snuck in before and after visitors hours just to see you. She left thirty minutes ago, saying she was hungry, and she'd be gone. I presumed you were just wondering where she was. Sorry."

"It's quite alright," Garry spoke gently. He held Ib closer to him. He was finally able to hug her, to feel her, to hold her close. As he ran his fingers through her hair, all he could do was smile.

Ib smirked, leaning on the wall as she watched Garry dragging in his possessions that he had just purchased. He was finally moving into their new apartment.

Her father had been delighted to meet Garry, extremely pleased that she had finally found someone she truly loved, and who truly loved her. At first, her father was sceptical of him, afraid he was there just to use his daughter for her wealth, but Garry built up his trust; eventually.

It had been two weeks since the old apartment had been burnt to pieces. It was blamed on faulty electrics. They sometimes felt guilt for what had happened to Kane, but, at the same time, he had shown he was evil enough to end Ib's life. "Plus," Garry had said. "He won't have died. He'll still be in there, and, one day, when he has realized what he has done, maybe someone will set him free."

School became easier. Since Garry had accompanied her in the last few months of high school (and he had punched a few of the guys who had caused her trouble), she found that no-one seemed to really cause a problem for her anymore. She was just happy being able to sit next to someone in class and at lunch, and talk to them. She was eternally grateful that Garry had been given back to her.

It was one day afterschool that Garry said he had to go somewhere. Ib raised an eyebrow at it, but did not question it further. When she got home, she saw a package and a note from Garry;

I bought you this. I hope you wear it for when I get home,

Love, Garry.

Inside was a blue dress that had a matching blue rose hairclip. It was true that a rose had nearly cost her life, but they both had become attached to them. She smiled, dressing in the dress and adding white to the theme by wearing white shoes and a purse. She quickly pinned up her hair, knowing that Garry would be appreciative if she made an effort.

She suddenly heard a knock on the door not ten minutes later. She walked towards it, before reaching the door handle and pulling it open.

There was Garry, dressed in a red, formal shirt and black formal trousers. He sported a red rose in his mouth. Ib laughed, nodding at him in approval. He smirked, replying to her in the same way. He then scooped her up in a princess carry, walking her to the elevator, and then to the car park. She saw a motorcycle, patterned in blue and red roses, before he placed her down gently on her feet. He walked to it, picking up the red helmet and tossing it to her, before attaching the blue one to himself.

Ib felt the rush of wind sweep her hair out of its style but she laughed, raising on arm against the current of wind that rushed through her fingers. Garry grinned, before he turned, pulling into a fancy restaurant. Ib raised an eyebrow, "What's this?"

"I'm sorry it couldn't be the Saturday you wanted, Ib," Garry said gently. "But I still wanted to keep my promise."

Once inside, Ib gasped. Full on a buffet table was every flavour of macarons possible. Coconut, chocolate, vanilla, orange, banana…


They ate while they talked. It turned out Garry, for the last week, had been writing analysis and reviews on Guertena's artwork. Because he knew so much, artists had paid for him to review theirs, inspired by Guertena, and this had become a sort of part time job. Garry had admitted he didn't really like living off of Ib's money, so this was his compromise.

She grinned, leaning her head onto his shoulder.

Afterwards, getting back to the apartment, he took her in his arms and carried her to the top floor, before going to the roof.

"Are we allowed up here?" Ib asked quietly, yet giggling.

Garry smirked, "Oh well."

They watched the stars. They watched the moon. They sat together, holding hands.

They could both see a bright, bright future ahead of themselves.

Together, forever.

In the burnt ashes of Guertena's world, a blonde haired boy stood, his face contorted in rage. He was not in a room like Garry had claimed to be. He guessed his frame was Garry's frame, and it had been destroyed in the fire; reduced to mere ashes. No more escape.

He heard a small gasp and he spun, his knuckles gripping so tight onto the palette knife which caused them to turn white.

A blonde haired girl, with deep blue eyes stood before him.

She looked around Ib's age, and seemed to have age also. She explained that after her frame had been destroyed, she was not killed, but simply freed from the gallery's hold. She had Guertena's spirit inside of her, after all, which meant she could not die by simply destroying her frame.

Mary smiled at Kane, and Kane managed a smile back.

Maybe it won't be so bad here.

With Mary.

A world where anything is possible.

No more stupid expectations, somewhere where hopes and dreams were just around the corner.

A world with someone he truly loved.

A world...

...where he was set free.

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