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What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful): Chapter 2

"Well done, Natsuki. The room is spotless."

The trias smiled charmingly at her visibly flustered kouhai.

"T-Thank you, Shizuru-oneesama," stuttered the navy-haired coral, standing at attention in front of her oneesama, broom held straight at her side, "I'm all finished for today. So, um, unless there's something else you want me to do, I'll be going back to my room now."

'Hmm…something else I'd like you to do…' the ruby-eyed upperclassman thought, a mischievous glint in her eye, 'Choose your words carefully, Natsuki, or I may have to start taking advantage of your kind offers…'

Quickly breaking herself out of her mischievous mindset, the top-ranked Trias walked gracefully to her dorm's door and held it open for her forest-eyed underclassman.

"No, nothing else for today, Natsuki, but thank you," she said, suppressing the frown that so desperately wanted to make its way across her ever-composed features.

Sensing Shizuru's uneasiness, but choosing to ignore it out of respect for the older girl's privacy (as well as her own shyness), Natsuki walked to the door, placed the broom on the doorframe, and nodded politely to the light-brown-haired trias.

'Shizuru-oneesama will tell me if there's something she wants to talk about…' she thought.

"You're welcome, Oneesama. Have a good night."

"Ookini. You too, Natsuki. And thank you again for all the hard work you did today. Things have changed so much since you've started cleaning this room."

'And since that day you slapped me for trying to kiss you…and the day I won the fight against Haruka-san for you…'

With a stiff nod and a cherry-red blush, Natsuki Kruger left her oneesama's room and walked proudly down the hallway, flustered yet flattered by the top trias's compliment.

The older student giggled softly as she watched her jade-eyed underclassmen march down the hall. As the younger girl disappeared down the stairway, Shizuru Viola leaned backward against the side of the doorframe and released a sigh.

Gazing thoughtfully at the point she had last seen Natsuki, the crimson-eyed girl pondered incredulously,

'What have you done to me, Natsuki? I used to be such a composed, unworried girl…a perfect, unfeeling statue…until you came along and broke through my façade with your honest words before my fight with Haruka-san…Ever since then, I've paid attention to more than just my image and petty desires: I've paid attention to you…and to my true feelings for you. My feelings of pleasure, when you look at me and smile with that adorable blush of yours, and my feelings of pain…whenever you walk away…Natsuki, what have you done to me?'

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the stairwell, a midnight-haired coral halted abrubtly.

'Who am I kidding? No she won't. Shizuru-oneesama!'

Just as the Top-ranked trias was about to close her door, it was pushed open roughly, an out-of-breath coral tumbling into the room.

"Shizuru-oneesama…" The emerald-eyed girl wheezed, bending over with her hands on her knees.

Shizuru looked at the navy-haired coral with wide eyes.

"Natsuki, what are you doing here? I thought that you were going back to your dorm…"

"Shizuru," the girl panted, looking up, "-oneesama…I…"

Shizuru interrupted her panting kouhai and lead her to the bed.

"Here, Natsuki, sit down."


Both Garderobe students took a seat on the upperclassman's bed, turning to face each other.

Finally regaining her breath, the emerald-eyed coral looked determinedly into her oneesama's eyes.

"Oneesama, I won't let you hide your true feelings anymore. I made that promise to myself when I decided to accept your proposal, and I'm making that promise to you officially right now."

Stunned, all Shizuru could do was nod.

"I know that there was something you wanted me to do earlier," Natsuki blushed, looking to the side shyly, "but you didn't say it. Please, Shizuru-oneesama. Tell me what it is."

"Hai, Natsuki…"Shizuru said softly, looking at the younger girl with surprise. She smiled gently.

"I was wondering if you'd have tea with me tonight."

Blushing an even deeper shade of pink, the coral nodded.

"Sure, Oneesama. I'd love to."

The older student smiled in delight as she nodded to her kouhai and walked to her desk, where she had two mugs waiting; one purple, and one blue. Picking up the mugs, she turned to the emerald-eyed girl and smiled warmly.

"I'll go get some hot water. I'll be back soon."

Returning the ruby-eyed girl's smile with a grin of her own, Natsuki nodded and laid back on the older girl's bed.

'I love when she smiles like that…' the coral thought happily.

With a soft smile, the number one trias walked out the door, closing it behind her as she left.

Leaning against the door and releasing a content sigh, Shizuru Viola wondered for the third time that day,

'Natsuki Kruger…What have you done to me?'

Smiling even wider, she started down the hallway.


In Shizuru's dorm, five hours later…

Natsuki: (excitedly agreeing with Shizuru about some random subject) "…Exactly! That's what I'm saying! For so long I've been trying to figure out a better strategy to…" (trails off and pauses oddly)

Shizuru: (concerned) "Natsuki? Is everything ok?"

Natsuki: (still a little wary) "…Yeah…It's just…for some reason, I feel like I'm forgetting something…"

Shizuru: *looks at Natsuki with tender concern*

Natsuki: *is completely dazed upon seeing the love in Shizuru's eyes* "Eh, it's probably nothing important." *smiles and takes a sip of her (she'd lost count) cup of tea* "Anyway, like I was saying, I'd been trying to figure out a better strategy to…"

(Their conversation continues happily)

Meanwhile, in Natsuki and Mai's dorm…

Mai: (furious) "Darn it, Natsuki, you told me you'd be back five hours ago!"

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