Chapter3: the plan and practicing

"So Hina did you say that you and Eiji were together because you want to be together or you were just trying to save Eiji-kun from being forced into a marriage" questioned Shingo later that evening after they had filled him in on what had happened earlier that day.


"Oh who cares which one it was" interrupted Chiyoko, "But that girl had a point about the families not giving up on the marriage"

"Um" Eiji started to say but was ignored.

"Well then we have to prove that these two are really in love and will not be separated not matter what" stated the detective.

"And how are we going to do that?" asked the Kamen Rider.

"Well for starts you do are going to have to start dating" stated Chiyoko.

"They might need more than just that. Eiji I've actually been thinking about this for a while now but why don't you move in with us?" Shingo suggested.


"Detective-san I wouldn't want to impose" Eiji told them with a slight blush across his cheeks.

"It would be no problem. Also you should start calling me Oniisan if you're going to be all lovey dovey with my sister."

"Ok. Dete… Oniisan" Eiji said blushing even further.

"Hina he can use the room that you've been using as a sewing studio"

"But what about all my sewing stuff there is no way that it's going to fit into my room."

"It's fine Hina-chan. I don't take up that much space and I don't have a lot of personal belongings either" Eiji reassured her.

"Just pantsu for tomorrow?" Hina joked causing all four of them to laugh.

"Well I'm going to head home and straighten up the apartment" Shingo said rising to his feet "Hina why don't you stay here and talk things over with Eiji for a while"

"Yes you two have a lot to talk about" the café owner stated while grabbing each of their arms and practically dragging them to the back room. "Enjoy" was all she said before shutting the door.

The two of them sat in silence on the bed since there wasn't really anywhere else to sit. Eiji was the first one to break the silence.

"Do you think that Chiyoko-san locked the door?"

"Haha I don't think so but I wouldn't put it past her."



"Um Hina" he said scooting a little closer to her " Since we are now a couple or at least pretending to be one don't you think we should at least practice?"

"practice what?"

"Kissing" He said blushing brightly while looking straight at her face.

Her eyes open wide, surprised at what this young rider was asking. Then she smiled and moved closer to them that they were almost touching. Eiji leaned over and rested his forehead against hers for a moment. Hina thought that she would have to be the one to kiss him again when he pressed his lips against hers. His lips were warm and wed against her soft and sweet ones. This kiss lasted far longer than the last one giving Eiji the opportunity to become bolder. As he deepened the kiss Hina could feel his one arm circling around her waist and the other on her lower hip, pulling her closer to him. She in return wrapped her arms around his neck, getting even closer. Eiji took this as a sign and slipped his toung between her lips to taste her mouth for the first time. Exploring her moist cavern with his tongue he knew that he could easily addicted to this just as Ankh had become addicted to his icecream pops.

When the two did part it was only for the lack of oxygen. They still stayed less than an inch away from each other, panting. Eiji placed another quick kiss upon her lips before saying.

"I think we might have to stop here for tonight" knowing that if he didn't he wouldn't be able to control himself

"Kay" she responded still trying to catch her breath.

"Um I'll walk you home" his nervousness all of a sudden returning to him.

"You don't have to" she responded as they both stood and made for the door.

"It's late and though you have super strength someone could still sneak up on you and any way I wouldn't that make me a bad boyfriend if I didn't walk you home?" he said scratching his head and turning the shade as TaDaJor. Hina smiled and grabbed his hand as they exited the room.