HORRAY THE PARTY, but first let me explain what I forgot to explain before…

This takes place in my home town of Park Slope, the IKEA is in Red Hook. There's a shuttle bus in front of a McDonalds on 9th street and 5th avenue that goes back and forth from IKEA to that place I just mentioned. I've lived in Park Slope since birth (although I was raised in Queens by Grandma and Grandpa for a while). Park Slope is in Brooklyn for those who don't live in the area or even in America… But enough rambling, here we go! PARTY TIME!

-IKEA Food Court and Showrooms, 2nd Floor-

Finland set up a weewee pad on the floor for Hanatamago to pee on next to the entrence to the bathrooms*. He went to where Estonia and Lithuania were, grabbing a few beers and looking at the ocean** from the large windows.

"The view here is amazing!" Estonia raved.

"I agree… The sky doesn't look too happy though." Lithuania looked at the gray sky. "I really hope Poland gets here."

"I'm sure Mr. Poland will come in time. He's probably with America as we speak." Finland said. "Just relax and enjoy yourself. Sweden made this really great chocolate cake*** I know you'll enjoy."

"I think I'll try some, thank you." Lithuania said.

"I'd like to try those Swedish meatballs he's so proud of." Both Baltics went to where the food was, Finland fallowing behind.


"Icy… You're so cold… No wonder they call you Iceland." Norway teased, somewhat drunk off atmosphere since he hadn't actually drank anything yet.

"Denmark, at least help get this pervert off of me!" Iceland was trapped under the covers of a bed in the showroom with Norway clinging to him. "Please, I'll do anything, just get me out of here!"

"It's so funny to watch, why would I stop?" Denmark asked, watching the two: Iceland squirming and trying to get away and Norway trying to get closer to him.

"This party isn't really much so far… I wonder if Sweden's got anything up his sleeves…" Denmark drank a beer.


"I'm telling you Amerika, you're going the wrong way!" Russia shouted, the only big-boned buy in America's tiny car.

"Dude, this is my house, how could I get lost in my own house?!" America shouted, sitting in a red light, upset and angry not only by the amount of people in his car, but the way these people were acting. Russia sat with him in the front passengers seat. Belarus, Ukraine and Poland sat in the back (Poland in the middle of the two sisters), the girls complaining about some non-sencical issue while Poland was taking a nap and drooling.

"Judging by the directions I forced Lithuania to give me, you're going the wrong way." Russia said.

"Well Sweden gave me directions too, this is America after all, so naturally I know!" America shouted, still sitting at the red light. He wanted to shoot himself in the head, but it was illegal to own weapons in New York.

"How could your directions be different from mine?" Russia asked.

"I hope Canada comes over like I told him too… With him around I have some peace…" America muttered.

"Oh, Canada is nice. He helped get a polar bear to stop knowing on my head. I like Canada." Russia smiled. "Are your other friends coming too?"

"Mexico and Puerto Rico? No, they're watching Novellas back at my house."

"I see… I would like to get to know them so that way I can conquer them…"

"NOW LOOK HERE!" America shouted, forgetting about the green light thatjust showed up and having a car crash into him from behind.


"Allright, time to get party started!" Sweden shouted (although it still sounded monotone). "I brought karaoke machine. I plug it into TV now."****

"Karaoke is so much fun!" Finland got excited.

"Oh no…" Sealand muttered.

"What's the matter Sealand? Are you not feeling well?" Latvia asked.

"No, it's just that Finland likes karaoke but can't sing a word of it…"

"Oh I see…"

"Why don't we go somewhere else so we don't go deaf?"

"If you say so…" The two younger countries left, exploring more of the show rooms (I won't forget these two, they're my guilty pleasure. For now let's focas ont eh karaoke and beer loving antics!)


"Allright, pick one, whoever gets the fork wins!" Denmark said, putting a cup of untinsils,(mostly of knives and one fork to determine who would sing first).

Everyone picked one. All but Finny got the knife. "I GO FIRST!" Finny shouted, somewhat drunk after having only 2 cups of beer (and those were tea cups mind you). He began to sing in a terrible way (as seen in this video: w /watch? v=903W-u Wm5 YA). The other Nordics sung along to save the night from sucking.

At the end of the song, the partcially drunken audience applauded.

"Hey, we finally made it!" America came to the second floor showroom, where he found the Nordics and Baltics having fun. "What'd we miss?"

"THE BEST KARAOKE EVER!" Estonia shouted, drinking a tea cup of beer.

"I TOLD YOU MY DIRECTIONS WERE RIGHT!" America shouted at Russia.

"Pol-ski!" A drunk Lithuania shouted, hugging Poland.

"Oh… Leit.. You're the real Leit." Poland hugged him back.

"Why don't we go to the showrooms?"

"Yeah, I'll go…" Poland, not even having any beer went with a drunken Lithuania to one of the show rooms, the ones with the beds…

"Two down…" America said. "ALLRIGHT, IT'S MY TURN TO SING!"

"Come to think of it… Where did my boy go?" Finland just noticed Sealand and Latvia had left.


"It's nice, just the two of us." Sealand said, lying down on the bed with Latvia sitting on the edge.

"Yeah, it's so relaxing… I'm not really one for parties, but I was really glad when I knew you were coming." Latvia said.

"Yeah… Papa and Mama invited you, I was really glad." Sealand tossed and turned. "Hey Latvia… I wanna be sweathearts…"

"Pardon me, I didn't hear that…"

"Sweethearts, you know… When two people like eachother…"

"I think you need to take a nap…" Latvia covered Sealand up with the covers. "I'm glad I came, it's nice to hang out with you."

"Hey Latvia… Can you sleep with me?"

"Um… I'm not sure if Sweden and Finland would like that…"

"Please… Can you sleep with me?"

"Um… Allright then…" Latvia said, getting under the covers as well. "Good night then…"

"Good night." Sealand thought he'd be sneaky by giving Latvia a peck on the check. "I'll be dreaming of you."

"Um, yes… Good night." Latvia said.


The older countries were getting drunk, empty beer bottles and tea cups filled with the substance filled the coffee table and littered the floor. America sung his version of Marukaite Chikyuu while Norway snuggled with Iceland on the couch (who when drunk was more compliant); Denmark and Russia were having a drinking contest; Estonia's mochi's were hading him more beer and getting drunk themselves; Belarus and Ukraine were eating the snacks and cake in the food court… Poland and Lithuania were no where to be found. Sweden and Finland were looking for their son and dog, who had gone missing.

"We've been walking around forever…" Finland sighed, still somewhat drunk.

"Please keep hope Finland." Sweden said.

"Hey Swe… They're all wondering what kind of relationship we have…"


"So what kind of relationship do we have?"

"You're my wife, no?" Sweden asked.


"I would like you to be…" Sweden scooped Finland up. "I really like you…"

*If you've been to the IKEA, there's a hallway in the food court leading to the bathrooms. In the hallway are a lot of large paintings, one is a map of the world. The Hetalia fan in me immediately looked for every country in this fan fiction. In no particular order, I found: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Liechtenstein (I think), Austria, Hungary, France, Ireland, Britain, Canada, Mexico, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, China, Japan, India, Madagascar, Africa (Cameroon as well)… I DID NOT YET find Sealand, Puerto Rico or Cuba… I'm still looking… I couldn't find Spain either, not from what I can remember anyway…

**The IKEA is next to the ocean, which kinda scares the crap out of me. You can see it better from the food court on the second floor. The windows are so huge I thought if I leaned on them, I'd fall out and drown in the water… It's usually windy by the ocean and my greatest fear is wind and wind related phenomenon (I was traumatized by Irene, so please respect that and do not say the H or T word). I've only been to IKEA twice… But I remember those huge scary windows…

***I think IKEA food is pretty good. I went there in summer with my little brother, my brother Rags (my Masquerade), my uncle and my mother. There was this one slice of chocolate cake I really wanted but it was 5 bucks a slice… Must be pretty good if it's so expensive… The first time I went I ate chicken fingers, the most recent time I ate the pasta with meatballs… A word of advice: Italy makes better pasta and meatballs. Swedish meatballs smell in my opinion. I tried one bite, I thought I was going to be sick… Of course if you like it, go ahead and eat it… I'm gonna find out how to make the chocolate cake myself… and make it and stuff my face for free…

****I don't know if it's possible to plug something into those show room tv's, I know the computers are fake for a fact… Wonder if the tvs could actually work… For the sake of the fanfic, just pretend it's possible!