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Shit! I had just entered the sanctuary and wanted to phone my mum to ensure her that I was alright. She most possibly she was out of her mind with worry anyways. Not that she could get even more out of her mind than she already was. Even though I had to admit the thought of her only daughter being blown to shreds today probably did not aid to improve her state.

So as I was attempting to search for my mobile in my handbag, I had to realize in horror that I did not have it anymore. The bag was gone. There were two possible explanations for its absence. Either a very skilled thief had managed to grab it from me unnoticed during the 5 meter way between the curb and the church or…,

"I left it at Trents" I sighed frustrated.

"Hi Rachel" Jenks flew towards me with the speed of lightning sprinkling pixidust like a shooting star. Only to land on his favorite spot, my shoulder.

"I have to say that was a quite expressive explosion you caused there. By tinks titties, hats off!" I was in no good mood to begin with because having to go back to Trent's house once more did not really fill me with delight.

"Suck it Jenks" I hissed and threw my red curls back over the shoulder he sat on. The pixi took off in time without any problems and bounced up and down right before my face laughing. "Ivy is furious. She hates when things happen she can't control. I think she did like a million of harassment calls and now they are probably considering getting an unlisted number." Oh boy I almost had forgotten Ivy.

She was sitting in the kitchen and was maltreating her keyboard. Her long pianist fingers flew over the buttons with undeadly speed. As if she was playing a symphony. Well I had to admit it was a rather aggressive symphony. Her even Skin was laid in wrinkles and her muscles, that contracted nervously right under her tight, black shirt, gave away her bad mood.

Even though I knew it was impossible that she had not noticed me with her sharpened vampire senses I considered leaving. I was about to turn around when I had second thoughts. Damn it I was a grown up girl. I could do what and however I please.

I sat by the kitchen island as if I had just returned from a shopping trip and poured me some coffee. It was only lukewarm. Disgusting.

When Ivy registered that I did not plan on saying anything she angrily propped herself up in her stool. She looked at me with dark black eyes that were circled by only the slightest hint of a brown rim. Shit, she was honestly pissed.

"Rachel" she said and every single syllable sounded like an accusation. "What?" I bluffed back so that she would not notice that I was getting chills all over my body.

"What?!" for a second her voice grew loud and I thought she would start screaming at me but then she regained control "you almost got blown to pieces today. You are lucky they did not have to scrape your sorry shredded witch ass from the walls of that boat." I flinched because normally she never swore. This and the fact that I was aware that my excitement would encourage her bloodlust were enough to scare the living shit out of me.

And that again pissed me of. I could not even be a second in the same room as her without almost dying of fright and therefore encouraging her hunger for blood even more. And I would certainly not let her bite me. Not if that would mean that I had to sleep with her. I was a hundred percent hetero. I would rather date Trent than starting a sexual relationship with Ivy. I was mad. She treated me like a baby. "I am a runner for god's sake" Agitated I hit the table. "It's my job to face danger."

"But it's not your job to get yourself killed." Now Ivy was mad too. Her movements were a bit too quick to still look human and her eyes had lost even the last bit of brown.

"No that's most likely your job" I bellowed and Ivy flinched. I was sorry the very moment the words had left my lips. That was below the belt. I knew how much effort she out into controlling her bloodlust.

"Sorry" I spat out immediately and bowed my head because I was ashamed for my stupidity. Idiotic egoistic witch. For a short moment something close to hurt flashed over her eyes but then she was looking at her PC again.

"Not if you can beat me to it" she responded could. Oh great now she was playing Mrs. Aloof. Splendid.

"Alright. In that case you surely don't mind if I go out playing with a few demons to speed up the process." I retoured snippy. Ivy denoted me, never standing up, to go ahead.

I rose and poured the coffee into the sink "Oh and by the way. The coffee is cold." I said and strut out of the room.

Jenks approached me as I entered the sanctuary. Without any doubt he had eavesdropped on our conversation. "Where are you going Rachel" he asked with uncertainty in his voice.

"Oh please Jenks. I did not mean that." I knew where this was heading.

"I'm not so sure if she knows that too." The pixi really looked bothered.

And really, the tapping of keys had stopped. I sighed. She worried too much. "I'm at Trent's" I shouted as I walked out the door.