Ichigo – Session 1

Silva's entire body went limp and she resumed panting, shuddering with aftershocks. "Fuck Niji, I love when you do that," she purred softly.

The sex demon chuckled, a growl still obvious in her voice, as she gently licked her dominant clean, tail swaying happily behind her. She savored every drop, leaving only the pleasant tingling feeling of well-used muscles behind. Then she dropped back onto her heels with a smile and in a very cat-like move, cleaned her nose and mouth using the back of her hand and her tongue. Her eyes were sort of droopy, and her ears hung to the sides in a flat line, but the corner of her mouth hitched up in a smile and her tail wouldn't stop moving. If one were to look into her eyes they would see a slight distortion between the two pupils, indicating a rather blatant high, similar to that of a narcotic. Slowly licking the back of her hand, she purred. All at once, she grinned up at Silva, "Hee!" revealing her fangs.

Silva sighed in satisfaction and leaned back, chuckling as she stroked Niji's hair. "You fed on me again, didn't you, babe? You always get a little juiced off my orgasms."

She didn't mind—between her and her twin she could feed all three siblings the sex energy they needed—but they only had about fifteen minutes to get ready for the next appointment. With the time crunch it would be important to bring Niji back from that pseudo-subspace that all Encantadas fell into right after feeding, but doing so could be tricky. Especially as it left submissives like Niji with the ultimate feeling of safety and protection. Pulling her out could be traumatic if not done correctly, as Hana had been quick to explain during their first forays into being partners.

Silva continued to pet her, speaking in gentle, soothing tones. "Niji, darling, stand up. I'd like to have you sit in my lap." It was more of a request than an order as that would just push her deeper into her trance and at the moment the feline needed to coax her out. And gently. If necessary, the next session would start a little late—making sure Niji remained healthy and happy was her main concern.

"Mrrr?" The ability to form words beyond her at the moment, she fell forward in an attempt to stand but found that her legs had partially fallen asleep. So she wobbled on her knees, inching close enough to crawl up into Silva's lap. Once there she immediately began nuzzling and purring, holding onto her dominant's shoulders, and rubbing her scent against the other female.

"That's my good girl," Silva assured her, still petting, now nuzzling and kissing her forehead and face. "I'll just get you a bit straightened up, hmm? Your clothes are a mess, babe, and I think I might have to redo your hair."

"Mow?" She still looked a little bleary-eyed, but one hand reached up to touch her lopsided ponytail, a deep blush coloring her cheeks. It was beginning to get back to her where exactly they were, and it was breaking through her high rather quickly if her breathing was any indication.

A subtle nip on the neck was enough to soothe the submissive slightly and the feline whispered "Shh, shh, please don't panic babe, everything's fine, we have plenty of time to straighten up a bit." Almost a full ten minutes in fact. Her hands gently began soothing along the kosode, straightening the sleeves, tightening the folds.

A few whimpers and her ears tucked down flat against her head, Niji hid under Silva's chin, eyes tightly closed against the dangerous outside world that she couldn't yet fully process. Her breathing was steadier but now that her high was burning off, the nerves regarding being caught that had contributed to her arousal earlier was coming down on her as the worry that if they had been caught they'd be in a lot of trouble.

Silva continued to pet and soothe as she gently worked to straighten her submissive's clothing, murmuring to her softly. Making her feel that the outside world was safe was important, because if it wasn't safe she would simply retreat further into subspace where it was safe. It was working for the most part, Niji was coming back, her back relaxing, her tail swaying gently. She'd even begun crooning in a satisfied purr type noise.

Then the door opened and the vibrant orange spikes of one Kurosaki Ichigo, Captain of the 14th, also known as the Visored Division, peered apologetically into the room. "Uh..? Oh! Gomene, Silva-san. I seem to be early...uh...is she okay?"

"Oh dear...well, I suppose you'd best come in, Ichigo-san. She's alright, she's just...coming back from subspace. See, she's half lust demon and we had a little 'feeding session' before you arrived—she must have been hungry, she didn't even warn me first—so I might need to coax her a bit more before we can have our session," The feline dominant explained a bit sheepishly, still petting her submissive, letting her know nothing was wrong.

"Oh. Well, I'll just—s-subspace?" Her trained eye saw the shiver that passed through the youngest captain in Seireitei. "Uh..." He shook his head, muttering to himself.

"Yes, subspace...are you...familiar with it, Ichigo-kun? I could use a little help to make sure I don't frighten or traumatize her as she comes out of it, if you have any experience that could be of assistance," the dominant girl subtly prodded. By phrasing it that way, she wasn't accusing him of anything or sounding like she was passing judgement—this usually would elicit a positive response.

The flush that lit up his sun-bronzed face was all the admission he needed to give, but he spoke anyway, "I have some experience with it, yes." He entered the room, careful to take slow steps as he approached the still trembling submissive and her dominant. He reached out a hesitant hand towards Niji's back, mindful of her tail.

Silva continued to pet and murmur, letting Ichigo do his thing. After all, she knew he wasn't a threat—and for that matter, right now he was registering as a fellow Beta to her instinct.

He tensed for a moment, muttering under his breath as his reiatsu flared just slightly, but it was enough to make the Encantadas whimper and remind Silva that all may not be as balanced as it appeared on the surface. However, he quickly had it back under control and again reached out to touch Niji's back, between her shoulder blades. Before he realized what was coming out of his mouth, he said, "My Alpha always stimulates my reiatsu centers when he sends me there. It's an easier, and faster, way to bring me back." Using his other hand as a guide, he sent tendrils of reiatsu through the other's back in several places before finishing on her Soul Chain and Soul Sleep.

With each pulse of the red/black energy Niji relaxed a little more, her whimpering ceased, and with the last touch her eyes fluttered open clear and focused again, though tired. She cast her gaze up, taking in where she was positioned and how, then looked around. Catching sight of orange spikes bending close to her face and concerned honey eyes, she squeaked. "Kur-Kur-Kurosaki-Taicho! You're early!"

He grinned sheepishly, "Hai." and rubbed the back of his head upon standing up straight.

Silva noted that. All of it—the centers, the reiatsu, the Alpha comment. She then set it aside to cuddle Niji. "Yes, he helped me bring you back from that subspace-like place you go when you feed. Want to get a little freshened up while me and Kurosaki-taicho put things back in place from the last session?" She carefully did not name the previous patient—that would be a breach of confidentiality.

"Uh..." The canine blushed furiously realizing the state of her uniform and hair. "Hai. Gomena, Kurosaki-Taicho. I'll return shortly." She sped off of her dominant's lap, and bolted out the door before Ichigo could respond.

"Heh." He rubbed the back of his head again. "What did you need help with, Silva-san?"

The feline smiled at him. "Mostly just moving the chairs back into place. There was a bit of an issue with the last patient, and his Zanpakutou got a bit rowdy when it happened. They had to leave early and we didn't get a chance to straighten up." Taking one of the chairs, she positioned it back so it faced the right way. "If you don't mind my asking, Ichigo-kun, what is it you'd like to talk about? Your sessions haven't been mandatory since your appointment as captain. We were both quite surprised that you scheduled to see us officially."

"Uh...actually, I'm, uh...not exactly...that is to say..." He blushed, grabbing a couple of the chairs and righting the circle again. Then he frowned, "I'll get it, Shiro!" He looked up again, sheepishly. "I'm not the one having an issue at the moment, Underworld-san. So, if you could maybe?" He made a motion with his hand sort of like a magician's conjuring wave.

Silva's eyebrows raised. Ichigo reverted to calling her 'Underworld-san' when he was extremely uncomfortable and trying to distance himself by reminding everyone present of the business relationship they were currently in. "Which of them am I summoning? Or do they both need to be disciplined again?"

Inside his King's mind, Shiro shuddered. 'Oh god, not more 'discipline' from that devil Alpha Bitch! He would rather impale himself on his King's sword—and not the one he normally impaled himself on—than ever, ever do that again. I don' need no discipline from 'er, King! Tell'er! Tell'er, please!?

He waved his hands in defense of both of his mental partners, "No no, nothing like that. I do need them both out here to discuss it, but it's got less to do with us and more to do with...him." He cracked a half smile in nervousness.

"Ah, the, er, Alpha you mentioned...?" She said it delicately—when they had waved Ichigo goodbye with a clean bill of mental health years ago, he'd had no significant other, so while she had suspicions she didn't know who this person was. Still, she called upon her Zanpakutou and summoned both Zangetsu and Shiro, the latter of whom them cowered behind his King.

"I been good! I swear! I don' need no punishin'!"

"Ichigo has already informed me of that," Silva replied with a grin. Now they just needed Niji. And an extra chair for Zangetsu.

The stoic Zanpakutou adjusted his glasses and composed himself to stand just behind Ichigo's shoulder. If there was one pair in all of Seireitei who didn't need help bonding it was these two. "Strength, Ichigo. Remember our purpose here."

"Thanks, Jii-san." The orangette settled himself in the chair across from Silva just as Niji returned.

Her shihakusho was put to order again and her hair was once again immaculately pulled back and braided into a neat tail that just brushed her 'other' tail where it emerged from her back. Without saying a word to anyone in the room she strode to the desk, picked up a file folder that was a bit thicker than the others due to his history, and took her place next to Silva. She held her head high, but several darkening spots on her neck betrayed why she was so formal in her movements.

Silva grinned, rather than flushed, proud of her work. "Alright. Now that we're all here, would you three like to explain what brings you back to us?"

Shiro fidgeted uncomfortably. "I...King's better at s'planin'."

"Why do I have to explain it, Shiro!? You're the one who suggested talking to them about it!" Ichigo growled, crossing his arms over his chest and looking away.

Niji merely took notes on how defensive and uncomfortable both of them seemed to be while Zangetsu cleared his throat, "Ichigo, you are the Shinigami, and primary presence in this soul. It falls on your shoulders to remedy the situation that has made the balance of comfort shift within your mindscape."

Silva raised a concerned eyebrow. "Balance of comfort...shift?"

"I'm sick o' th' lightnin' storms," Shiro burst out, still looking incredibly uncomfortable, "an' th' tornados an' th' unpredictable flooding! King needs help...an' it has ta do wit' his...Alpha."

"GAH! Shiro! Don't say it so bluntly!" Ichigo scowled deeply and blushed the color of his namesake. He flailed a bit, clearly wanting to physically go after his pale half, but knowing better than to resort of violence in the girls' office. So instead he re-crossed his arms and hmph'd, slouching in his chair in a very unbecoming way for a captain.

"If I might remind you, Ichi-kun, blunt is best when it comes to your thick-headed self," Silva reminded him, already falling back into old habits. "But if it's so embarrassing, you'd best start talking to us before Shiro gets any more detailed. You know what he does when you won't talk."

Shiro leered at his King. "An' I won't hesitate either, since it's th' whole reason we're here. 'Sides, I still remember what these two did when I was holdin' back on 'em...never again, King. Not even for you."

Niji giggled, and the light in the room glinted off of her glasses in a way that reminded the orangette of a certain hat-wearing former captain. "Indeed, Shiro-san."

Ichigo balked and shivered at the memories. "Fine, fine. I'll talk." Zangetsu placed a pale hand, though warmer than Shiro's, on his shoulder for strength. He took a deep breath. "As you know, Silva-san, all Hollows enter a mating season in the fall. Mostly we Visoreds get by with casual partners, or ourselves, to deal with the-" He coughed, with a slight blush, "-urges."

Silva nodded and crossed her legs, trying to look professional and keep the evil smirk off her face. "Yes, I am aware. Niji and her family can be severely affected by the hormone, pheromone, and Sin spike that occurs around Hollow Mating Season."

"Not to mention the high level of emotions." The half-demon chimed in softly, gesturing with her pen, and the atmosphere in the room shifted slightly, allowing all present to feel that Niji was quite aware of the implications of Hollow Mating Season. The sharp edge to the energy informed them she was still smarting a bit from being caught by one of her favorite captains in such a compromising position.

"Yes, well," Ichigo shifted slightly in his seat. "That plan worked for us until Yama-jii finally approved the inclusion of the former Espada. Again, we all know about the fact that Espada are essentially the other half of the Visored coin. It's why we can all work together without trying to kill each other. At least seriously." He scratched the back of his head again, obviously beginning to get to his point. "It seems that because they are more Hollow than Shinigami they can't just solve their issues with their Zanpakutous the way Visoreds can, or rather..." He trailed off and looked at Shiro to finish the thought.

"Their Hollows," Shiro finished with a little sigh. "Since we're sep'rate bein's, we're enough ta soothe our Shinigami through matin' season while easin' our own lusts. Espada don' have that option, because usually their Zanpakutou spirit's all they got, and even if they did have sex it wouldn' do nuthin' because they're the same bein'."

Silva breathed in. "That...that is a problem. I'm going to guess and say that one of the Espada...approached you?" Putting it delicately. She was fairly certain he had either been Dominated in a fight or an Espada he knew had gotten him to agree to be their Beta. Ichigo probably wouldn't think twice if it would help a friend...

"S-Something like that." He couldn't meet her eyes, ashamed that he was so easy to read.

Niji frowned slightly, nibbling on the end of her pen. "Kurosaki-taicho, are you regretting your decision to help this Espada?"

"No!" His head snapped up, horror on his face. "He's amazing! Honest! I just...y'see...um..."

"You wish to end the relationship then?" She tilted her head to the side, one ear tilted by gravity as she wrote something on her notebook.

Unable to find the words, in spite of Zangetsu's constant supportive, if silent, presence, he turned once again to Shiro, who seemed to always be better at getting this kind of situation out in the open to be talked about. Maybe there really was something to that 'I'm your instincts' line he used to shove down the orangette's throat way back then.

Shiro took pity and sighed. He looked like he wanted to wrap an arm around the other but held back for some reason. "King ain't a full Beta. He's an Alpha Beta. Bu' his Alpha is a Full Alpha...an' really strict on th' dominance. I mean...really strict. He won' even let Ichi play with me, so he ain't spendin' any time exertin' his dominance...an' it's fuckin' him up. Real bad. He's been dominant a long time, an' was content to give it up fer a little bit ta help a friend, yanno? But...but it ain't endin'. His Alpha is strong an' he ain't lettin' go, but he can't fulfill all King's needs on his own…an' won't share. It's killin' King, slowly, 'cuz it's denyin' half his very nature entirely." His voice dropped so low that both hybrid girls could barely hear him, "He can't even touch me."

Niji stuck her pen into her ponytail and sighed, "That is a problem. Perhaps we should 'encourage' your Alpha to come and see us?"

Ichigo shook his head, "He won't, and ordering him as his captain won't do any good either. On top of his unending issue with authority in general, I don't think I need to explain the kinds of trouble being his Beta has caused in the division. Shinji's almost ready to call in the Second for his insubordination." He was gathering steam now, a rant that had obviously been building for a while. "And then there's the way he insists on undermining me in front of the lesser Hollows. It doesn't matter that Yama-jii has us set up to direct things, if 'Alpha-san' says no, there's no changing his fucking mind! I'm telling you, Silva, he's driving me crazy! I'm getting to the point where I was wondering if I should have let Nnoitra kill him!" He was up and pacing now, panting and throwing his arms out in wild gestures, just like he used to do when letting out his frustrations about leaving his family in the Living World defenseless.

Silva chewed on one knuckle. "This is serious indeed, Ichigo. Is he also-"

She was cut off by the door opening and a curious blue head poking in. "Ichi? What're you doin' here?"

In an instant, Silva was on her feet, bristling, and snarling as she stalked up to the door, lip curling, ears forward aggressively, claws already out. During sessions, this was her sacred territory, and not only had it been rudely barged into, it had been disrupted, the privacy of their patient had been compromised, by a trouble-making Alpha! "THIS IS A PRIVATE FUCKING SESSION," she roared, absolutely infuriated, "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!"

Grimmjow immediately realized his mistake—apparently, that door had been shut for a reason—and backed away from the advancing, furious female. Her eyes—they were fuckin' glowing! He remembered someone telling him something about that—something about shape-shifting that struck terror into his bones. He'd just wanted to know why his Beta was in the psychology building...

A quiet cough cut through the tension where everyone had frozen, and Niji appeared between her own Alpha and the one in the doorway. She smiled her 'Unohana-Taicho' smile and held her folders to her chest. "Grimmjow-san, would you join us please? I believe there are some issues that need to be brought out into the open, and this being a sacred," She stressed the word, "place where nothing leaves these walls, is a perfect opportunity to leave our outside world roles behind so that our inner concerns can be addressed peacefully." She flashed the tiniest bit of teeth, and leaned into the atmosphere with her aura, just like a good submissive does when sensing confrontation.

Grimmjow looked from one woman to the other, gulped, and stepped inside. Between the 'you-violated-my-territory' Alpha and the 'I'll-gut-you-and-get-away-with-it-you-know-I-will' Beta, he didn't dare say a damn thing. He had the feeling that if he did, he would lose his balls. Silva was still flexing her claws and he could hear the sound of her anger rumbling on an inhuman hearing range.

Shiro was cowering behind Ichigo's chair. "Great fuckin' goin', blue, ya pissed 'em off in their own territory."

"Fuck you," the Arrancar snapped, and Silva snarled at him, making him fall silent.

"This territory is sacred to us," The shape-shifter hissed, "barging in here during a private session no matter who you think it is with us is like...is like a Vasto Lord ceroing your goddamn bedroom in the middle of sex. You kill the fucking intruder."

The pale Hollow shuddered. He'd never seen Silva get that mad, that quick. At least they could be sure she was damn scary serious about privacy and keeping secrets.

Taking a very large, deep breath, Niji closed her eyes to steady herself. She reached out mentally, and instantly from across the Seireitei she felt the strength of her triplet siblings bolster her own. She fed more of her pheromones into the air, "I believe that we need a few more chairs. Shiro-san, would you get one for me? Ichigo-san, please take the seat next to Silva-san. Zangetsu-sama, stand with Ichigo-san, and Grimmjow-san..." She smiled sweetly again, enjoying the minor shiver that ran down his spine, "I'd like to see Pantera-san if I could?" She stepped forward, hand extended, and maneuvering him into the chair Ichigo vacated at her request. Her tail lashed, displaying her discomfort at having to take the lead, but knowing that a good portion of her mate's aggression was because of her earlier feeding and displays of submission, she would do what she had to for the sanctity of what the two of them had worked so hard to create.

Silva reminded herself that she was a professional. And worse, she'd made her little Niji uncomfortable. Her own tail ticking violently was the only indicator of her continued aggression as she helped Shiro set up two extra chairs and retook her seat next to Ichigo.

Grimmjow almost protested taking orders from a Beta, especially one who wanted to take his sword away, but one look of the bottlebrush tail of the territory Alpha made him rethink that and he carefully handed over his precious, hard-won Zanpakutou.

"Would you like to see Pantera-san manifested, dear?" Silva asked, watching Shiro take over Ichigo's lap, still too uncomfortable and frightened to sit by himself.

He knew the orangette would need his support to speak against his Alpha to his face. It was ingrained instinct that complaints with the Alpha were kept unspoken. A Beta that nagged a hollow Alpha was likely to get either killed or replaced with a more docile Beta. It didn't matter that the 14th's captain was a Visored, the instinct to suck it up and deal was too strong to go against without as much support as possible.

The demon, channeling her brother, pondered the thought for a few moments, while twirling the blue-hilted blade around in her hand in ways that displayed exactly why she was co-third seat. Reaching up to touch her pen, without missing a beat, she turned her smile to Silva, "Yes please, Koibito."

Now anyone who knew the triplets would be certain of her sibling's presence. Niji was a true Beta, Hana a true Alpha, but Hikari, the male in their trio, was like Ichigo, an Alpha-beta, and it showed in the way he teased both sides of the scale, specifically in his obsession with nicknames.

Zangetsu swallowed quietly, and adjusted his glasses again, Ichigo ran his fingers through Shiro's hair, and the feeling of Hell-magic increased around the room, letting everyone know exactly who was running this session, regardless of status. The almost-albino nudged in underneath his King's chin. It felt safer for him there, and having someone immediately in need of protection would make his King bolder. It didn't matter if neither could actually feel the other's skin.

By now Silva was immune to the pressure, so she simply smiled. "As my sugar-pie wishes then," she teased right back—she was an Alpha-Beta as well, but most of the time she was so aggressive she came on as a full-on Alpha. Without further fuss, she summoned Pantera to material form.

Grimmjow gaped. What the fuck was this going on? How—why—what was that dog-girl?

The blue jaguar-neko female appeared next to Niji with a raised eyebrow, almost as confused as her wielder. Then glanced around the room, this being her first step outside of Grimmjow's mindscape, and her luminous blue eyes landed on the figure of said swordsman, which drew her eyebrows into a glare. "What did ya do this time, baka!" She placed her hands on her hips, took two steps forward and promptly smacked the former Sexta on the back of his head.

"Wha- Pantera! What the fuck was that for?!" Grimmjow rubbed his hand, glaring at the manifestation of his sword.

"Fer fuckin' up royally, which ya have," Silva replied, reaching up and absently stroking Pantera's ear, which twitched at the sensation. "Dunno how she knew, female intuition mebbe."

Shiro smirked. "I like this chick, Aibou. Why'd Alpha forbid me ta meet 'er?"

"Cuz I don' want her gettin' any fuckin' ideas, Snowflake," Grimmjow snapped, "she's wild enough as it is, always spoutin' fuckin' wierd, unnatural ideas."

"Oi! Blue-balls, shut the fuck up and listen fer a change! If ya had, ya wouldn't be in this mess!" The jaguar's tail lashed and she jabbed his nose with her finger. "Ya think yer soooooo smart, walking around with yer dick and yer sword! Oh wait! I'M yer sword! Fucking pansy ass wannabe!"

Niji smiled more sweetly and took one of the other two chairs, close to Silva, but still between her Alpha and Ichigo's while Pantera continued her rant.

"Ya think I don't know what's goin' on? Ya think I can't hear? WHO'D THE FUCK YA THINK I TALK TO ALL DAY LONG? YER ASS?" She waved the hand that had been in his face behind her at Zangetsu, "That there is a man, a real man. Intellect! Courtesy! MANNERS! And even if yer Betas—yah, TWO, numbnuts!—were too afraid to say shit ta ya, HE wasn't! Ya just can't get yer dick outta yer ear long enough ta hear him! So, guess what, pussy-pants, I DID! Now, shape the fuck up or find yerself another blade!" She crossed her arms over her modest chest and stalked to stand next to the stoic Zanpakutou behind Ichigo and Shiro. The dark man leaned into her ear and whispered something that made her smirk, and she put a dainty, but weaponized, hand on Ichigo's other shoulder.

Grimmjow just gaped at her, open-mouthed and wide eyed. "Wha...wha..."

"Pantera-san, I believe you may have just sent him into shell-shock," Silva said. "Good. Maybe you can help explain things a little better to Niji and I while he stutters like a moron?" That sweet voice was back again.

Shiro looked up at Pantera with awe and a few little red hearts dancing over his head. "Holy fuck. Why din' I get ta meet ya while ya were with Zangetsu?"

"Simple, sweetie, he came ta me. I've never been outsida idjit's skull before. I think I kinda like it though. What's yer name?" She bent down and purred in his face, her tail still waving but more languidly in interest. She drew her clawed fingers under his chin, enjoying the sharp contrast of her black fur against his white skin.

Shiro made a low purring sound, eyes drooping to half-lidded as his chin tilted up from the stroke of her claws. "Mmm...I'm Shiro, pretty lady."

"I believe I can be more of a help than Pantera-san, Silva-san." Zangetsu stepped around the berry-twins for the first time and bowed slightly in respect. "When an Espada-level Arrancar takes a mate, he mates for life. To complete the bond not only do the Hollows have to mate, the Zanpakutou have to-ahem." He cleared his throat with a slight blush. "Grimmjow only allowed Pantera time to do that, not understanding that as an Arrancar his mating would be much different than that of his previously failed relationships as an Adjuchas. You see, the lower the level of Hollow the less intellect is in control. Even the smartest of souls lose their higher functions upon becoming a Hollow. So, matings at lower levels are more focused on getting the job done and moving up the ranks. This causes the Alpha to be extremely wary of any reiatsu his Beta may possess. I am certain, Silva-san, that you are aware of the vast power differences between Alphas and Betas, even among non-Hollows. My prime example being Niji-san here, though we all know she is loath to use that power to her own advantage, it goes without saying that of her trio, she wields the most power." He gestured to her, and she blushed deeply.

Silva crossed one leg over the other, a similar position as the last session. "Yes, I am aware how many Alphas can be threatened by a Beta that is stronger and possesses more reiatsu than they...and that they often use extreme and abusive measures to ensure those Betas remain subservient and don't use that power against them. I should hope such has not happened to you, Ichigo...because if it has..."

Grimmjow, still shell-shocked, suddenly shivered and wrapped his arms around himself at the abrupt feeling of cold and death in the air.

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