A New Team

Their captain: Celeste Syn (Heavenly Star) (Singles 1 or 2) (xXxNightlockxXx)

Their regulars:

Raven Craft, she is fluent in English because of her current life in America. (Mainly reserve or takes Singles 3, also my OC)

Marie Blade, (Reserve or Singles 3) (Wildratz)

Haruka Shiki (Distance), she likes doubles, her doubles partner is Yuki Nariko. (Doubles 2) (tennisgirl16)

Yuki Nariko (Snow, Thunder), she likes doubles, her partner is Haruka Shiki. (Doubles 2)

Akane Ai (Brilliant Red, Love), she trains hard. (Doubles 1)

Kaori Minori (Strong, Truth), she's a doubles person all the way. (Doubles 1)

Jun Hoshi (Obedient, Star) she's Singles 1 or 2.

Now let's start the story.

"Alright, endurance run for all of us, a hundred laps, let's go!" Celeste's voice rang out in the middle of their practice matches.

"But Captain, we're in the middle of matches," Marie argued.

"GO!" Celeste commanded. Everyone dropped their racquets and started to run around the courts. Thirty laps in, almost all the freshmen dropped; they were allowed water and a rest. Fifty laps in, only the regulars were still running. Akane and Kaori were starting to get tired, they doubles games usually finish quickly, so they never found a reason to increase their stamina. Celeste, Raven, Yuki, and Haruka were the only regulars left running at eighty laps.

"Geez, Captain Celeste is ruthless," Haruka panted.

"This is good for your stamina, don't complain!" Celeste ordered.

"Sorry, Captain," Haruka apologized.

Raven's pace was starting to slow on ninety-eight, and she still had two more laps! Dang it, she sighed and just decided to suck it up and run. It was finally over.

"Three minute break, and then we run ten laps with ankle weights," Celeste commanded then went to the drink table and got herself a water bottle.

"Are you serious?" Raven mumbled under her breath.

"We have a practice match, a special request to Ryuzaki-sensei. We are going to play a match against the boys tomorrow." Celeste grinned.

"Really? I can't wait to see our opponents, think they're strong?" Raven asked, amused. She had known of the boy's tennis team, but she had really didn't know who was on the team. She had probably bumped into a few during school, but she never really paid attention. Sakuno also seemed to never be here because she hung out by the boy's courts a lot.

"Definitely, they're all so cute! I love Kikumaru-kun," Marie giggled dreamily.

"I love Oishi-kun!" Yuki smiled. Raven was kinda confused, oishi meant delicious according to her Japanese teacher back in America.

"I love Kawamura-senpai; I eat at his dad's sushi place like, every weekend!" Jun giggled.

"Kaidoh-kun's so cute, I don't care if he's scary, and he's really cool!" Kaori confessed.

"Momo-kun is my favorite!" Akane smiled. Raven was really getting confused, momo meant peach! What is with these people and names?

"Fuji-senpai is mine! He's so cute! He's a tennis prodigy, and he's so dreamy!" Haruka shouted out. Fuji was the name of a volcano in Shizouka.

"Tezuka-kun is really handsome," Celeste commented.

"Wait so that's only seven, isn't there one more?" Raven asked, confused. She has only enrolled at Seigaku about two weeks ago, and joined the tennis club about a week later. Raven was a freshman, but she really wanted to play matches. When she found out all the freshman get to do is swing and pick up balls, Raven was frustrated, but she put up with it until the ranking matches. When they finally arrived, she challenged and beat Marie in a 15-13 tiebreak. Afterward she was faced with a regular name Mariko Kei. Mariko was hard to beat, but this match also helped Raven with training her non-dominant hand. After a 132-130 tiebreak, Raven finally beat Mariko with a cross-court shot. Mariko had already lost to Celeste and Marie, so Raven took her regular spot.

"Yea, Echizen-san and Inui-senpai, but Echizen-san is too arrogant for his own good! Stay away from him, Raven," Kaori huffed.

"Why? I bet he's cute, if he's arrogant, he might have skills to back it up," Raven reasoned.

"We'll find out tomorrow," Celeste said, "Ten laps! Get your ankle bracelets from Nami-sensei," Hikaru Nami was their coach; he was nice and encouraging, but silent most of the time. He was testing Celeste's skill as a captain. Celeste wanted to grow up and become a coach.

"Yes Captain Celeste," the team chorused in perfect unison. They got their ankle weights on reluctantly and started to run. Many of them started to feel the extra weight around six laps. Everyone was silently glad when ten laps ended.

"Practice dismissed, go home," Celeste announced, "Good job, everyone. Good luck tomorrow, we will win against the boys and show them that girls are just as strong as boys are! The setup is: Akane-chan and Kaori-chan, Doubles 1! Yuki-chan and Haruka-chan in Doubles 2! Marie-chan, you're Singles 3. Raven-chan, you're on Singles 2. Jun-chan, you're Singles 1."

"Why are you on reserve?" Jun asked.

"I have enough faith in my team to not put me on the field." Celeste nodded in a dismissive way. Everyone went their separate ways after that. Raven's mind was so focused on the upcoming match that she didn't notice the boy walking the other way. She bumped into him and he fell backwards.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't see you, I guess I let my mind run away with me again," she sighed and offered a hand. He put his cap back on and picked up his tennis bag and, ignoring her hand, he got up.

"Hey wait, are you on the boy's tennis team?" Raven asked, seeing the tennis bag marked with 'Ryoma E.'

"What's it to you?" he asked rudely.

"Oh so you are, I'm Craft Raven*, I'm on the girl's tennis team. I just want to say good luck tomorrow!" Raven bowed politely.

"What do you mean good luck?" he asked.

"Didn't Coach Ryuzaki tell you?" Raven asked.

"Tell me what?" he asked.

"Well, if she didn't tell you, then I can't," Raven said in a sing-song voice.

"You bother me just to not tell me," Ryoma stated, quite annoyed.

"It's what I do best," Raven giggled and stuck out her tongue childishly, "see you tomorrow!"

She was gone in a flash, Ryoma was frustrated that she didn't tell him what would happen tomorrow. Ryoma sighed and walked home, having nothing better to do.


"Alright regulars, line up!" Celeste said as soon as everyone had arrived that evening.

The regulars obeyed without complaint, "This is a first time the girls have challenged the boys to a match in who knows how long. We will beat the boys today at their own game!" she yelled encouragingly. The regulars cheered.

"Let's go!" Celeste announced and led the girls over to the boy's courts.

I'm probably hardly ever going to update this because of school, but I've typed up three chapters. By the time I actually post this it'll be about four or five chapters. I'll update at least every two weeks, if not once every ten days. School must come first so yea.


*Well, you're supposed to say your last name then your first name in Japan, because your family name is more important than your given name.