The ringing phone interrupted Garcia in the middle of wrapping up her work for the day. She had been going through potential cases and putting those aside that she would discuss with Hotch tomorrow. She turned on her headset.

"Hello. This is Penelope Garcia speaking. Goddess of wisdom, Technical analyst and Co-Communications Liaison for the FBI's Behavioural Analysis Unit. How may I help you?"

"Hi. This is Dharma Montgomery. I would like to speak to Greg Montgomery, I was told he works in your department," a cheerful voice said.

"I'm sorry," Garcia responded. "But there isn't a Greg Montgomery in our Unit. Are you sure you're calling the right place?"

"Oh I am sure. Tell him Dharma has found him and that she is coming for him." The caller hung up leaving a confused and slightly worried Garcia behind. Although she had no clue who this "Greg Montgomery" could be she knew trouble was coming for him.

Immediately she entered the name "Dharma Montgomery" into her advanced search engine and was surprised when she didn't immediately find anything.

In fact Dharma Montgomery didn't even seem to have a birth certificate or any medical records. There was only one thing. A marriage license from Vegas declaring that she was married to a Greg Montgomery.

She searched his name next and came up with much more information. Greg had gone to Stanford and Harvard and then went on to work for the Justice department before opening a private practice. He had worked on some pretty important cases and one most of them. And then heā€¦disappeared.

Garcia's frown deepened as her fingers flew over the keys digging deeper. People didn't just disappear. Well actually they did, and sometimes no one looked for them, those were always the worst cases for Garcia but usually those people weren't successful lawyers. People tended to look for those and notice they were gone.

And that was when she discovered it. Greg Montgomery hadn't disappeared. He had simply changed his name. To Aaron Hotchner. Who had joined the Bureau. Exceeded at basic training. Transferred to the BAU. Became Unit Chief.

With shaking hands Garcia dialled Hotch's number.

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