Love At First Note

Kermit and the rest of the Muppets thought Zoot liked and loved Janice.. But what happens when someone has already taken his heart. What happens if the girl he liked disappeared.. Well he be able to find her again, also well he say three little words. But first thing is.. He needs to talk to the kitty's father.

Zoot/ Juniper , Juniper's mom/ , Janice/Floyd, Miss Piggy/ Kermit.

Juniper's full name. Juniper Daisy Bells Teeth. The band calls her Daisy, Kermit calls her Miss Kitty. Zoot only calls her Juniper or Kiki cause of Kitty as her stage name. Dr. Teeth calls her June-Bug.

I loved Zoot ever since I was little and I still do now…

Also I'm new to this website. I was told that there is a Muppet Fiction side on here. But doesn't have to many. So here it goes….

Chapter 1

It was after another show of the Muppet Show, when a group of Muppets was walking outside to their apartment. They were tired form the gig they did and show as well. So Teeth was happy to get some rest done. A girl walked beside him during the moment. At first she was quiet until she spoke.

"When is the next gig?" her soft voice reached his ears. As the red and green round Muppet was thinking. His top hat flopping back in forth every time he walked. "As in am us?" She nodded, as Dr. Teeth placed one of his long arms over her shoulder, "We don't have one till next week at Kermit's." he replied back to her. With a soothing laid back voice. She nodded.

But didn't say anything else. Dr. Teeth looked at the gray and white Muppet for a minute. As did the rest of the Electric Mayhem. They knew something was wrong with the young female. Zoot walked up next to them in his own pace.

"Why you ask Daisy?" Floyd asked, out of nowhere. Causing Animal the furry pinkish red Muppet like monster, to start saying Kitty over and over again, as he knocked the young Muppet down again. Licking all over her face as he was at it.

"No Animal, Down! Sit! Stay!" Floyd tried to get Animal to stop, he did only because now he was rolling around for a little bit. Causing Juniper to giggle at the furry Muppet creature. Zoot went to help her up.

"Thanks Zoot. So Cheese can know also." she said quietly. As she started to play with her paws. Zoot and Dr. Teeth both looked at her during the moment. Thinking something still was off on the girl. Zoot then asked. "Are you alright Kiki?"

She only nodded. "I'm good just tired." she said, as she looked at him. Dr. Teeth nodded. "It's been a busy week anyways. I think we call for a little rest and relaxation. " he said. Thinking of the couple gigs they did have. Janice spoke this moment.

" Oh wow like are you rully rully ready for some girl time?" she asked, Juniper. Janice and her being the only two girls in the band. Juniper smiled at the yellow haired, yellow tall Muppet. "Sure am. Really ready to have a groovy time." she answer back. Causing Janice to hug the small gray and white Muppet.

Zoot smiled shyly at this. As he watched her. Her mismatched eyes. Sparked for a minute, as he caught a small glimpse of happiness before it went away again.

Zoot also took the moment to look at the young girl. With Juniper being a hip groovy cat. No really. She is a feline as in a Kitty cat. Juniper was a light gray and white kitty. She was gray from her head to her tail. The only colors she has was white that was around her cheeks and just below her pink round nose. The white went further down. Till it reached into her tan trench coat. Zoot looked away at the moment getting. Her hands were white at the end. Which made Zoot thinking they look like little hand gloves or mittens, her feet which was bare were like her hands.

He looked at her fedora, under it was two black kitty ears hiding away under the hat, coming down from her waist. Which was one her biggest features on her was her tail. It was a long fluffy gray with a white and black tip at the end.

But what Zoot loved the most then anything was her two mismatched eyes. One green eye and one purple looking one. She didn't like her eyes no matter how many times, she had people liking her eyes. Which made Zoot sad, since he sees her as a beautiful creature. Not cause she's a pretty Kitty. But he liked her cause of her spirit and kindness that she has. Even to the people that were mean to her.

Actually he just liked plain liked her. He has for a couple years now too. But he wont say anything to her. Cause he was scared to be heartbroken.

Zoot came back reality when he felt her paw being placed on his shoulder. As she smiled at him. "Brain sleeping old man?" she teased a little bit. He smiled back. "You know it Kitty. Can't wait to get some zzz's." he said, to her. She nodded. But if he didn't mistaken it. He thought he saw her blushing.

Which wasn't a surprised. For the daughter of Dr. Teeth, she is was shy Muppet. Must have been because of her mother had sheltered her. But Zoot may never know. He don't like brining up bad memories for her.

But once again. He heard a softer voice from her. He knew it was something wrong with her. Cause Normally she'll be still teasing him. His hand brushed back slightly, to her shoulder only to see Teeth looking at the two sax players.

Causing Zoot the drop the hand, but kept it in her paw afterwards. "So what's wrong Daisy? The Turkey or is it the pig again?" Floyd asked. Seeing the two Sax players being a little friendly together. Floyd Pepper, a tall red haired Muppet with a red marching band suit and green hat on his head.

He knew something was happening between to two woodwind musicians. He also knew that Zoot had a strong liking the to cat too. As did Janice too. "Maybe it would be good to rest anyways." said, Juniper.

Her once again sunny day voice, was down in the blues. Which to Dr. Teeth was a good thing, but right now it wasn't a good thing to hear. The band kept on walking to their apartment. But stopped once Animal started going after a car.

Pulling Floyd with him. Janice went too only cause she wanted to help out. The feline smiled at the two band mates and couple. As she then looked at Zoot who was busy looking at the scene before them.

She took her moment to gaze at the blue haired Muppet, that is blue during the moment. She watched him as his eyes, which was hidden under his sunglasses. She seen them once before. Which really shocked everyone in the Muppet Theater.

She looked away blushing once more, as he looked back at her. Possibly feeling someone was checking him out. He smiled which he almost rarely done. That was another shocker for the Muppet Theater too. She looked away to see a bird in the sky.

"Anyways let's keep moving on." she said, under a mumble. Which made him smile once more, but it went away as soon as they went came to their apartment. opened the door, was nearly toppled on the floor when Animal came running in. Chasing after a small voice saying. "No Animal No!" That had his daughter laughing for once since today.

Causing both Janice and Floyd to do so also. "Sorry pops." she said, after helping the Muppet up. Teeth patted her hand as a small thank you. "I'm going to bed now." She said, giving Teeth a kiss on the cheek like she would do always.

Teeth went to go after Animal to make sure Cheese wasn't going to get eaten by him. Also to see what was there too eat..

Zoot walked her to the stairs but stopped shyly. As they knew Janice and Floyd both was watching them as they sat down. "Night Zoot." she said first. He smiled once again. As they both managed to take their hats off at the same time.

Juniper laughed once more. "Night Jun." he said, back Giving the girl a hug. Causing her and him to blush. "Night too old man." she teased. Before giving his bald head kiss. She then left upstairs. Zoot only watched till she was gone and door opened then closed.

He sighed walked back to where Janice and Floyd was at. They both smiled at him. "What?" he asked.