everyone was having a lovely day on the boat as it was the day melody was introduced to the sea, when all of a sudden the sky went a dark sickly colour of green as morganna rose from the ocean riding two stingrays and with a huge tiger shark which nocked all the mer soldiers out of the way. and morganna with in seconds grabbed the baby melody within the confusion from ariel.

triton: Morganna surrender the baby or I'll

Triton was interrupted by morgana as she ah ah ah and kissed the young baby melody now triton i'll return the baby if you give me the triton

triton:you can have anything you want just don't harm little melody

morgana: good now give me the triton

and just as she was about to get the trighton ariel cut the rope and morgana was smacked against the net tied to the mast and was flung into the water and melody was sent flying out of morganas grasp and nearly into the mouth of morganas shark undertoe untill he was shrunk by triton but before anyone could grab poor melody morgena jumped out of the water grabbed her and vanished along with her shrimp of a shark her two manterays and melody into a whirl pool of ink and vanished without a trace.

after several hours of searching

triton: i'm sorry ariel there is no sign of her she's vanished

after this ariel broke out into tears at hearing that news

eric: don't worry ariel we'll find her

meanwhile morgana was searching through her cabinet of potions and spells untill she found it...essence of ursala when she possesd the trighton she then made a bowl in the floor of her ice fortress and poured the essence into it and put melody into it and cast a mergence spell and with her size the transformaion would pernament except she would be a siren with the ability to go from human to mermaid and who knows how many more abilaties she will inherit from this spell.

and as the years went by and time passed melody became more and more powerful and learned how to control her powers

and as her powers grew so did the darkness in her heart as that was what morgana wanted someone evil enough to face her own family so that she can have ultimate power over the sea with young melody who will rule at her side.

2 years later while ariel was starring out to the sea morganna rose from the sea and came upon land

morgana: why hello ariel did you miss me

ariel: where is my daughter
ariel said with her voice full of emotion

morganna: oh she is safe i've just turned her to what she really is

ariel: oh and whats that

her voice now begining to fill with anger

morganna: a siren, thats what all mermen and mermaids are the devils of the sea

ariel: no your wrong

now she was on the brink of tears

morganna: oh am i come on already you given that voice like all of your kind to lure sailors to there doom untill you gave up your power when the triton was found and you sealed yourselfs from the surface until you reconected with it allowing me to awaken the true lost siren which was locked away since merpeople stopped going to the surface until you of course. so it's because of you i can do this ariel if you had listend to your father melody wouldn't be half human and i couldn't have reawakend the monsters of the sea that is the siren hahaha

morganna cackled as she jumbed back into the sea and disappeard into a whirlpool of ink again. once she was gone ariel broke down into tears. and soon after which ariel told eric and triton what happend and what she said causing new found grief to rise.

and even 12 years later ariel and eric and atlantica still havent stopped searching for melody however they were now in posetion of an 12 year old daughter named cerina who also helps in search of her long lost sister

meanwhile at morganna's ice fortress

melody: morganna how much longer must i wait to see my parents, my family