Chapter 1:Sherlocks Suprise Gift

It's Been A 2 Years Since Conans Death Ai And The Detective Boys Are Graduating From 8th Grade Agasa Decided To Have A Party For Them(first part takes at school)
Ai Still thinks her love is alive that's why she won't date anyone if they do they get beat up by genta and Mitshuhiko Everyone is slowly getting back to regular life but now it's about to change

So You Ready For The Party Tonight Told His Friends Genta Said With Excitment

Yeah Derek Said (friend)

So Whos Coming Ai Said Ayumi

Just Our Classmates here and everyone else like Agasa and them she said reading a fashion magazine

Everyone nodded the the teacher came in and the school was over the students and the detective boys were talking

So Did You Guys Here About That Detective In Lodon Said Manny

Huh Everyone looked at him

I heard of him in the newspaper he sends notes but never shows his face said Mitshuhiko

Everyone was in awh so girls though he was cute well some guys think it was a pretty lady but one person looked down sad(who do you think that is)

They Reached Agasa's House And Jumped When The People Yelled Suprise Agasa,ran,eisuke,shinichs parents,rans parents,Heiji,kazuha,kaito and his dad and his mom,aoko and her dad,some police officers,and a few members of the fbi

Congrats Everyone Said Agasa

All the people gave them hugs and gave them congrats midway thought the party there was a knock at the door ai answered it

Hello Is Ai,Genta,Ayumi,Mitshuhiko here said the mailman

All 4 came up

Yes They All Said

Well We Have A Package For Each Of You he said

He handed them each a package

Have a good day said the mailman

You Too The All Said

Hmm Who Can send you a package said Agasa

I don't know doc ai told him

Genta Opened His First To Find Exotic Food

Whoa Said Genta As His Mouth Was Dripping

Don't Eat It What If It was poisoned Agasa Told him

Ok Genta Said In sadness

Open Yours Mitshuhiko genta told him

Ok He Nodded And Opened It To Find a new series of vampire books

Whoa These Are Expensive They Cost 200 dollars here he said

Ayumi Open Yours He told her

Okay she told him

She opened to find a cute dress it was orange(long ones the one the reaches to your feet)

Ai-Chan Open Yours Ayumi Told Her

Ai Looked At Everyone And Smirked And Began To Open It Her Eyes were amazed same with everyone else it Was A Ruby Red Dress It Reacher Her Knees It's The One She Always Wanted As Shiho

Wow That's Pretty Kazuha told her

It is said ran

Indeed said aoko

There Is A Video In Her Ai Told Them All

Play it Said Heiji

Hello Ai,Ayumi,Genta,And Mitshuhiko you received my gifts I hope your happy to receive them you each told me how you wanted them so badly and ai I promised you I will buy that dress one day and I always keep my promises He smirked as the video ended

Everyone mouths hanged open in shock

Please tell me this is a joke said kaito

I wish it was Heiji said

Where is he kogoro said

There is no return address said ai

So You Are Saying That Are Detective Is Alive And We Don't Know Where he is. said Heiji

Yes Said Ai

So Why Is He Trying To Keep Away From Us Said Eri

Thats Another Point Why Is He Hiding If He Was alive don't you think he will return to his love Said Heiji

Yes I Know If I Was Alive I Will Return To Ayumi Said Mitshuhiko

Unless It's Something Important That We Don't Know Ai Said With Her Hand On Her Chin

What Do You Mean Said Ran

Well You Know that Detective idiot he hides everything from us said Ai

True said ran

So My Son Alive But We don't know why said Yusaku

Great Maybe We Can Have A Wedding For Him And Ai Said Yukiko as she hugged her going to be daughter in law after she let her down Ai was Red

So I Think It's Time To Go dear said Yusaku

Okay She said

Everyone else said it was time to and they hugged each other and said goodbye Ai went to her room she went to sleep with a smile on her face because her love is still alive

Chp 1 End
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