First fanfiction (that I've written down). I haven't written narrative in a very long time. I do mostly scripts and screenplays. That means not writing what a character thinks and staying in the present tense, so this is a bit of a treat/challenge. Hope it is enjoyed. I welcome any and all feedback. All characters and the universe owned by Bioware. Such a great sandbox!

The Collectors had been blasting what little cover Brandon had left. Blood had soaked into his bullet riddled coat with chunks of his armor obliterated. His experience beyond his youth seemed to be irrelevant. His dark brown hair was awash with sweat and blood. Muscles ached from their overexertion on the front lines. He was down to five shots in his pistol and the Revenant was now an expensive paperweight.

I swear I can't figure out why we went to thermal clips.

Blood trickled down his left shoulder from the gash blown in his armor. Sitting with his back against the rubble, his head hung heavy from exhaustion. He couldn't hear anymore gunfire…from either side.

The team fell back. Good. I bought them the time. They are safe…she is safe. It was wrong to do that to her…couldn't die without her knowing. Hope she can forgive me…

Footsteps grew louder. They were getting closer.

Shepard better blow this place to hell. It doesn't matter anymore. All that's left is: one in the head or cremated Reaper paste.

A Collector's shadow loomed over what was left of the battlefield. It was joined by the distinctive shapes of three others.

Brandon had his pistol resting gently against his temple. All he could do was close his brown weary eyes.

Don't want to come back a husk.

But managed a chuckle.

Hate to look like Zaeed.

The entities stopped just before his cover. The line between life and death blurred. His finger moved over the trigger.

"I'm sorry…my love..."