Title: Disruptive

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Part III of III

He pushes her away. It's a weak move meant to show his reluctance but only displays his crumbling resolve. The kiss does leave him breathless and when she pushes her tongue between the gap of his lips he stumbles back as his limbs shake. His back brushes the near destroyed punching bag behind him and Shepard reaches out and takes hold of it in one hand, trapping his body between it and hers. Her other hand is gripping his neck and she hates her armor for keeping her from feeling him.

Her eyes are locked with his and she is fueled on by how his have become hooded. Her tongue brushes his and his whole body jolts. When he pushes away this time it's with more strength and he succeeds in removing her from him.

Only she does not let go of his neck and he ends up stumbling towards her and knocking her off balance. She brings him down with her and her mind reels at how his body crushes hers and how she really needs her armor off.

"Shepard!" Garrus growls low and disapproving in his throat. "Stop! I don't know what the hell has gotten into you—"

"Hopefully you." He glares hard at her comment.

"But you need to get ahold of yourself."

He is supporting himself on his arms and moves to pull away, but Shepard wraps her arms around his cowl and legs around his waist. He's back to glaring at her as he's pulled back to the ground, arms and legs holding them both up.

Her mouth eagerly attacks his and this time she earns a deep moan. She presses back into his mouth as his eyes slam shut and one hand cups her head to him as his tongue clumsily mimics her. The feeling of his talons in her hair is sending sparks down her spine and she grinds her armored hips to his.

Garrus collapse on top of her as his arm gives out and his mouth, and hips, smash against her.

"Spirits be damned, Shepard." His mouth leaves her as the hand in her hair grips hard enough to pull her head to one side. He runs his tongue along her neck and, damn, does it feel good. She sucks in bit of air and whimpers as it trails along her jaw.


His face nuzzles her neck and he takes a deep breath before gentle nipping at her. "T-This isn't right."

Her hand holds his neck, keeping him in place as he works at tasting her flesh. While a darker part of her knows he's too far gone to back out now—and she wants a little pay back for the two days of despair she went through because of him—she doesn't want her time with him tainted in anyway. So she takes pity on him.

"Garrus," she gives a small breathy laugh. "You and the crew need to stop assuming shit about me. I've never slept with Jacob, let alone kissed him." He pulls back to look her in the eyes. "The only person I want on this ship, in the galaxy, is you." She presses her lips to his. "Got that?" She smiles as she gently strokes the surprisingly smooth skin of his neck.

He doesn't respond.

His eyes grow dark and a low sound, like a growl but not quite so, is coming from him.


If her brain was working right she would have been amazed at how fast her armor came off. But as it stands all she can think about is the tongue invading her mouth and the hand touching, feeling, grouping, and cupping so many places. She's just in her under-suit and the ripping sound falls on deaf ears. But the feel of cool air on her skin, followed by his hot hands, both make gooseflesh prickle along her skin.

And his tongue. His damn tongue.

She cries out as he peels away part of her suit, cutting the front of her bra with a sharp talon, and licks her nipple. She wonders how the hell he knows to do that but she doesn't care as he repeats the action, the low growl still vibrating his in throat. A part of her knows he's mad about something and it takes all her will power to question him and not let him continue his treatment.

"All this time I thought… we've wasted so much time." She understands and pulls him in close again.

"We just have to make up for lost time, huh?" Shepard smiles but Garrus is still upset.

He moves over her, his eyes holding her gaze as he presses his head to hers in a profoundly gentle and tender manner. The act surely means a lot to him as his eyes fill with something that almost make her confess her feelings, but she catches herself in time. She hopes that there will be a day down the road where they have been together long enough for her feelings to be right. And not It's too soon and Are you sure? and You're just under a lot of pressure.

She hopes she can tell him one day how much she loves him but, for today, she is okay with just showing him.

"I…" He pauses for a second to gain better control of his flanging. "I just want something to go right. I don't want to rush… I don't want you to think this is just sex to me. Since you came back in my life I've thought about you as more than my commander. As more than my friend. And if we do this I won't be able to pretend like I don't care about you that way." His mouth presses to hers in a sweet imitation of a kiss. "Are you sure? You may not be with Jacob, but are you sure you don't want something a little closer to home?"

From how close he is surely he can see how she's blushing and feel how hard her heart is hammering under her skin? How her eyes grew wide at his confession and how tight her hold is on him.

Can he see the water rimming her eyes? Damn, she hopes he can't see the last one.

Shepard laughs as she pulls him down and hugs him to her.

"I already said I want you, big guy. That's not about to change anytime soon." She kisses his throat. "In fact, it may never change." That is the closes she'll get to telling him and she wonders if he understands with how his shoulder stiffen. He pulls back and shakes his head at her while smiling.

"We're both idiots, Charlotte, because it's not changing on my end as well."

"Well," she smirks as her heart gives a joyful leap. "Like I said, we need to make up for lost time."

His blues turn predatory and Shepard's mind is struck blank as he gives a deep, throaty laugh.

"Yes, we do." He brings his face close to hers and she can smell his breath as he speaks. Her whole body hums at the promise in his eyes. "I hope you didn't plan on leaving anytime soon." His hand grips her hips and he grinds his to hers. "Tonight you're mine. Every last inch of you is mine." He turns to run his tongue along her jaw and whispers in her ear. "And I'm going to make you scream my name, Charlotte. You can be damn sure of that."

"I suggest you refrain from your course of action as the surveillance equipment in the cargo-bay is still active. I also suggest going to your cabin, were you have disabled all monitoring devices."

"Fuck," she mumbles. Both because of the truth of EDI's words and the fact Garrus is not letting up. "C-Can't you, ah!, just turn t-them off?" She whimpers as Garrus starts to trail lower on her body, ripping and pulling away chucks of her suit as he explores her skin with his strong hands and hot, hot mouth.

"I can turn off all regular monitoring equipment," EDI says with a slight change in tone on 'regular'.

But not the hidden ones. Shepard gets the message.

"D-Do it. And close all s-shudders to the room and l-lock the elevator from this f-floor." There is no way they are making it up to her cabin at this point. The hum of motors and the slight scrap of steel tell her that the window to the upper level is closed.

"Garrus," she pulls at his fringe and he lets out an annoyed huff as he pulls back from her. "Unless you want the Illusive Man to—"

"At this point I really don't care. The whole crew could be—"

"I'm pretty sure Joker caught the first act, big guy. And I kinda want the second not to be on the extra-net tomorrow."

He rolls his eyes in a human way and pulls back on his knees to grab her gantlet with her omni-tool attached. He turns it on and a few minutes later she hears a loud screech and he tosses it aside.

Garrus gasp as she pulls him into a fierce kiss as she works off the last of her torn suit. Then her hand dips into his pants and he moans as her fingers touch his emerging member. It's his turn to land on his back with her on top. She strokes his new skin as it is freed and she notes the slickness of it. Mordin's warning pops into her head and she hates that she has enough brains cells not drowning in lust to take his warning to heart. Shepard pulls away and frowns.

"Mordin said something about ingesting and allergic reactions."

"You talked to Mordin about us?" He sounds amused.

"No, he just mentioned it in… passing…"

"Uh-huh." He chuckles as he pulls her closer. "Seeing that our tongues have been shoved down each other throats, I think we're good to ingest." His eyes turn wicked as he hooks a talon at the band of her panties. "But tell me, what are we ingesting exactly?"

Her face ignites. "Ah, well, you know…"

"I have an idea. I've heard humans make better use of their mouths than asari." He runs his other talon up the curve of her spine. "But you might have to enlighten me as to what exactly it is." He cuts the band of her panties on one side before doing the same to the other and removing the item. Cool air hits her wet core and she clenches her tights together as she throbs with a painful need. A need for him.

"Later," she whispers with a tight throat as she pulls at his pants and succeeds in snapping the band. "Later." She licks his neck then bites down, harder than she would have on a human, and he fucking roars.

What happens next is all a colorful blur of electric blue and gray. Of growls and grunts and moans and a smell that draws her down under a veil. Of a strangely delicious smoky taste in her mouth, hot, molten things on her skin, and Garrus. Purely and wonderfully Garrus.

She does feel when he finally enters her, because the feeling of completeness he gives her makes her cry out. He's big, but not obscenely so, and his pace is tame at first. But that's not what either on them wants and soon he is ruining her for all human men. Marking her skin and soul with his touch and making the galaxy fall from under her as he relentlessly takes her over edge again and again.

And again. "Garrus!" And again. "Garrus!" And so many times that night.

And she brings him along in groans and gasps and her name dancing in his two-toned voice. She fulfills her promise of 'later'.

The clearest moments are when they are lying in heaps, letting their bodies recover (as she has found her upgraded body and his turian one are very well matched) and holding each other close. They are tender moments and out of place with how hard they pull at each other in the times before and after, but they are the most important because they are both to worn out try and hid behind bravo.

He gives out a content rumble and she lets out happy sighs.

And she feels so very, very alive.

Vakarian stares at the women asleep in his arms. This was not how he though the day would end when he woke up that morning, confused and ready to fight Jacob.

Charlotte's armor is scattered around the room and his is still in a neat pile not far off. He's happy he wore his down, and not just his workout clothes, as the snapped band of his pants make them useless. Dark fabric is also littered around them; the remains of his lover's suit.

Charlotte curls tighter against him and sighs out. He presses his mouth to her hair—reveling in her scent—and gives a soft hum to soothe her back to sleep. She mumbles something in her sleep and he rubs her bare back.

"Shush," he soothes again. He doesn't want her to wake yet. They still have jobs to do and a galaxy to save, and when she wakes they will be back at their task. So for right now he just wants to hold her while he can. He knows how easily she can be taken from him.

"Garrus," she smiles in her sleep and his heart warms. "I love you." And that makes his heart stop and then explode.

He will not mention her words when she wakes but, as she will never know, he lets himself be honest with her.

"I love you too, Charlotte." He sighs as he closes his eyes. "I love you too."

She hears it in her dreams and smiles even more.





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