Star Frog 64: 3D

Chapter One: Captains Blog.

5 years have passed since the space grand epic that was Star Frog. Since the tragic events of Slippy's adventure, where he and his former team had slain Andross the monkey king of doom, Slippy went home alone. Expecting a hero's welcome. Only to be met with Fox McCloud taking all the credit. As time passed by Slippy's regret over the loss of his team-mates lives, only for the credit to be given to that tit-face bum muncher Fox. Slippy had slowly resorted to violent alcoholism. After being kicked out of his parents' house for slapping his mother in the face over a debate concerning 'sofa placement'. Now Slippy lives with his new roomate, Pigma. Who he met after Pigma tried selling his family heirlooms on Craigslist. So we go now to our current setting, where Slippy is on the internet. Chatting with...'fans'.

"Hey, Pigga's, come in here ya bollock-munch" Slippy conveyed in his docile tone

"What is it ginger-balls?"

"Finally someone responded on my MySpace page, apparently Lord Montague, king of the hipsters"

Pigma immediately interrupted "Scum, you mean."

"The KING, of the Hipsters wants us to rescue his retro instant-instagram photo making camera!"

Pigma gave Slippy a concerned look, he knew that if they embarked on this epic grand adventure of incredible wonder, they would miss the repeats of 'dancing with the stars'. However, as they both knew, this journey had to happen. They must do this. Everything is at stake. And by everything, I mean the rent. (Lord Montague is the landlord/ruling bastard of the household). As they grabbed their gear, they knew that fitting in with the hipster environment would be difficult, they needed disguises. Well they didn't have anything that made them look like giant douchebags they instead put on last years halloween costumes, Slippy was Gandalf, Pigma was Frodo. And yes, it looked positively ridiculous. As they approached the door of their grotty, piss-stained apartment, a sudden knock caught them by surprise. "It's me, Ridley, open up ya cock-bags!".

Pigma's face opened in complete and utter shock, "Shit-tits, Ridders come for ma' Go Fish money"

Slippy was in disbelief, "You didn't pay him again, what are you mad?!"

"Not mad, financially secure!"

"Dead, thats what you are, now hide you wank-tank!"

As Pigma dived under the table, Slippy cautiously went for the door. "Ridley, its just me Slippy, Pigma's gone out for a ciggie"

Outside the door Ridley seemed confused, having been fooled before on this issue he doubted Slippy's words. However, the boss wasn't paying him enough to deal with these piss-ants, so in one large calamity he flew away, tearing the roof off of their new neighbours apartment, Slippy knew that unfortunately, as always. He'll get the blame.