Love At First Note

Juniper is mine, Juniper's Mother is mine and so is Cheese too.. You well see who Cheese is in this Chapter.. Also see what the Band is going to figure out what is wrong with Juniper.

Chapter 2.

Floyd, Janice, Zoot and Animal who came back into the living room at some point. Was setting and waiting for to come back, after reassuring Cheese that Animal wont eat him.

He came and sat down in one of the chairs, as did Zoot. Floyd and Janice had the couch with Animal. Who was attacking a couch cushion. Floyd spoke to Animal once more. "No Animal put that down." he tried to get the furry monster Muppet to stop.. Which at the point had couch cushion feather's on his face, also what's left of the pillow. Feathers were all over the room, floating around.

Teeth blew a couple away, then asked. "So what are we going to do about June-bug?" he asked, after a while of thinking. Floyd came up with something. "Maybe she's not feeling so well." he said, simply. Zoot didn't know what to say. He was only trying to figure out why else she hasn't been performing with them.

Teeth noticed it too.. "Yeah, but why is she? She never missed a gig since she been with us." he replied back. Zoot nodded, but he did came up with in a thought. But didn't know if it was the right time to say it. "Do you think Piggy finally got to our Daisy?" Floyd asked, hinting his disliking to Miss Piggy.

Teeth and Zoot shook their heads, but then again.. He could be right.. Since the day she was hired by Kermit and Jim Henson both.. Miss Piggy was green with envy since then. Also the pig thought that Juniper liked Kermit. But it wasn't that way. Floyd knew it too.

"It can be a good thought." Zoot said, as Janice nodded then spoke up. "Oh wow maybe she is homesick?" she asked. Teeth's eyes got got wide during the moment.. Thinking it can be true. Can his kitten be homesick? Zoot was quiet yet again. He knew one thing that did bothered Juniper.

A couple weeks ago, a strange human guest was in the audience. From what she told him, he didn't look like any of the previous guest stars. He only sat in the back way in the back. So none of the Muppets saw him, till he left. Juniper was acting strange since that day.. "Well... I don't know if it's the case.. But um..." Zoot started to say.

"Juniper, told me at the end of gig. That well.. umm.." Zoot didn't want get upset over this.. As much as they knew. Teeth was very protective to his daughter. Which Zoot could understand, which was why Zoot didn't tell the feline that he liked her.

"What is it man?" Floyd asked. Causing the blue Muppet to mess with his hands. "Well... There was a guy that was at the Muppet theater." he said, "You remember him don't you Floyd?" he asked, Floyd thought back on what Zoot said. But all he can say was. "Is it the man in a black suit wearing a sequin hat?" he asked. Zoot nodded.

"Juniper, didn't felt like wanting to do anything lately cause of him. I at least think it's him..." Zoot trailed off, thinking if it was the problem that the feline was having. "Kitty not happy?" Animal asked. Floyd nodded.

Zoot didn't know what else to think. He wanted to help her out. But wasn't sure what it was that caused her so much sadness at this time. He liked her when she was all happy. He started yawn. Also started to feel tired. Which wouldn't surprise in him anymore. They did have a busy day. Maybe that is why she was blue. A night's rest can make her feel better.

It always happens when she took cat naps. Zoot yawned again and stretched as much as a Muppet can stretch. "So does anyone know what's wrong with Kitten-whiskers?" A smaller voice met both of the Electric Mayhem's ears. Teeth bent down to pick up a small mouse like Muppet, wearing a pair of shorts and a brown newspaper boy hat.

"We are is trying to figure it out." Floyd spoke up to the mouse. "Do you know why she is blue today Cheese?" Zoot asked, seeing if the little mouse Muppet have an clue. But it was a no. "I wish I could. After looking out for her. I would know this by now." Teeth dropped him on top of the couch. So he can be on this.. But it's already starting make Zoot feel just as worse now.

He sighed, got up. Then went upstairs. By doing so, Teeth, Floyd, Janice and Cheese both looked at him. Animal was looking at Cheese during the moment. Maybe thinking about wanting to chase the mouse Muppet all over again.

"Where you going Zoot?" Janice asked, before everyone else. He only said. "Going to bed. I'm tired man." Janice smiled at this, Floyd did too. They knew Zoot would stop at Janice and Juniper's room. Since they are both girls, they shared a room. To check on Juniper before he went to bed.

He has been since the day he found her.. Zoot stopped outside the door, which was closed. He knew it wasn't ok to go into the room. He sighed, once then knocked. He didn't know why he wanted too. But it out of being nice to the cat Muppet.

"Zoot you know you can go in." Janice spoke up behind him. Zoot looked at her. "I know.. But I wanted to um..." Janice smiled, opened the door to her's and Juniper's room. Zoot walked in, as he did the room was filled with pink other cheery colors one side, the other was a softer calmer side of blues, greens and purple. Which Zoot can see a huge difference between Janice and Juniper.

In the bed not far from the door. Was the feline Muppet curled up sleeping. "Why not you tell her how you feel?" Janice asked, as she sat on her bed. Zoot got shy all over again.. "I uh..." He didn't know what to say. Tell you the truth he doesn't know what to say to her. Sure He and her talk at times. But this is something Zoot didn't know what to say on.

"I just don't have the right words to tell her." he said, Janice. Being his friend longer then Junipers. She can tell that Zoot liked her feline friend. Which was the reason why Janice and him broke up.. Not that they dated, they did. But She knew Zoot was much more happier with the cat Muppet. So she let Zoot go still stayed friends with him and Juniper both.

"You well find them, when your ready." she gave Zoot a hug. He returned the hug. It felt strange when he hugged her. Just like two friends would hug one another. Not like the way Juniper hugged him. He looked at the sleeping cat, then went up to her. Gave her a hug with out waking her up. Placed a kiss on her forehead. "Night Juniper." he said.

With a small smile, he went to the door. He saw Floyd looking at him, then at Janice. Floyd knew Zoot liked his feline friend. So he wasn't jealous when it came to Janice and Zoot when they where together. "Did you tell her?" he asked. Zoot blushed. "No not yet." he said, then left. Giving the two Muppets their time. He went to his room and went to sleep...

The Next morning:

Very early in the next morning. Zoot was woke up slightly. Hearing something in his room. All thought he was still asleep. A faint jingle and a feeling cold metal in his hand. After that was a softer touch on his head again. Much like what Juniper did she gave him tiny kiss.

Zoot woke up an hour early. While rubbing at his face. He felt the warm metal also the same jingle sound again. Confused. He looked at what was given to him...

Stopping there. What was it that Zoot found? Next chapter you well see what it was also. You well be going to hear cat jokes. I hope everyone is liking this story so far.