9 Years Without You

By CharmingCharles2896

Chapter 7:

Messages From A Distant Angel

Chuck's private estate

11:00 A.M.

3 days later

Sarah was afraid; terrified is probably a better word for it. She needed to talk to Chuck very badly but was too scared, it was a scary thought, confronting him and talking about it. She new that he would get angry it was a fact that she had accepted. If he weren't mad she would be very surprised. Quite frankly he deserved to be mad and it probably would help if he got all the anger out in the open if only so that she could help him deal with it. She didn't know how to go about confronting him so she devised a plan to let him confront her on his own terms. Yes the plan was sort of a cop out but she didn't care. The plan was almost in place all that was left was to wait for Chuck to confront her. He was always better at the emotional stuff. More then likely he wouldn't take her back but maybe just maybe he'd let her in and she could help him with the anger and the demons. She truly felt horrible about all the crap she had given him over the nearly six years that she new him, it was a testament to how trusting and dedicated he really was. After this latest fiasco Sarah could never expect that kind of dedication from him. There he was a sleep in his bed, he looked so peaceful now. She was currently in his bedroom that technically she broke into so that she could set up her plan that so far had all gone according to plan. She was currently laying the note down on his dresser when he stirred a little; she froze and stared at him wide eyed waiting for him to wake up from all her noise. Luckily Chuck didn't wake up and she had enough time to finish all the preparations for her plan. After everything was done she quickly and silently left the premises so she could go to work at her new job.

30 minutes later

As the sun shined in through the window waking Chuck from his wrestles sleep. He ran his fingers through his long unruly hair, rubbing his eye's trying to wake up. It was Christmas break at BTC and he gave everybody a payed month off for the holidays, BTC could afford it so why not give everybody the nice little early Christmas gift. He turned over on his bed and sat up, stretched and yawned. He was tired after working on his latest project well into the night again; he had a real problem with that. As his mind began to un-fog and he became more alert he notice the faint smell in the air.

"Is that perfume?" he took in a deep whiff and instantly recognized the scent, Sarah used to ware that perfume she new he loved it so she wore it.

"That's peculiar." He thought nothing of it and stood up quickly walking over to his dresser to start the day. He noticed a small piece of paper lying there on his dresser when he got up to his dresser.

Go down stairs

"Interesting" he put on an old tee shirt and some sweats and walked down stairs where he quickly noticed another note.

Go into the kitchen

He walked into the kitchen and saw it, on the kitchen table was a place mate and a plate with utensils and everything. He gasped at what was on the plate; on the plate was bacon and pancakes. There was a note sitting next to the place setting.

Good morning Chuck, there are very important things we need to talk about. Enjoy your breakfast, when you're ready to talk, come down to the Buymore and find me


He was in pure shock did she really do this? Did she really set all this up? No she couldn't, she wouldn't, would she? That would definitely explain the smell in his room. He sat down and started to enjoy a piece of bacon when it dawned to him.

"She was here!? No way!" there was no way he just couldn't believe it. Forgetting all about breakfast he sprinted back up to his room to get dressed for the day.


1:30 P.M.

Buymore parking lot

Chuck pulled his car into a parking spot towards the back of the parking lot and exited his car. Chuck was very protective of his Lamborghini so he usually parked as far back as he could. Chuck quickly walked into the Buymore and looked around the store, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

"Hey Chuck what brings you into my store today?" Morgan was walking toward him as chuck spoke.

"Well this morning I found this note on my kitchen table." Chuck handed Morgan the note, which Morgan proceeded to read. Morgan was reading the note when he replied.

"Oh" he looked up "OH!" Morgan was shocked at what it said.

"Yeah I know it said to meet here so here I am."

"I don't know Chuck that's weird, I haven't seen her here." Just then they heard the front doors open. Chuck turned around to look and gasped at whom it was.

"Hello Chuck" Sarah Gave him a smile that would light up even the darkest of rooms. Chuck was speechless she looked so beautiful. Sarah walked closer to him and gave him a hug.

"Um he-hello Sarah ho-how are you?" she laughed at his speechlessness.

"Chuck I think its time for us to have a little talk." Chuck nodded and followed Sarah out the front of the store.

"Gosh where to start, where to start. Oh right, I used the glasses you gave me." Chuck stopped in his tracks and looked at her.

"You used them?" He was hoping, begging, pleading that she was telling the truth. The vulnerability came through when he said that, which touched Sarah the most. She nodded and broke into a sad smile the tears welling up in both their eyes. She ran into his arms and the tears started falling.

"Oh Chuck I missed you so much, I remember everything and I couldn't be happier right now." She kissed him in a fire of passion that he quickly reciprocated. It was at least five minutes before they broke their embrace.

"Oh Sarah you have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that I was starting to think I'd never get you back." He kissed her again before pulling away.
"Wait a minute you were in my house, one how did you know where I live? and two how did you get in? I have the best security system in the world." He chuckled that she got in, so much for worlds best security system. But who was he kidding she was Sarah Walker badass spy. Sarah giggled at him playfully, god how she had missed this. It had been far to long and right now Sarah was having more fun then she had in many, many years.

"Chuck first of all Google Maps, Second I was the CIA's best agent for nearly 20 years if I can't get into your house then I'd be really disappointed in myself considering I've only been out of the CIA for three days." It took a while for Chuck to totally absorb that last statement made by Sarah. She giggled at his dumbfoundedness, it was so cute how speechless all this was rendering him. She couldn't resist it any longer she had to kiss him; she hadn't been able to do that for to long so she did, she kissed him. She poured everything she had into the kiss desperately trying to make up for lost time, it was tragic how the fates had kept them apart for so long even if indirectly.

Morgan had a big smile on his face at seeing the site in front of him even though they were across the parking lot he could still see Chuck and Sarah.

"Good for you Chuck." Big mike walked up next to Morgan and put his arm over Morgan's shoulder.

"Hey son is that Bartowski?" Morgan nodded. "BARTOWSKI!" Chuck looked around trying to locate the voice he heard, he looked towards the Buymore and spotted Big Mike and Morgan.

"WHAT?" He yelled, Chuck was really enjoying kissing Sarah right now so the sooner he could be done with this conversation the better.


"YOU'RE WELCOME" Sarah unlatched from Chuck's embrace and gave a big smile and wave to Big Mike.

"HI BIG MIKE!" she giggled at Chuck again she just couldn't stop giggling at him she was so giddy and happy. She could gladly say that she was madly in love with him and nothing could change that.

"Well miss Walker care to join me for a tour of Casa Bartowski." She gave him a happy smile and nodded yes.

"Well then we best get going, come on I have a lot to show you." They got over to Sarah's car when Chuck grabbed her and spun her into his embrace before planting a loving kiss on her waiting lips.

"You know how to get there right?" Sarah nodded yes.

"Race you there? Bet you can't beat me." Sarah was shocked and intrigued at the same time.

"Oh your so on." She quickly climbed into her brand new Porsche, the car roared to life and the tires screeched. Chuck was sprinting towards his car when he heard the screech of her tires. He climbed into the cab of his Lamborghini and started the massive V12 engine and engaged the sport mode.

"Okay Sarah lets roll" he stomped on the throttle and the car sped away. He suddenly realized she didn't have his gate code so he grabbed his phone and called her.

"Yes Chuck, called to give up all ready?" Sarah was feeling extra confident in her driving abilities at the moment.

"No Sarah of coarse not I just called to tell you my gate code."

"Oh, okay what is it." Sarah was focused on winning at the moment she really wanted to beat Chuck.

"It's 092407."

Chuck spoke quickly before noticing her car just ahead of him about 100 yards away.

"Okay thanks Chuck see you later." She was about to hang up when Chuck spoke again.

"Oh and Sarah just to let you know I just past you in traffic bye." He hung up quickly before she could reply, laughed a hearty laugh out of a combination of joy and excitement. Unbelievable he past her she couldn't believe it, it was kind of unfair his car was much faster then hers, that was the excuse she was telling herself as she stomped on the throttle.


Same time

Unknown location

He looked at the computer screen and listened to the audio as the door behind him opened.

"Well did you get the code?" asked a mysterious man, the man was tall and well built the intimidator type. The man wore a long trench coat.

"Yes sir 092407." If the mysterious man could he would have smiled at the news everything was going according to plan.

"Good now we wait for the right moment then we strike them where it hurts most… there hearts." The man laughed manically and walked out of the room.


Casa Bartowski

1 hour later

Sarah arrived at Chucks estate and entered threw the gate. The place was very big kind of like Aaron Spelling's home. Massive front yard stone driveway leading to a fountain then to either the front door or the garage depending on what path you took. She decided to try the garage, when she arrived at the garage she noticed a keypad on the wall outside. Sarah got out of her car and walked up to it. Before she could press any buttons it spoke in a typical robot voice.

"Hello miss walker want to enter the garage?" Sarah was a little freaked out how did this thing know her name and further more recognize her?

"Yes" Sarah said apprehensively; the garage door opened and inside was Chuck sitting on the front of his 1969 mustang. She quickly parked her car and exited.

"Hello Sarah how was the drive?" Sarah couldn't believe he beat her hear, she took the fastest route possible.

"How did you beat me here?"

"Well you missed an exit that would have taken about fifteen minutes off of your trip, I didn't miss it and beat you hear also my car is way faster then yours is." Sarah gave him a fake pouting face and walked closer to him.

"Well then I guess I lost, now what Mr. Bartowski?" Sarah spoke with such a sultry tone that Chuck's breath caught in his throat.

"Um well how about a tour of the place?" She nodded and followed him into the house. Chuck led her throughout the large mansion all the various bedrooms and bathrooms, the pool house, home theater room, the living and dinning rooms. Finally there was only one room left, Chuck's office Chuck never let anybody go in there he had told her but he said that he had something she needed to see.

"Okay Sarah this is my office" he slowly opened the door and she walked in, it was the first thing she saw.

"Oh my god Chuck" she was in shock after all this time he still had it.

"There yours, they've been sitting hear waiting." She was tearing up, she was so happy he kept them she missed all of this she had abandoned him and yet here she was it was one of the happiest days of her life. Chuck opened the glass case and pulled out her wedding ring and slipped it onto her finger.

"Welcome home Sarah." Se ran into his arms and hugged him, kissed him, she was so happy.

"Chuck I can honestly say I love you so much and nothing is ever gonna change that." Chuck suddenly got really nervous she loved him, but he had heard that before. This was different she was back, she remembered. So what that doesn't change any thing. He smiled at her and nodded. Sarah notice the sudden change in his demeanor she notice how he didn't say it back, she contributed that to the abandonment issues and that he probably didn't trust her totally just yet. She felt so sorry for him he gave her his heart and she killed it, stomped on it repeatedly. He always loved her though but now she couldn't be sure, one thing she was sure of was that she would do whatever it took to get him to trust her again even if that meant stripping down and making passionate love to him nonstop for a week she would do whatever it took to get him back, She would never leave him again.