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"You love me right?" the man asked as he leaned closer.

Hibari turned his head away and looked out the car window.

"I don't want your grubby hands," he answered coldly.


An irritated sneer came from the dark haired teen thinking it wasn't even worth repeating what he said.

"Fucking brat, look at me!" The gangster Italian was about to reach over when the car suddenly crashed and the man turned his attention to the front. "Hey! What the hell's going on?!" he yelled.

"Sir!" the driver called out. "We're being ambu-"

BANG! A bullet shot through the driver's head and men started to rush at them at the car. Barararara! The windows came next as the glass shattered at their ears.

"What the hell?!"

Men in suits were rampaging through the cars at the front as they killed his men outside – screams and gunshots filling the air. The man broke in sweat and glared at the boy beside him.

"What are you doing?" he gritted.

The boy just looked at him with a blank face. It was that look – the look that he was being looked down upon on. A flare of betrayal burned in the mafioso's chest. After all that he'd done for this brat?! Pampering him, giving him the life of luxury, treating him like his own! After all that, he was going to bring the death curse to him too? Screw that! There was no way this kid was going to betray him now! He grabbed the boy's arm and kicked the door open.

"Fix this!" he yelled as he dragged him out of the car.

He made sure to take his suitcase with him as they ran into an abandoned building trying to escape. As they made for the most inner part of the structure, the man shoved his belongings aside, stopping as he tried catching his breath.

"You're supposed to be my lucky charm!"

He swung his arm at the boy's face and an echo sounded through the empty air. A light bruise started to form, but the boy only laughed.

"Is that what you think?"

The mafioso's brow twitched as he raised his hand again, but a sudden sharp pain clutched his chest. "Ngh!" His mouth quickly gaped open.

The muscular body of the Italian gangster overcame with sharp spasms and his knees broke letting him fall to the ground.

"Hmn," Hibari smiled looking down at the seizing man.

The mafioso shook uncontrollably on the floor as he held his heart, but still, he reached out to the boy's feet. Groveling, quailing – he was begging his lucky charm. Hibari lifted his foot shaking him off and stamped the sole on the man's hand, twisting it.

"Don't touch me."


"In here!" Romario called out.

The rest of the group followed him and banged opened the metal door. The rusty clanging tensed their grip as his men raised their guns expecting retaliation.

"De Luca!" the bronco pushed himself forward.

He was ready to whip out the nasty mafioso when his shoulders relaxed dumbfounded at what he saw. Everyone followed suit dropping their weapons confused when they saw the man they were chasing lay dead on the floor, and right beside him was a boy patiently sitting on the suitcase they were after. The boy sat there with his legs crossed looking bored as he looked up at them with expecting grey eyes.

"Oi," Dino smiled shakily. What was this?


The sudden light seared his eyes as his pupils shrunk from the incoming rays; an overly bright yellow came at him as a group of men opened the door.

"Wait! Dino-san!" a man in a suit shouted a warning as he held a man back. "Be careful! That's the four-leafed clover!"

"Huh?" the man turned to his subordinate stepping back.

Hibari scoffed at the inevitable mention of the name. The four-leafed clover – it was a stupid name. It was the nickname the gangsters of Italy called him by ever since he fell into the shady business, and he hated it. He watched as the young leader of the other familia got lectured of his reputation.

"What is that? Clover?" the young family head looked to his men.

His shoulders drew tense again as the other who spoke continued to explain.

"He holds the fortuna del diavolo, the devil's luck. If you get too close, the diavolo will know your face,"

Hibari's jaw clenched at the nonsense. Did all the gangsters believe that? It was a joke. He looked up to see the changing face of the blond with the whip in his hand, and it irritated him even more. Was he going to believe that superstition too? He probably was. They were all the same - idiot mafioso.

Hibari turned his attention and glanced his eyes at the stiffening dead body beside him. A weak herbivore. The head of the De Luca thought he could "own" him and use him, and he was a deluded fool for it. He belonged to no one. Now, he was probably going to be captured by this new familia and the same thing would happen to him again. Another herbivore that would try to eat the "four-leafed" clover.

"The devil?" a laughing voice caught Hibari by surprise.

He turned his sharp gaze back up at the door and saw the boss wave his subordinate's arm away.

"Don't be silly, Romario. That's just rumor. Something like that can't be proven. Besides, that kid looks scared,"

The man sent a warm smile at Hibari's way and the he returned him back a scowl.

"See?" he chuckled at Hibari's reaction and started walking over, the suited men trying to stop him in the background.

"Dino-san!" they called after him, but their cries were ignored.

Hibari glared as he watched the man come forward. Wasn't he overcome with the thought of power? The rumors that he can bring him fortune despite it being the devil's? The Italian mafioso were devils their selves anyway.

The blond kneeled in front of him keeping a friendly expression and Hibari almost drew back. Was something wrong with this guy?! What was he planning?! A feeling of weariness washed over him greater than it had with any other gangster before.

"Are you okay? What's your name?" he patted him on the shoulder and Hibari flung his fist at him. "Woah!"

The blond caught his hand out of reflex. The gangster's face hardened for a second but immediately softened again. It was his eyes... The dark haired teen froze at the look he had never seen before when he was suddenly lifted up from the ground.

"Ngh!" a firm grip swung him around at the waist and he found himself clinging against muscular arms so he wouldn't fall.

For a second, he thought he was going to, but his feet felt the floor again. The hands slipped from his middle while one went ahead and traveled up and reached over his shoulders.

"Romario, get the suit case,"

"Yes, sir,"

He could hear heavy steps as the men started to move and rush past him.

"And make sure to clean up the body,"

Hibari could feel the small vibrations as the man spoke so close to him giving orders and he pushed himself away.

"Hm?" the mafioso looked at him as he stumbled back. The man tilted his head at the boy's angry expression but reached out his hand. "It's okay, I won't hurt you,"

Hibari smacked the harmless hand away. "Don't touch me, herbivore, or I'll bite you to death,"

"Bite me to death?" the man was taken aback by his incredulous glare and threatening words.

A ripple of shuffling surrounded the skylark as the suited men reached for their guns ready to jump for his next move. That's more like it, Hibari grew easier with the more familiar situation. Everyone was tense and glaring at him except for one. His focus went back to the man standing before him who waiting with the still warm smile. Waiting? Waiting for what? Was he expecting something from him? An irritated vein popped out of the teen's temple as he came at the blond head on with another set of his fists.

The lead gangster sighed as he took out his whip smacking it in the air. A dark flash rushed at Hibari's line of view and something wrapped around his wrist.

"Hn?" he looked down at his arm and stopped.

The blond moved his arm again and the whip pulled the boy to the ground making him meet the hard concrete. Fuck! Hibari's eyes widened as he tried to get up but a long tail wrapped around his whole body imprisoning him in a tight hold. What the hell was this?! He squirmed inside the gangster's whip and the tail only got tighter.

"Guess we'll take this too," Hibari looked up and saw the blond standing over him.

The boy let out a hot breath as he seethed in anger at being trapped; a slight panic rushing at his head. The gangster flicked his wrist flinging him in the air and Hibari smacked the hard shoulder of the Italian. The man laughed making him angrier and the boy couldn't do a thing about it except bare his fangs. If he couldn't use his fists, then... The teen opened his mouth wide and sunk his teeth at the man's neck.



Romario looked at the red bite mark on his boss' neck as he smeared ointment on it.

"Hmrg!" Dino closed his right eye flinching in pain.

"Are you sure your okay, boss?" he stopped applying the cream.

The blond took a deep breath and nodded. "Yeah, I'm alright."

As his right hand man, he grew worried if his boss really caught rabies or something. The way the kid looked despite being dressed in kempt clothes - it was wild. Thinking back at the incident, perhaps maybe he acted too late? Romario went back to the deep indentations in the blond's skin. The sharp fangs of the brat actually ran deep making their young family head bleed.

"Ow! Ow! Ow ow! Somebody take him off!" Dino's face twisted as he held still from the sudden attack, his pain receptors raging through his every being.

Romario turned at the sudden yelp and took out his gun. "Boss!" he ran to the blond's side.

"Don't shoot him!"


"Don't shoot him! Just get his head away from me!"

The right hand man slowly put down his arms. Take his head away from him? Was the kid biting him? Romario took a closer look and saw that indeed, the boy's teeth attached to Dino's skin.

"Boss!" Romario acted without thinking and smacked the kid on the head with the butt of his gun.

The dark haired teen jolted but didn't knock out. His eyes shot up shooting a glare at the mustached Italian with a look so deadly that it made him step back. Dino only yelled louder as the boy sunk his canines in deeper and Romario regained himself. Damn it, kid! Get off! He smacked the boy again.

Romario closed his eyes relieved that the boy knocked out after the fifth hit. That kid really had a strong head! He almost felt bad that he had to hurt a such a youngin' though. He looked like he was in his teens, but still.

"What are you going to do with the four-leafed clover, boss?" he asked obviously troubled about keeping the boy for any longer.

Merely hours had passed since they took the boy into the Cavallone household and placed him unconscious out in one of the guest rooms, but the sooner they get rid of him, the better. The bronco kept quiet for a bit thinking.

"We should probably find a place where he could stay for a while in the city. Some place someone would be willing to take care of him," Romario suggested.

Dino thinned his lips at the idea.

"I think I should talk to him first," he looked down trying to be more sensitive to the boy's possible interests. "He doesn't look like he's from this country,"

"But that boy's been here for a while," Romario shook his head at the contrary. "A lot of people from the streets already know him as as the holder of the devil's luck,"

The Cavallone head scrunched his brows at the repeated phrase. Fortuna del diavolo.

"Devil's luck? What exactly is that?" he turned to his right hand man. "You told me about that earlier when we were chasing De Luca,"

The middle aged Italian paused scrunching his brows.

"Boss, I can't believe you don't know,"

"Don't know what?"

"He is the bringer of misfortune to any family that takes care of him. In his case - kidnapped him, and that boy has been with many families," Romario stopped treating his boss and sat down across from him. "He's the bringer of bad luck. At first, the kid brings good luck to the family that had abducted him making them rich, but once the family reaches its peak in power, tragedy falls on them."

"What do you mean?" Dino grew serious.

The family's right hand paused thinking of the word that could sum it all up, and only one came to mind.

"Death," the grave word rolled out of his tongue; the stories of the horrible happenings churned in the man's head as he explained.

"Once the familia gets too powerful, mysterious deaths happen to the whole group - the worst of the tragedies happening to the family head. The boss of the first family that he was ever taken in to died because dogs attacked him at night. It was recorded that the mutts ripped his torso open, tearing the guts inside out. An even more eerie incident of another familia was when a ship sank, but the only ones who died were the men from the group who kidnapped the four-leafed clover. Because of the rumours saying he will make you rich, many families have tried to abduct him hoping that they will get his 'luck.' In the end, their familia gets torn apart by the devil's hand."

"Now that just seems like coincidence," the blond shook his head disbelieving, "what if another family was already after them in the first place, and it was their doing that got the boy's familia killed? It's a professional's job to make it look like an accident. Besides, how about today? We were after De Luca and nothing strange happened to them,"

Romario's face grew dark as he thought back. He actually didn't notice it until now but...

"Boss," he looked up at the young head, "We didn't kill De Luca. De Luca died of a heart attack before we came. It looked like he had a seizure,"

"Hm?" Dino's shoulders tensed as he straightened up.

"Actually, there was at least one person in each car during our attack that died of a heart attack before we got the chance to shoot them." An eerie feeling started to run through Romario's veins making him cold. "Boss... don't you find it too easy that De Luca fell into our trap so easily? None of our men got hurt, and a lot of the other familia's men died before they could even fight back. And the suitcase full of De Luca's documents and property rights – all of it was in there. When we opened the storage he was hiding in, it felt... I don't know, too easy. Like it was set up."

"What are you saying?"

Romario could feel Dino getting uneasy too. He didn't want to sound like he doubted the efficiency of the Cavallone familia, he was actually very proud of his family, but he was definitely too creeped out for all of this.

"I'm saying, boss, is that don't you find it too odd? The way we found that boy just waiting for us sitting on the suitcase. It was like he was waiting for us. It's almost... sinister."

The Cavallone mafioso rubbed the back of his hand now queasy. Not afraid of bullets, but scared shitless of a mere superstition and his own conclusions? It was almost laughable.

"Boss," he continued. "I think we should get rid of that boy as soon as possible,"

The bronco gave a deep sigh at his most trusted subordinate's words.

"Devil's luck," he almost said it under his breath. "We don't need that type of luck. We are Cavallone, one of Italy's biggest familia. That type of luck won't touch us,"

The boss' voice didn't waver, but underneath that confident demeanour, did he really mean it?


Somewhere in an unknown room, Hibari tossed around, the irritating words came at his head.

Four-leafed clover, bring me luck.

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