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Chuck vs. 9 Years

By CharmingCharles2896

Chapter 1: Aftermath

January 27th

Malibu California, "The Beach" 7:35P.M.

The kiss a kiss to end all kisses a kiss that could decide the fate of Chuck and Sarah's future plans. As they broke the kiss Sarah kept her eye's closed hoping for something, anything to happen, but sadly no dice.

"I'm so sorry chuck but the kiss didn't work" She buried her face in his chest crying.

"Sarah its okay we'll work around it, we'll get through it, and we will be together again even if it takes the rest of my life." The resolve in his voice was both comforting and inspiring.

"I wanted it to work so bad after hearing our story I wanted so badly to remember, to be the wife you deserve not what I am now, a lonely lost burn out spy who nearly killed the only man that ever loved her and threatened his whole family. I want it so badly and yet I now have to embrace the harsh reality that I will never be the woman who loved you again instead I'll be the woman formerly known as Sarah Bartowski." It broke Chuck's heart to see her like this so depressed and so wrong.

"Sarah look at me" Chuck said tenderly as he turned her so she was looking him in the eye.

"What makes you think I don't still love you? What makes you think you're a burnt out spy? What makes you think that it has to be this way? I mean look I now a lot about you yet you now little about me but who cares if we just take our time and work this out we can get through this and move on to a future our future. Doesn't that sound great?" Sarah was looking on in revere as this man just said the exact thing she needed to hear. The smile on Chuck's face could light up even the darkest of rooms.

"So Sarah what do you think?" they both stood up holding hands, Chuck got down on one knee and asked…

"Sarah Lisa Bartowski will you take it slow with me?" Sarah was on the verge of crying again but for a different reason this time it was because no matter how bad things got she had chuck to rely on and it was a first for her, and who was she kidding she new she was once again falling madly in love with one Charles Irving Bartowski but she new that it was better if they took it slow. She had better respond to his question before he gets the wrong idea she didn't know much about chuck as a person but she wasn't dumb so she easily realized that he was the talk it out type…

"Of coarse I will Chuck I lov…" no she can't not yet they were taking it slow, oh fuck it she was going to live her life the way she wanted to.

"Chuck I love you and I don't need memories to know that so forget taking it slow I want my life back I want our life back I want to be your wife again." Sarah attacked his lips in fire of passion want and need. As there tongues danced she ran her fingers through his hair when suddenly she broke the kiss and spoke

"You now chuck I always liked your hair when it was longer you should grow it out."

The look of shock on chucks face was very apparent.

"Wa wa what did you just say?"

"You should grow out your hair I miss your long curly brown locks" she said it so nonchalantly that chuck was surprised to say the least.

"Sarah where did that come from?" Sarah was surprised by his response.

"While we were kissing I was thinking about the game night so many years ago wear Morgan was talking about your dog peaches during that conversation I ran my hand through your hair and thought of how great you looked with long hair."

"OH MY GOD SARAH THAT WAS A MEMORY YOU JUST REMEMBERED THAT!" Chuck kissed her again before rapping her in a hug so tight that she almost stopped breathing. Chuck was so excited that she remembered something it was like hope was restored for him like it was still possible for her to remember not that it would have mattered if she didn't.


January 28th,

Mohave Desert 5:37 A.M.

A lone armored truck speeds down the highway in the early morning. In the back is basically every bad guy Chuck every came in contact with. Lazlo Minofski, Mr. Colt, Hugo Panzer, and a man alone in the corner wearing a strange mask the man is wrapped in a strait jacket and saying nothing. Three black ford vans pull up behind the armored truck. The driver of the truck speaks

"We've got company" two vans pull ahead and next to the truck practically boxing the truck in.
"Oh shit" said the passenger as the van in front of them opened its rear doors two men dressed in black suits were sitting there with President Masks on. One of the two men held up an RPG-7 and aimed it at the truck… BOOM the cab burst into flames the driver and his companion were vaporized in seconds. As the truck veered off the road and flipped over the prisoners in the back went flying all over the place. As the masked men surveyed the damage the door fell open reveling a ghastly scene, hug panzer was dead on the ground with a massive gash in his forehead, Mr. Colt was dead also from a broken skull after he hit his head on a seat, Lazlo was unconscious and the mysterious man wearing the strait jacket was sitting in the corner, half of the mask was cracked and his eye was missing.

"Good he is still alive grab him and lets go before the C.I.A. gets hear" two men grabbed the mysterious man and left. As the vans sped off into the distance clouds near the horizon started to form, it was the calm before the storm.