She was dead. That psychotic, dangerous, mute lunatic was dead. Not only was she dead, but she had perished in an effort to stop the moron from destroying the facility. Or she might have been trying to make one last-ditch effort to destroy the facility herself. That could have well been the case too considering her violent homicidal tendencies. Still, GLaDOS prefered to think the lunatic was attempting to save the facility, to save her. And it wasn't like her test subject could prove her wrong, being dead and all.

The emotions GLaDOS had felt in this short period of time threatened to overwhelm her. First the shock, then the rush of excitement and power as she took over control once again. Of course, following that was her survival instinct kicking in, quickly fixing all of the problems causing the place to be seconds away from hitting meltdown. Then, the next emotion was something that had really surprised her. A sheer rush of panic and fear at seeing the lunatic... Chell, hanging onto that moron for dear life as he begged her to let go.

The logical thing would have been to knock off the moron and let him and the lunatic go sailing into space, forever protecting them from endangering the facility again. But those emotions rushing through her pushed aside not only her logical and frankly, more sensible mind. They forced her to reach out save the lunatic, Chell, her friend.

The act of taking the test subject's hand and pulling her in sent a shock of pure ecstasy through her chassis. It was unlike anything she'd felt in a long time, even more overwhelming than the built in euphoric response to testing. That really shocked her as she closed the portals and replaced the potato with her original head. A sense of satisfaction hummed through GLaDOS. She'd done it. She'd saved her best friend's life and now they could-

Suddenly, her optic snapped into focus on her friend. She wasn't moving. Those once determined, stern eyes were closed and her entire body was limp. Worry spiked up in GLaDOS once more as she scanned the test subject's body. She'd probably lost consciousness. Completely understandable considering the situation. Now she just had to evaluate the damage done and fix it so they could get back to testing. No, the newfound, sympathetic part of her newly found self interrupted. Chell deserved better than that. Perhaps she-

She was dead.

GLaDOS stared and reevaluated the results from the scan a hundred and sixty times in the next three seconds. No, it couldn't be. Yet it was entirely understandable. Logically, the survival rate of humans after they were vacuumed into space was infinitesimal. The fact that she had expected Chell to survive at all was a rather large error in her reasoning systems.

But no, this wasn't a human being. This was Chell. This was a dangerous, mute lunatic that had tried to kill her twice. One time with success and one time taking the controls from the entire facility from her. She didn't die. She was incapable of such a thing. GLaDOS had tried many times to kill her with no success. Normal, human-killing things such as turrets, energy balls, laser-beams, neurotoxin, pits of acid, and even crushing walls of spikes had no effect on her. She simply couldn't die. It wasn't possible.

And yet, there she was, dead by her own doing. The emotional part of her screamed in such agony that it sounded human even from the robotic tones of her speakers. She did something then that horrified her to no end. She weeped. Not actual, salty tears since she didn't have human tear ducts or anything similar. It was entirely verbal, echoing through every speaker in the facility. Her chassis shook with them as she thought on her friend. Her very best test subject, the one who saved her from birds and supported her silently as she rediscovered her past. The one who helped put her back in charge. They'd built something real, a genuine connection and trust between them that GLaDOS had never felt before and now she was gone.

She cradled the girl's body and crafted a long box of metal and cushioned insides to put her in. She sent it into her central chamber and placed her dead test subject into the steel coffin before lifting her floor panels and lowering the coffin under them in quiet respect. She would lie here forever, under her chassis, and be with her always. Perhaps she would create some kind of plaque to put there in memory.

As the overwhelming emotions finally became somewhat settled, the logical part of her mind finally started to kick in. These very human emotions were highly distracting and bothersome. While all complex personality constructs were installed with some level of emotion by default, this was highly unstable, a nuisance really. Her systems quickly pinpointed the increasing fluctuations of emotional projections in her brain and erased them.

"Caroline deleted," came the announcers voice.

"Goodbye Caroline," GLaDOS said in relief.

Her optic pointed down to the floor panels beneath her in contemplation and her chassis leaned closer to them. She didn't feel so much agony anymore, but there was still a deep, unsettling thing biting at her mind. Something was wrong about this. Sure, the facility was safe without the lunatic, but it really was a shame that such a great test subject would go to waste. She had completed so many successful tests as a human without failing once. Not a single misstep. No tripping into bottomless bits, no falling into pits of acid, no prolonged accidental contact with laser beams. Total perfection.

Just imagine what a test subject like that could accomplish without the restrictions of a pathetic human body. The possibilities would be endless! Of course, she would have to make sure she didn't try to murder her again or destroy the facility, but a few built in programs could fix up that problem quickly.

The floor panels lifted and GLaDOS removed the coffin, pulling out the body and bringing it into an experimentation room while simultaneously lowering the temperatures of said room to preserve the corpse.

Besides, without the mute lunatic trying to murder her or the moron trying to destroy her facility, her schedule opened wide up. She had more than enough time efficient to take up a new hobby.

Reanimating the dead seemed good as any. With her own little improvements of course. For science.