Chapter One

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"What do you think Dumbledore wants?" a rattled and slightly spat up upon James Potter asked as he looked over his shoulder as he guided his wife and child into the doors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"I don't know, James," Lily said and smiled softly as she noticed her husband's look. She too was nervous about leaving the house at Godric's Hollow but if Albus had called them, then it must be important. The shame was that they couldn't get a sitter as neither Remus nor Sirius were available.

"Do you think it has to do with—"

"Not here James," Lily shushed him and then turned to the gargoyle to give the password. "Moon pies."

The gargoyle opened and allowed the three Potters to enter the Headmaster's office. Once they reached the top of the stairs, James knocked twice on the door.

"Enter," they heard Dumbledore call from his office and Lily opened the door as carefully as possible, as to avoid dropping Harry. Dumbledore looked up from the paper he was holding and smiled at the arrival of his two former students and Heads. "James, Lily."

"Hello Professor," Lily smiled back at the elder wizard, happy that he had finally started to refer to them by their first names. "How are you today?"

"Just fine Lily," Dumbledore got up and walked around his desk. Before he could say anything else, the fire in the grate turned green and several members of the Order arrived, pouring into Dumbledore's office.

"James!" Sirius exclaimed upon seeing his best friend. "Lily-Flower!"

"You get hexed every time you call her that, you know?" Remus said in a bemused fashion as he stepped out of the fire. "Trust me."

"Where's Peter?" James asked, worried for his third friend, and ignoring Sirius ducking whatever curse Lily was throwing his way.

"His mum's sick," Sirius said, catching the worried tone in James' voice and reassuring his best friend with a smile. "He's in the States taking care of her."

"Oh," James sighed in relief. He didn't know what he'd do if something happened to one of his friends. "How are you and Marline doing, Padfoot?" James said, his voice gaining somewhat of a teasing tone.

"Shut it Prongs," Sirius muttered, though he still looked happy to see his brother in all but blood. His eyes lit up upon seeing the little boy in Lily's arms. "Hey Prongslet!"

Little Harry giggled and clapped his hands, letting Lily know that her son wanted to be with his godfather. She handed Harry over, and it was a good thing too as the resulting event that caused her to jump would have ended up with her dropping Harry.

"FABIAN AND GIDEON!" Molly Weasley nee Prewett shouted at the top of her lungs as her younger twin brothers flinched. She flushed though when she realized where she was. "Oh Merlin. Sorry Professor."

"It's quite alright Miss. Prewett," Dumbledore smiled upon seeing more of his former students, or more importantly, his former students were safe and sound. "Or is it Mrs. Weasley now? I must admit, I haven't been paying attention to the Prophet since Stewart Yaxley became editor in chief."

"It's Weasley, professor," Arthur smiled as he entered the room and rubbed his wife's protruding stomach. He then waved to the three pranksters, Lily and little Harry as the two red haired parents sat down.

"Who'd you manage to get to watch the others?" Fabian asked, sitting down on a conjured chair; his twin doing the same.

"Muriel," Arthur said with a grimace. "Think it might be the last time though. She threatened to leave the country if Fred and George ever stayed near her for more than an hour."

That brief conversation was interrupted by the arrival of the Longbottoms—Frank and Alice, along with little Neville. James got up and greeted Frank, who was a good roommate during their time at Hogwarts.

"Lily!" Alice exclaimed with joy and rushed over to her best friend and former roommate. "I didn't think you'd make it!"

"I didn't think I'd make this meeting either," Lily smiled and watched as Dumbledore conjured up a play pen for the two young ones. Lily got up and placed Harry inside the pen and watched as Alice did the same for Neville. "Couldn't get a sitter either?"

"All the usual suspects were busy," Alice nodded, "though I see most of them are here."

A loud crash and a beam of light halted all conversations and resulted in Minerva McGonagall rushing in, accompanied by Edgar Bones and Marline McKinnon.

"Albus, what happened?" McGonagall asked in a worried voice as she drew her wand, ready to fight. "Was there an Order meeting I was unaware of?"

"Minerva, I think we have bigger problems," Dumbledore stated, as he positioned himself to protect the playpen and pointed to the three lions that had appeared in the middle of his office.

"Sarabi, where are we?" the male lion asked, having taken no notice of all the extremely worried and shocked humans, and Sarabi set down the cub she was holding to answer.

"I don't know dear," she responded and the cub mewed softly. Before anyone could react, another flash of light occurred and when it faded, everyone (both human and feline) there was completely shocked.

"Get your arse out of my face!" an almost clone of James stated as he was rolling on the ground with a lion; a lion who was an almost clone of the male lion who'd just appeared with Sarabi.

"Get your face out of my arse," the lion shot back.

"Clever Simba!" the boy shouted and Sarabi gasped. That one sound resulted in the newcomers becoming aware of their surroundings.

"Crap," Simba muttered as he looked straight at his long deceased father for the first time since he was five. Then, he smiled as he looked at his mother, who was younger than he remembered her being. Surely living under Scar wasn't that good? Harry, however, was having other problems.

"Who are you?" James asked, pulling Lily behind him and drawing his wand. Harry put his hands up—not before rolling up his left sleeve to reveal his bare left forearm. No matter how quick his actions were, they weren't quick enough to prevent Simba from realizing the hurt his brother was feeling. Well, he might have realized it if he knew where they were.

"My name is Harry Potter and I have no idea why Simba and I are here," he stated, causing many there to scoff, though James looked surprised and Lily shocked. Remus, however, seemed to relax upon hearing his statement.

"There's no Dark Mark," the werewolf said, "and he would have attacked instantly had he supported Voldemort."

The others were still wary, as they were right to be during this time. As one Alastor Moody would say: CONSTANT VIGLIANCE!

"I solemnly swear that I am not a Death Eater," Harry said and he saw Sirius almost relax at the phrase. After all, none of the Marauders would ever side with that snake freak. "Besides, would a Gryffindor ever go dark?"

Both Simba and Harry knew that answer, but figured it would be better to play to the obvious prejudices that were streaming in that time. Or anytime, seeing as they still didn't know the BLOODY year!

"Harry?" Lily said softly, looking at what appeared to be her baby all grown up. A faint smile graced her lips as she looked over him. "You're far too skinny dear."

"Mrs. Weasley says the same thing," Harry said with a chuckle but then stiffened as Lily embraced him in a hug. A hug from his mother that he could remember—even if he didn't know why he was in the past, he was bloody glad of it. He turned to his father and gave him a very brief, very manly hug, after James got over his shock of seeing his son grown up.

"Hi Mr. Weasley," Simba said to Arthur with a smile, not noticing the hurt look gracing his father's features when he ignored him. "How's the shed?"


"Oh Simba's practically family to you," Harry grinned, holding little Simba with a grin—after getting permission from Sarabi of course. He may have a 'saving people' thing, but he wasn't stupid! "I guess this is you."

"No, you think?" Simba rolled his brown eyes and chuckled as Lily did the same with her emerald ones. It was then that the reason some one had called together this strange party had been revealed.

"I'm getting sick and tired of those lights!" James muttered as yet another beam of light flowed into the room—expanding it to allow for everyone. Surprisingly, three adult lions took up a lot of room. Lily was holding a stack of papers, with a confused look on her face.

"The Lion and I by Ginnyrules27?" she asked. "It sounds like a story."

"Well, I've already tried the door and that's locked," Sirius said with a grin. "So I guess we're stuck here."

"We should read that to pass the time," Marline suggested, stowing her wand for the first time. "It might prove interesting—and it might revealed why your future son was brought here Lils."

"Hem, hem!" James coughed but stopped noticing both Simba and Harry flinch at that. "Oh, sorry?"

"James, you know that cough is only for foul toads who work for the Ministry," Remus muttered into his friend's ear. "You know what that means?"

"James reads first!" Remus suggested as they all sat down for those who weren't sitting already. James grumbled but flipped the page to the first chapter.

"Chapter one," James read, looking at Lily with a smile on his face. Sure it might have been weird (and a little unnerving) having what appeared to be their grown son, along with three lions, show up out of nowhere but now that he was used to it, it was pretty wicked. Almost like a giant prank from the universe.

Little Harry

Lily smiled over to her thirteen-month-old son who was sitting over in the playpen with Neville before sending another smile to her already grown up son.

crawled out of the cupboard, nervous that his uncle would hear.

"Must be playing with his Uncle Padfoot," James chuckled and grinned over to his best mate.

"Or his Uncle Wormtail," Sirius pointed out. "Peter always did like playing with Nymphie when Andy let us come over."

"It could be his Uncle Moony," James added on. "Moony could be trying to turn my son into a book worm."

"Ha ha," Remus rolled his eyes.

He had overheard his aunt and uncle talking about a place called 'Primary school'. Dudley


The question was so sudden that James almost dropped the papers. Simba looked over to see his brother, a man who had survived the Killing Curse, look nervous at his mother's reaction.

"Err…Lily?" James asked, unsure of how to proceed.

"Why would you be dealing with Dudley?" Lily asked. "The last message I got from Petunia was that we were to stay far away from her and her family."

"Read James," Remus urged, trying to prevent an argument.

hated it, which just made Harry even more nervous. If Dudley hated it, what would it be like for him?

"Hmmm….never found out," Harry smirked and exchanged looks with Simba.

"Why?" Marline asked, confused. Harry didn't answer but exchanged another look with his brother.

The only good thing was that he learned what his name was. Uncle Vernon started calling him by his real name, his reasoning that it wasn't normal for a boy his age to not know his name.

"Harry?" Simba looked over at his brother in confusion but Harry just gave his head a shake.

But Harry didn't want to go to Primary school. He figured it'd just be like Number Four Privet Drive

Lily was officially pissed off and all who went to school with her knew to get out of her way. Of course, the fact that there were three babies in the room, and Lily had no intention of getting mauled by a lioness curbed her temper rather quickly.

, only public. He'd stolen Uncle Vernon's old canteen that he'd found while cleaning the shed, taken Dudley's old knapsack that he complained was too 'babyish' (which to Harry's surprise had twenty pounds at the bottom of it—it must have been the pound Dudley would get for the school lunch that Aunt Petunia would give him) and was ready.

"Ready for what?" Edgar asked. "From the sounds of it, you're five. Five-year-olds can barely dress themselves."

"That was you, Edgar," Alice snapped, reminding the entire room that she was friends with his sister and that she was also his god-sister.

The Dursleys were asleep, but Aunt Petunia had left the cupboard unlocked after Harry complained of an upset stomach.

"So that summer wasn't the first time they locked you in huh?" Simba muttered to Harry.

"Pretty much, yeah," Harry muttered back.

She explained to Uncle Vernon that it would be easier for her if she didn't have to clean up any mess the freak made. Once Harry had been sure all three of his relatives were asleep, he snuck out with his items. Into the knapsack, he put some of Dudley's treats—cookies mainly—but put in a few apples. Things Uncle Vernon would never miss.

"Smart," Fabian nodded in approval. "Steal what will not be missed and you won't have problems."

"Explains how you got away with so many midnight snack raids," Molly shook her head at her little brothers in amusement. The twins were a handful, but Molly couldn't imagine life without them.

He waited until he was outside before filling up the canteen. There was a water fountain at the park near the house, and it would be less likely for his relatives to hear. Harry walked to the park, stopping in the shadows whenever he heard a car. Luckily, it happened only once. People didn't seem to drive a lot at midnight.

"People don't walk at midnight," James corrected and looked straight at his son. "If I didn't think you'd have a really good reason to be doing this, I'd summon one of those light things and tell you off for being up so late."

"Sure thing Dad," Harry chuckled but James couldn't help but smile. Sure, little Harry calling him 'Dada' and 'Pwongs' was nice, but a full blown Dad from his son was fantastic. But….

"Why aren't you living with us?" James had to ask. "If you're living with these Dursleys, then Lily and I are either on an Order mission or we're…."

Harry cut him off with a look and James knew right then that moment was the first time he would ever be able to be called Dad by his son. Somehow, that didn't diminish the joy that still remained at all.

Filling up the canteen to max capacity, Harry capped it and also stuck it in the knapsack. He didn't want to get dragged down by it. Then he ran off into the night. He ran, never stopping and never looking back. He only stopped when he ran smack dab into someone.

"It was weird actually," Harry said with a chuckle. "It felt like Apperation, but I didn't really pay attention to it. Maybe my magic was leading me towards someone who needed me just as much as I needed him."

"Who?" Gideon asked, perplexed. Once again, Harry didn't answer.

"Sowwy!" Harry cried, fixing his glasses so that he could see.

"It's alright," said a slightly sad voice. To Harry's amazement, it belonged to a…lion cub!

"Simba!" Harry announced with pride but frowned when Simba only managed a couple chuckles.

"Simba, what's wrong?" Sarabi asked but Simba just motioned for James to continue. He wasn't going to go into details at that moment.

Looking around, Harry saw that he was no where in Surry that he could recognize—which wasn't saying much as he only got to go to Mrs. Figgs. "Don't be scared!" the cub said at once, seeing the look of fear on Harry's face. "I won't hurt you. What's your name?"

"I think the Dursleys are lucky Harry had a response otherwise I might have given myself a reason to visit them," Simba growled.

"Hawwy," Harry said.

"My name's Simba," the cub told him. "What are you?"

"The Pride Lands don't have creatures like you," Mufassa explained for his son, who still refused to look at him.

"I'm a human," Harry said. Simba looked confused. "Ummm…a haiwless monkey?" he supplied. This seemed to help. Simba seemed to be out of breath.

"Running hard?" Remus asked, having acquainted himself with the feeling of pranking during his school years.

"You have no idea," Simba nodded.

"Would you like some watew?" Harry asked.

"You have some?" Simba asked. Harry pulled out the canteen and opened it. Simba opened his mouth for Harry to pour some in.

"Thanks," Simba said with a smile. "Where are you from?"

Harry froze a little. "Does it mattew?" he asked. "I won't go back."

"YAY!" Sirius applauded with a grin and Harry couldn't help but chuckle at the actions of his godfather.

"While I normally wouldn't approve," Lily sighed, "anywhere would be better than with Petunia. She was horrid to me when we were kids."

"I can't go back either," Simba nodded.

"What?" both lions turned their heads towards Simba in shock. Mufassa couldn't picture his son off alone. What if a Hyena got him?

"You are returning home young lion," Sarabi said in the sternest voice possible; causing Simba to roll his eyes.

"Mom, this already happened," he said and motioned to James to keep reading before he got the rest of the speech.

"So you running away?"


"Want to run away with me?"

At least he'll have a friend to make sure he's safe, Sarabi thought, trying to picture what could possibly drive her son away from Pride Rock.

Harry smiled, it seemed as if he had gained a friend. Simba got down onto all fours.

"Want to ride on my back?" he asked.

"Won't I be too heavy?" Harry said worried.

"You're a little runt," Simba teased. "I'm sure I can manage."

"I was not a runt," Harry argued.

"Whatever you say little brother," Simba smirked, not noticing the looks both sets of parents exchanged.

Harry climbed onto Simba's back and they ran deeper into the desert. They forgot to stop for water breaks though, so Harry was surprised when Simba collapsed.

"Simba?" Harry asked worried but he too felt his world go dark.

"Oh no!" Lily gasped.

"Lils, he's right there," Alice said, pointing towards the adult Harry as proof that he was alright.


When Harry woke up, he was under a nice shady tree next to his friend.

"You okay kid?" asked an unfamiliar voice. Harry reached around for his glasses, and put them on.

Okay, I must be dreaming Harry thought as he laid eyes on a merekat and a warthog.

"Timon and Pumba!" Harry and Simba grinned at the mention of their adoptive fathers.

"You nearly died!" the warthog exclaimed.

Lily twitched at that, but didn't exclaim as Alice was still directing her line of sight towards Harry as proof to prevent a reaction.

"I saved ya," the merekat said proudly and the warthog huffed. "Pumba helped. A little."

Simba came to during their conversation.

"Hey Simba," Harry smiled.

"So where you from?" the merekat asked.

"He wouldn't have known, even if I told him," Harry chuckled.

"Does it matter?" Simba asked, repeating Harry's earlier words. "I can't go back. Harry can't either."

"So you're both outcasts! That's great, so are we!" the merekat grinned.

"He's happy about that?" Sirius raised an eyebrow.

"Just like you Sirius!" James smirked at his best friend and brother.

"What'd you do?" Pumba asked. Harry looked on curious at his new friend.

"Something terrible, but I don't want to talk about it," Simba said glumly.

"You know, I never did find out," Harry muttered into Simba's ear. "Details when we break?"

"No," Simba muttered back. "I'm not spilling until I have to."

"Fine," Harry sighed. "But you know sooner or later I'll find out."

"What about you kid?" the merekat asked Harry.

"Timon," Pumba warned.

"I don't want to talk about it eithew," Harry said avoiding Timon's eyes. He didn't want to say that his aunt and uncle didn't want him. He didn't want to say that he was a freak.

"What?!" James and Lily hissed through their teeth.

"Petunia must have known it was accidental magic! She lived with me!" Lily began ranting while James just looked furious that his son was living with those…cretins.

"Uh…I don't think that anymore," Harry said with a bad poker face. "Simba helped me see that when I was about seven."

"After you levitated Timon and then hid for two hours," Simba added on. "Bloody hell, you were a fast kid."

"Came with living with the Dursley's," Harry muttered to Simba.

"As my good buddy Timon here always says, you got to put your behind in your past," Pumba said proudly.

"That sounds backwards to me," Arthur said with a frown.

"That's Pumba for you," Simba chuckled.

"No, no, no! Lie down before you hurt yourself," Timon huffed. "It's you got to put your past behind you. Sometimes bad things happen and there's nothing you can do about it, right? WRONG! When the word turns its back on you, you turn your back on the world."

"Wow, I forgot all about this," Harry muttered.

"If you hadn't, we'd have left during your fifth year," Simba muttered back. "I still wish that toad had gotten a taste of my claws."

"You bit her," Harry shot back. "I did nothing."

"That's not what I was taught," Simba said confused.

Mufassa grinned a tad. Despite the fact that his son was ignoring him, he was glad that he was able to be a good teacher.

"Well maybe you need a new lesson," Timon chuckled. "Repeat after me: Hakuna Matata!"

"What?" all the adults asked in unison.

"Hakuna Matata," Harry said simply.

"Hakuna Mawhata?" Harry asked.

"Hakuna Matata," Pumba said slowly. "It means no worries!"

Timon: Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase

"James, why are you singing?" Lily asked, slightly worried for her husband's sanity.

"Just feels like the thing to do," James shrugged. "Besides, Harry and Simba are doing it."

True to form, the adult versions of the two kids were singing along to the song; entertaining the two toddlers and the cub that was in the room. Lily shrugged and let James sing the rest.

Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata! Ain't no passing craze

Timon: It means no worries For the rest of your days

Timon pulled Simba and Harry over to a green bush and leans them back on it.

Both: It's our problem-free Philosophy

Hakuna Matata!

"Sounds like something you two would use," Molly chuckled as she looked at her brothers.

"And proud of it," Fabian grinned.

"Hakuna Matata?" Simba asked.

"Yeah, it's our motto," Pumba nodded.

"What's a motto?" Harry asked.

"Nothing, what's a motto with you?" Timon asked and began to laugh.

"The pun, it burns!" James winced and then shot a look at Sirius.

"What?" the other raven-haired Marauder asked as he noticed the look.

"You know kids, these two words will solve all your problems," Pumba said laughing.

"That's right!" Timon nodded. "Take Pumba for example."

Timon: Why, when he was a young warthog...

Pumbaa: When I was a young wart hoooog!

Timon: {cleaning ear} Very nice.

Pumbaa: Thanks!

"The warthog can't sing," Simba shook his head. "Nearly deafened Harry and me."

Timon: He found his aroma lacked a certain appeal He could clear the savannah after every meal

Pumbaa: I'm a sensitive soul, though I seem thick-skinned And it hurt that my friends never stood downwind And oh, the shame

Timon: He was ashamed!

Pumbaa: Thoughta changin' my name [Oh, what's in a name?] And I got downhearted [How did you feel?] Ev'rytime that I...

Timon: Pumbaa!Not in front of the kids!

Pumbaa: Oh... sorry.

"What was he going to say?" Marline asked.

"Farted," Harry chuckled. "It wasn't that bad of a word now that I think about it."

Harry looked over to Simba, curious if that made sense to him. It didn't. The two watched with growing interest as Timon hoisted Pumbaa into a vine loop above his head, where he began swinging.

Pumbaa and Timon: Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase Hakuna Matata! Ain't no passing craze

Simba and Harry: (Looking at one another and shrugging) It means no worries (wowwies) For the rest(west) of your(youw) days


"Stop cooing!" Harry hissed, his face as red as a tomato.

Timon:Yeah, sing it, kids!

Simba, Harry and Timon:It's our(ouw) problem-free ...(pwoblem fwee)

Pumbaa:... philosophy...

All four:Hakuna Matata!

Timon pulled back a fern leaf, revealing a beautiful view of a rift-jungle.

"It sounds beautiful," Alice sighed in delight.

"Welcome to our humble home," Timon said.

"You live hewe?" Harry asked amazed.

"We live wherever we want," Timon explained.

"Yeah, home is where your rump rests," Pumba nodded.

"Sirius, did you get your animagus form already?" Marline teased. "Sounds just like you."

"Nah, Sirius is more of a dog person," Harry smirked and chuckled at the shocked look on his dog-father's face.

"It's beautiful," Simba said, still amazed by the oasis.

The group of four began walking along until suddenly, Pumba bleched.

"Ugh," Lily wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"I'm starved!" Pumba exclaimed.

"I'm so hungry, I could eat a whole zebra!" Simba exclaimed.

"Uh, we're fresh out of zebra," Timon said with a nervous chuckle.

"Timon thought I was going to eat him," Simba chuckled. "Told me last night."

"Well that's a scary thought, you eating something that's not a grub or chicken," Harry chuckled.

Harry was munching on a cookie that he'd brought. He didn't know if Simba would like it, so he hadn't offered it.

"Any antelope?" Simba tried again.

"Na ha."


"Nope," Timon shook his head. "Listen kids, if you want to live with us then you've got to eat like us."

Walking over to a fallen log, Timon said "This looks like a good spot to rustle up some grub."

Pumba pulled the log up and Timon took one of the bugs that were crawling along under it.

"Ugh what's that?" Simba asked.

"A grub," Timon replied. "What's it look like?"

"Eww, gwoss!" Harry cried and Simba made a face at that.

"I'm with my son on this one," James looked almost disgusted by the option but he did want his son to eat.

Timon shrugged and took a bite out of the one he was holding. "Yum, tastes like chicken."

Pumba took a slurp of a worm. "Slimy yet satisfying."

"These are rare delicacies," Timon told them.

"You'll learn to love 'em," Pumba promised.

"He was right," Harry nodded.

"Ugh," Lily groaned again.

Timon came up with a leaf full of bugs.

"Well kids?"

Harry looked over at Simba, who shrugged.

"Hakuna Matata," Simba said and they both ate one. "Slimy…yet satisfying."

"It weally does taste like chicken!" Harry smiled.

"No way!" James said in shock.

"Want to find out Dad?" Harry asked with a mischievous smirk on his face.

"I'll pass."

"That's it!" Timon smiled.


Back in Britain, in a castle far away from Number Four Privet Drive, an old man was examining odd items on a desk. Behind him was a brightly colored bird.

"Professor, is that you?" Lily asked.

"What's this?" the man muttered as an item seemed to go off. "The wards around Privet Drive, they're failing!"

"Why would there be wards around my sister's house?" Lily narrowed her eyes in concern for her son's wellbeing.

This wouldn't do! Little did he know that little Harry was calling another place home. A place far more…wild.

"That's the end," James said. "Lils, you want to go next?"

"Sure James," Lily smiled and took the pages.