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Chapter 3.5

Roots of Confusion:

Are we Groping in the Dark?

The room went deadly still. "Escaped?" echoed Spirit. Stein took a drag off the cigarette he had just lit.

"What do you mean escaped?" he said rather quietly, but still in that calm voice. Spirit gave an annoyed glance at Stein. Was there anything that that got that man to show a little emotion? Scratch that, I forgot about his demonic dissection obsession, thought Spirit. The scythe felt a cold shiver travel down his spine as he remembered the time when he had been the man's partner.

"Exactly what I said," replied Shinigami-Sama, "gone, vanished, missing in action."

"How is that even possible?" Spirit said to the room at large, "She was under watch 24/7, at the highest security prison there is to offer! She can't simply vanish after all these years!"

"That is questionable, it's true, but we mustn't under estimate her power. I trust you remember ten years ago. But I do admit it is odd that she would escape after so long."

"Knowing her, she must have some sort of motivation." replied Stein.

"That is my concern." said Shinigami-Sama. "But I do have a feeling you know what that motivation might be." Stein and Spirit looked grimly one another, then at Lord Death. They both knew what the Shinigami was inferring.

"We don't know that for sure, maybe it's something else..." said Spirit quietly. Though he knew deep down there were few other reasons that woman would try to escape.

"Like What? What else would she possible want bad enough that she would risk life and limb to achieve it?"

"Now, Stein, Spirit has a point. None of us now her reasons for sure, and even in the likeliest event, we do not know exactly how she plans to execute her strategies. We don't even know for sure her exact reasons for why." Shinigami-Sama replied,"I do however want you both to keep out a watchful eye, for her, and on Kid." Stein and Spirit nodded their understanding.

"On the note concerning Kid," continued Lord Death, "Him being my son, he is of course not human, but Shinigami." The weapon and meister before him nodded again, not completely sure where this was headed. "Because we both share the same Shinigami blood, we are connected in ways I can not explain very easily. This sort of connection exists between a weapon and a meister, or a better example is the bond between a pair close siblings, take the Thompson sisters. But, with a Reaper, that bond is even more powerful. This is because when a Shinigami is born, it's soul is not it's own to begin with. It is created when a fragment of the parent Shinigami's breaks apart from the whole and takes up residence in the new Reaper. The fragment then begins to change, reshaping and changing wavelength to suit the new shinigami's person. Kid is no exception. His soul, once being part of mine, is very similar. Because of this it is easier for me to pick out his individual soul wavelength in a crowd, especially if he is within the limits of Death City.

"So what you're saying is It's easiest to pick out Kid's soul above anyone else's." said Stein

"Precisely!" Shinigami-Sama replied." And lately I've noticed a slight change in his wavelength. Usually I wouldn't be so concerned, but with his mother out of prison and the age he's at, I'm beginning to worry. He feels almost frantic."

"So you're inferring that I missed something in the calculations, or just asking us to babysit?" Stein asked accusingly, reaching up to twist the giant screw sticking out of his skull with a leisureliness that drove Spirit up the wall.

"No no, nothing of the sort." replied Shinigami-Sama, "but we don't know everything that woman had been working on those five years, I'm simply saying that it would be safest to revisit and check again... as a safety precaution." The reaper's voice suddenly became more serious, "But, what really needs to be done is to begin the search for her immediately. She has been proven a more than dangerous, and cunning person- a full scale hunt would only be to her benefit. I want you and Spirit to be the ones to lead the man-hunt in my absence."

"You're leaving!?" cried a shocked Spirit.

"Not leaving, Spirit, I plan to stay here in Death City seeing as I am anchored here anyways." The scythe suddenly felt very stupid. "I am saying this to you because I can't simply leave the school to search during classes, and especially not in broad daylight- It would create too much of a scene." weapon and meister nodded their understanding, "Besides I feel that maybe now is not the best time to inform Kid of our situation. Not only do I not want to put that stress on him without knowing the psychological reaction he might have, but I wouldn't want it to..." he stopped for a moment, considering his choice of words, "trigger anything beyond our control at the moment."

The doctor stilled- eyes narrowing ever so slightly- evaluating the death god with a cold, calculating stare, "So you want me to retest him. For everything." It was a statement, not a question.

Shinigami-Sama nodded solemnly.

The three men were suddenly quiet as their thoughts swirled through the room, the weight of them almost tangible in the suffocating silence:


Experiments we over looked...?

The rain was too thick...

Something we missed...?

There was too much blood; inhuman...

Five years...

A second chance at revenge...

Stein shifted his weight from foot to foot for several moments, seemingly lost in his own world. After a thick moment of silence, he returned his gaze to Shinigami-Sama and Spirit. "Listen, I will run Kid through every test I can offer once he gets back. But I need to know, are you going to be able to deal with it if I find something wrong? And another thing, because he's of Shinigami blood he has incredible healing and regeneration powers, however he tends to also have a next to nonexistent compatibility with any anesthetics I can provide with a clear conscious. Sure he's a god, tougher than most, but you have to keep in mind he's still a kid."

Spirit, slightly sickened, watched the figure of Stein as he took a leisurely drag off his cigarette, his calm demeanor cut short only by the hardness of his gaze as he stared, waiting for a reply from the reaper. A single phrase reverberated in the death scythe's head, "with a clear conscious..." For Stein of all people to worry about about something weighing on his conscious, it had to be serious.

"Yes, he needs to be re-evaluated." Shinigami-Sama said after a moment, an equal hardness in his voice as he addressed the man before him, "Kid is my son, and I intend to keep him even if it means he must be subjected to pain." The meister nodded solemnly, "But listen Stein, he can not find out about his mother's escape. At least not yet."

Spirit raised his voice for the fist time in a while. "Won't all this testing make him suspicious?"

"Perhaps, Spirit, but it's not like he's unaccustomed to it." said Shinigami-Sama, sighing rather heavily. It had been a long time since anyone had seen the reaper like this.

Spirit exhaled through his nose, bringing a hand up to rub tiredly at his temples. How was this going to play out? Hell- how was it supposed to? Hey Kid, why don't you just come over here and let this sutured maniac run tests on you? Sure, he might cut you open for some of it despite your intolerance to just about every numbing agent we can legally have, but we're just doing what's best for you! Oh, and you're not allowed to ask any questions about why this is going on, alright? He scowled from beneath his hand. The only reason any of this was happening in the first place was because of her.

Hate, something the scythe hadn't felt in a long time flickered dangerously in his chest.

Spirit was pulled out of his thoughts abruptly as the voice of Stein broke through the momentary silence. "And what about the man hunt?"

"With Kid off in Asia, things will hopefully be easier. I highly doubt that even with her level of cunning she would try anything while he's away. She always liked to make things... personal." There was a foreign edge to the death god's voice. Unnerving to say the least.

But who could really blame him? Thought Stein placidly, He fell for a girl who not only turned out to be two-faced, but ended up making his life a living hell for over five years after...

Shinigami-Sama pulled out a thick yellow file, handing it to Spirit before continuing. "I trust you'll know where to look and where she likes to hide." He stopped , looking the meister and weapon duo in the eyes before continuing, "Be careful. It is imperative you don't allow things to go too far if you do find her, or a situation becomes too intense. If she is found, things will surely get out of hand."


"Fantastic! Sid should still be here today, I want you to brief him on what we just discussed and assemble the rest of the team- Miss Marie, Azusa, Nygus. You start tonight, and leave no stone unturned."

With that, the weapon and meister were dismissed before giving a salute, and striding purposefully from the Death Room.


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