A.N: I finally finished watching Secret Saturdays, and this was the first thing that came to mind afterwards. I was actually a little surprised that no one had done this before. The idea of a married Zak and Wadi, with Wadi stealing his pants, it was much too tantalizing to resist!

Lol, and well, in my version, they are both virgins, kay? I really can't see Zak doing anything till marriage and well, Wadi wouldn't want to do anything with anyone but Zak, so that's how that goes. And this story contains NO SMUT, at all. But, I do allude to the fact that they are going to be "doing it," so like, just be warned.

- Oh and I use some of Jason Walker's, I Feel Like That, at the end. I think it sums up this little story really well! : )


RE-EDIT: 6/26/14- I'm not sure what possessed me to redo this one and give it a face lift, but here we are. I still love this show and I know people are still reading this little thing I first wrote about 2 years ago, so I don't know. This just needed some more meat on it. I really do love you readers though, thank you so much.

The two giggled and laughed as they parked their airship and emerged from the cockpit. He chased her long white veil down the ramp and up on to the front porch of the house, as she somehow expertly skipped up the steps in her wedding dress, her heels dangling from her hand. Though that expertise quickly failed her as she swung her arms out to catch herself once she'd reached the landing, a spin on her heel a bit too sudden for her after how much she'd had to drink at the reception.

Smooth as ever, he just happened to be right behind her, and he quickly grabbed her free hand and caught her in his arms just before she would've fallen over. With a wide grin and a certain flash in his dark brown eyes, he swept her up in his arms, cradling his new bride close to his chest. He'd already unlocked the front door and it automatically opened with a soft swoosh as he stepped through the double doors.

Carrying in his beautiful bride across the threshold of their home, Zak stepped into the foyer. Wadi had her arms wrapped around his neck, grinning widely up at him as if he was the center of her entire world.

Zak set her down with a happy sigh, she righting herself as he kept a steadying hand on her back. "Welcome home, Wadi."

"Yes, it is so nice to finally be here with you, Zak." The same type of sigh made it past her lips as well, her light green eyes twinkling with a touch of sly and mischief, as they always were. Wadi was constantly up to something.

His grin having yet to fade away, he stopped and simply drank her in for a moment, gently taking both of her hands in his. He noted their matching golden wedding bands and marveled that they stood here now, finally husband and wife. Man, Zak couldn't be any more lucky.

It had been a wild ride from the start. After they'd grown from children and in to teens, Zak had finally asked Wadi out. Looking back on the story now, Wadi always playfully liked to argue that it was she that had actually asked him out. But of course, he knew better. Maybe she had dropped a hint here and there, but Zakhad been the one to finally voice his feelings properly. Wadi had smiled gently at him after his confession and what had happened next was a moment forever burned in his memory.

"About time," she'd giggled, before softly approaching him and stealing his lips in a whirlwind kiss.

That first kiss had been five years ago, when they were sixteen. They'd had plenty of ups and downs in their relationship since then, going through a difficult and lengthy break up at eighteen, before eventually finding their way back to each other.

Zak and Wadi had realized that there was simply no one else better for the other, than each other. And now, both being twenty-one, Zak had popped the question to her six months prior on an extravagant dinner date in Paris. She'd excitedly squealed her answer of Yes and given him a long kiss and a tight hug, before he'd been able to slip the engagement ring on her finger. She'd admired it for a bit, then quickly went back to making out with her fiancé, her overwhelming joy exploding like fireworks when their lips touched. Wadi hadn't let go of his hand all night long, making sure her pretty new diamond ring sparkled when it caught the light just right.

Now that they were finally married, having just come from the reception and ridden home in an obnoxiously graffitied airship, courtesy of the one and only Fiskerton Phantom and Zak's mother, Drew. They'd spray painted all over the contraption in an overly gaudy fashion with plenty of different colors, things like Just Married! and Congratulations! Woven into all of the well wishes were little inside jokes that they all shared together, plastered right on the side of the airship. It was a ridiculous wedding tradition, one of which Fisk and Drew happily took full advantage of and it would take no small amount of time to clean up, but Zak and Wadi both understood that it was just his families way of showing their love and support for them on their big day.

The day had been a crazy one and from the moment that Zak had woken up this morning, he'd been up and running. He was sure Wadi had experienced the same type of rushed hysteria and despite their wedding being a ceremony and celebration of their holy union, they hadn't been able to steal a single moment alone together.

So Zak took this quiet moment now to simply bask in the euphoric joy of having claimed the love of his life. The love that shone bright in his eyes mirrored Wadi's own.

Now that the reception was over and they were home, Zak and Wadi planned on sharing a quiet evening together and then in the morning would embark on a three week long honeymoon, visiting their most favorite spots around the globe.

Well, if Wadi had anything to say about it, their first night together most certainly wouldn't be all that quiet.

Not letting go of his hand, Wadi led Zak into the living room, but she then let him go and sank down on to the couch. "Oh, my feet are killing me," she complained, dropping her heels on the floor and rubbing at her sore feet.

"Well, that's what happens when you dance as bad as Fisk."

"I do not dance badly!" Wadi defended hotly, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Wadi, in dance lessons, you were always stepping on my feet. My toes were sore for days," Zak chuckled good-naturedly.

She narrowed her eyes at him. "You, Mr. Zackary Saturday, should learn to be nice to your wife."

Immediately Zak knelt down before her, "Oh . . . uh, here let me," he took one of her tanned feet in his hands and began to massage it.

"Much better, dear," Wadi leaned back and enjoyed his ministrations, curling her toes in relief and letting out a long sigh of content, as she settled back onto the couch.

As Zak continued to massage her feet, Wadi couldn't help but admire her new husband. She let her eyes roam freely over him, noting just how much he had grown since they'd first met, back when they were eleven years old. Having grown a couple of feet taller now, going from boy to man, Zak was actually just shy of his father's head. His usually unruly mop of salt and pepper hair was slicked down for the wedding, and his black tux was unbuttoned in the front, finally allowing him some breathing room.

She smiled lightly, her green eyes growing a sudden spark to them. Yes, he would do just fine.

"Zak," she gained his attention, "I'm going to go and change. I need to get out of this dress."

"Okay," he said, standing up and then helping her from the couch. He followed her up the stairs, deciding that he should change clothes as well. He then led her to his bedroom, quickly ducking into the closet and grabbing a pair of pajamas.

"Here, I guess I can change out here and you can take the closet," he offered, a pile of clothes in his arms and he was pointedly avoiding Wadi's gaze. A sudden uncharastic shyness was evident all over his face.

"You think that you could unzip me first?"

Wadi turned her back to him, gathering her long veil over her shoulder so that Zak could get to the dress zip. She waited expectantly for him, throwing a saucy 'come hither' glance over her shoulder at Zak.

"Right, uh sure," with a shaky laugh, Zak put his pajamas down on the bed and approached her. He began fumbling with the zipper, it was caught on her dress. Finally, after a few more seconds of struggling, he got it all the way down, the zip coming to an end at Wadi's lower back.

"Thank you, Zak." Wadi turned to face him for the briefest of moments, just to see the satisfaction of his flushed cheeks and then disappeared inside the walk-in closet.

It was roomy in here, big enough for both of their wardrobes, she having moved all of her stuff into Zak's home a couple of days before the wedding. It would take Wadi a bit of time to get undressed. Her dress was long, and the elegant head scarf alone would take a certain amount of care to unwrap.

She started with the dress first, slipping out of it more easily than she thought she would. Once it was hung up properly, hopefully to be used by her own daughter someday, Wadi then reached up to untangle her headdress and veil. As she began to unwrap her hair when the last piece of the ensemble finally fell away, Wadi suddenly realized that Zak had never seen her without some sort of head covering. As was custom in her country, the clothing was modest and conservative, and head scarves were worn by most women. She'd never had reason to take off her hijab or simply not have worn it whenever she'd been with Zak before. With a thrill of mixed excitement and apprehension, she shook out her long brown hair from it's tightly wound bun.

Putting her veil and headdress away with her wedding dress, Wadi found her way to the full-length mirror in the back of the closet and ran her fingers through her hair, admiring its soft silky texture. She checked over her make-up and refreshed her lip gloss, it tasting like something peachy that she knew Zak liked.

Wadi ran her hands lightly over her body, skimming her breasts and down over the toned muscle of her abs to her flat smooth stomach. She admired the new lacy red thong she'd bought just for the occasion, with it's matching red bra. She thought that she looked pretty damn good. Miss foxy lady, indeed.

Satisfied with herself and more than ready to seduce her husband, Wadi was about to turn away from the mirror when she heard a muffled shout and then a hard grunt from the bedroom.

"Zak?" she called out. Opening the closet door, she discovered Zak sprawled out on the floor.

"Oh, uh, hi Wadi."

"What did you do?" Wadi couldn't but laugh at him. She tried to hide her growing snicker from behind her hand.

"I tripped trying to take off these stupid pants," Zak grunted, standing back up with his back turned to her. His shirt had blessedly been taken off and Wadi couldn't help but take a minute to admire Zak's toned physique. Her hungry eyes ran up and down his form. She'd forgotten just how much muscle he had.

But her drooling was interrupted by Zak's annoyed huff, as he tried unsuccessfully to unbutton his pants. Looking down at herself, she remembered that she had yet to throw on pajamas. She'd wanted to do something of a strip tease for her husband.

But glancing back up at Zak, she smirked, eyes narrowing in focus. They'd waited too long for this already and she decided that pajamas were no longer needed. Wadi could certainly help him with those pants of his, though. Might as well speed up the process while she could.

Zak was just about to give up when all of a sudden, his pants dropped around his ankles, leaving him in nothing but his boxer shorts.

"Huh?" he whirled around to see Wadi, smiling and holding his belt triumphantly in her hand, her little purple yo-yo in the other.

"Um, thanks, Wadi," he said, his face red. He then fumbled around for his pajamas on the bed, when a small hand covered his own, forcing his attention back to her.

"I really don't think you'll need those."

Zak's face was an even deeper shade of red now, looking as embarrassed and flustered as could be, but Wadi also noticed a deep sense of love in his dark eyes. He wanted this with her, just as much as she did.

"Wow, Wadi . . ." he breathed, once he'd swallowed the foot in his mouth. "What is it?" Wadi asked, moving closer to him.

"It's just," he sighed, "You are so beautiful." He admired her long brown hair hanging over her shoulders, along with her petite form.

Gathering her in his arms, Zak leaned down to give her a solid kiss, it intensifying as their passion rose. His hands were soon tangled in her long hair, her body pressed against his so perfectly, the sweet taste of her on his lips. "I love you, Wadi."

Without a word, Wadi simply looked up at him, her eyes gleaming brightly. Whatever she was about to say next died on her lips. She found there were no words, like her throat had suddenly closed. The bond they shared was something unbreakable and real, something that was true. She loved the man in front of her with every single fiber of her being; she could literally feel the love she had for him coursing through her veins with each beat of her heart. How in the world do you put something like that into words?

With a leering smirk, she pushed him back onto the bed. It looks like she was just going to have to show him.

And I don't know if I will ever find the perfect way to tell why,

when every time I try

I'm right back at the first date

and the first kiss

When every moment meant so much

I couldn't let it pass

I'm right back where I first stood

when I first knew

that I would always love you

and you know I've never looked back

Every time I try to tell you how I feel

I feel like that

A.N: Just so you know, this is most likely going to be my only SS fic. Hope you guys liked it!