Albion's Lost Years

Part 1: A Boy from Oakville

Chapter One: A New Rule

"So this is Albion now." Reaver said as he got out of his carriage. He looked up at what had used to be Fairfax castle which has now been converted to become Bowerstone castle, a much bigger and more regal place, fitting for a king or in this case, a Queen. Not long after his return from Samarkand he received a letter from the Queen informing him that not only has his Bloodstone mansion has a new owner (however, she didn't mention the name of the new owner, possibly for their own safety,) and how she would like to see him.

"Reaver," said a servant bowing.

"It is Master Reaver as far as you're concerned." Reaver said with annoyance as he poked him roughly with his cane. The man keels over. He cowered and bows again.

"My apologies, Master Reaver…" he said in fear.

Reaver sneered; he loved striking fear in the "little people's" hearts.

"Allow me to escort you to the war room."

Reaver tittered at the idea that the Queen wanted to see him in the war room. So typical of her he thought to himself. Almost reminiscent to when they had met in the appalling excuse that is the hero's guild. Reaver looked round the castle and admired its exquisite interior.

'She has done well for herself.' He thought.

But then again, if you sacrificed wealth to resurrect other's loved ones, you'd want to live in a life of luxury as well.

"Just through these doors, Master Reaver." whimpered the servant as he gestured through the big oak doors. Reaver draws his gun slowly, the servant squeaks like a mouse. He taps the servant's face with his Dragonstomper .48 before he enters the room. Reaver hears a tiny gasp of relief behind him.

The Queen is looking over the war map in deep thought. She isn't wearing any royal attire; she's instead wearing a tart's corset, a dark jacket, trousers and all complimented with boots.

'How regal.' Reaver thought distastefully.

When Reaver clears his throat she looks up. Her face adorns a scar across her cheek as did her chest.

'Much like the rest of her body possibly.' Reaver thought as he smirks.

"Are you hoping to intimidate me?" she asked as her eyes focus on his pistol.

"Not at all, you're majesty." Reaver said as he put his pistol away. He bows to her in politeness… shouldn't upset the Queen after all.

"Such a warm greeting from you as always." she said smiling coldly. "I suppose it's not as bad as when you tried to sacrifice my youth to the court or when you had tried to claim Lucien's bounty for me."

Reaver chuckles.

"No use living in the past, your majesty." said Reaver.

The Queen sighs.

"You're right in this instance. And it's the reason I summoned you here." She said. She walks over to Reaver and crosses her arms. "I hate to say this but I actually need your expertise."

"Your majesty, you naughty monarch." Reaver smirked.

She rolls her eyes at him.

"No, not that, funnily enough." she said. "I actually need you to be my business and financial advisor."

Reaver raises his eyebrows. He resists the urge to smile at the opportunity to not only have a higher status but an important position in power.

"And what inclined you to choose me for this wonderful position?" Reaver asked in curiosity.

"You are ruthless in your decisions and you hold wealth to the highest importance. I can't think of anyone who fits the position as well as you do." She answered coldly.

"There are many positions that I could fit into." said Reaver slyly.

"Well, my position is fine, so you can take the financial and business advisor or you can leave it." She replied impatiently.

"I'm honoured and will gracefully accept." said Reaver, bowing.

"Enough of the bowing and if you could gracefully get your lips off my posterior that would be appreciated." she said.

"As you wish." he said.

"It's only a request. I think if we're going to be working together then we should at least try and be…" she frowns a little "…friends…"

"Well, you'll find that I can be a very attentive friend." he said as he pressed her against the map in the middle of the room.

"I'm sure you are but…" She said as she sits on the table away from him. "We have to work on our friendship first." She pushes Reaver away gently. "Speaking of friends, how are you getting on with yours?" She asked with a knowing look.

Reaver sighs.

"Oh them. I'm keeping my end of the bargain but it is becoming quite tiresome and tedious."

"Are you developing a conscience?" Said the Queen shocked.

"Hardly. The travel through Wraithmarsh is hardly a stroll in the park." Reaver said. "It's physically wearing."

"Ironic for someone who is immortal." She said.

"Perhaps you should visit them yourself." suggested Reaver.

The Queen scoffs.

"Honestly, the idea of being queen forever doesn't appeal to you?" He asked in slight disbelief.

She scrunches up her face as she feigned thinking about it.

"Actually, no, can't say that it does. The idea of outliving loved ones seems far too sad." she said.

"You'd forget about it after half a century or so."

The Queen scoffs again.

"Anyway, enough pleasantries…" she said.

"That was pleasant conversation? I find pleasant conversation is in the bedroom."

The Queen ignores him and continues,

"I want you to start with the idea of industries. I think it's time to embrace that as part of Albion's future."

"I think I have just the thing, your majesty." he smiles.

"Good, get going then." She said, shooing him away.

"How about a goodbye kiss for now?" He said as he leans towards her.

She recoils back.

"Do you want to lose the position on the same day?" She asked.

"Can't blame me for trying." He smirked as he left the room.

The Queen looks back at the map and shakes her head in disbelief. She has already changed so much of Albion. Bowerstone Lake is now replaced with Millfields; the hero's guild has been removed and replaced with a lake gazebo. She has established new villages such as Brightwall and Mitspeak. A new graveyard, Mourningwood, that for whatever reason, settlers have made their home. So much has changed and so has she. Now she has entrusted Reaver to do the same to her Albion. She hopes she doesn't regret her decision, but as he is one of the last remaining heroes in Albion (aside from her,) and she feels the need to have him close by even if it's just to watch over his actions.

Chapter One A: An Industrial Age

It's the day of the grand opening of Bowerstone Industrial. The area consists of factories, stalls and houses for the factory workers. The people are excited at the prospect of having jobs and being able to be accommodated close by. The Queen congratulates Reaver on the success of building the district.

"I am impressed. I can not believe that you made all this happen from almost nothing." She said impressed.

"Your majesty, there are a lot of things I can do from scratch if given enough people and materials." He said proudly.

"We are still talking about Bowerstone Industry and not your rumoured parties, right?" She asked jokingly.

Reaver chuckles.

"I don't think I recall you being as humorous or as talkative as you are now." He said.

"That's because I had nothing of importance to say that my actions couldn't." She said.

"The dirtiest minds are the ones who stay silent." Sneered Reaver.

"I'm talking now, aren't I?" Chuckles the Queen. "Oh, I've heard you are building a mansion in Millfields."

"Yes, that's right. It's quite lucky, I had bought the land and started the reconstructing before I left for Samarkand, especially since my Bloodstone mansion is now being rented out to me." He said in a displeased tone. "I really must see the owner at some point."

The Queen laughs and he looks at her in surprise.

"What is it?" He asked.

"You're currently looking at the owner of your Bloodstone mansion." She answered.

"You?" Reaver said surprised.

"Yes, me. And thank you for the lovely letter, it really warmed my heart." She said sarcastically.

"Yes, well. No matter. I needed a higher class location anyway, one that I obviously couldn't find in Bloodstone. So it worked out for the best…." He said, almost in disappointment. "I like the title of the pirate king but that doesn't mean I have to live like one."

"Perish at the thought." She said sarcastically.

"Your majesty; you are due a speech to the factory workers." A guard said, coming towards the two.

"I have to go but perhaps I can visit you once your mansion is built." She said smiling as she walked off.

"I'll be waiting on the edge of my seat." Reaver said sarcastically.

He watches the Queen walk away and rolls his eyes. He turns to leave but bumps into a peasant who gets knocked to the ground. The peasant looks up at Reaver and starts to cower.

"I...I'm so sorry, Master Reaver…. I didn't mean to…" he whimpered.

Reaver drew his gun and aimed at the peasant.

"You clumsy oaf. You dirtied my coat." Reaver said in distaste.

"It was a mistake! I won't do it again!" cried the peasant.

"I'll make sure of it." Reaver said as he pulls the hammer.

"Master Reaver, you're needed at the mansion. There is confusion about the layout of one of the rooms."

Reaver turns to see one of his servants approach him from his carriage. Reaver tuts in annoyance and holsters his gun.

"You've been blessed by lady luck today." He hissed at the peasant and enters the carriage.

The peasant scrambles up and quickly runs away to the Queen's speech.

Chapter One B: The Cuckoo's Nest

As promised the Queen visits Reaver at his mansion once she heard that is has been built. She goes while it is evening after seeing to her duties as Queen. He is surprised by his unexpected guest.

"Admittedly I don't have many visitors who drop in for pleasantries as opposed to trying to challenge me or begging me for something. Any guests I do have, they come in numbers and more often than not, I am prepared for them." He said as he sat down beside her in the lobby. "I'm afraid I can't give you a grand tour at the moment due to the lateness of this visit."

"I'm sorry, Reaver, for coming so late. I just thought I'd visit after I finished my tasks but I didn't realise that it would be this late." said the Queen.

"It's quite alright. I was having trouble sleeping anyway." Reaver said. He had one of his servants bring them a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses.

"It's a shame; I was hoping to get a tour of your new home." She said in disappointment.

"I give you my word that you will one day." Said Reaver as he poured himself and the Queen a glass of wine.

"I never did ask you about your visit to Samarkand." She said.

"Well, I will be releasing an auto biography about it soon so you can read about it then." Reaver said.

"Can't you tell me?" She asked.

"Not even for the Queen."

"Not even a sneak peek?"

"I could give you a sneak peek of something." Reaver said smiling.

"Of the book I meant."

"It could be a reimagining of some of the scenes."


"Alright, but don't say I didn't offer if you suddenly succumb to natural instincts when you come across the scenes of indecent behaviour." said Reaver.

"I think I can manage." laughs the Queen. "Thank you for the hospitality, but I should really leave now. I have to be up early now that I'm Queen."

"But such a short visit though." Reaver said as he curled his lip.

"It's alright. I'll come back again to visit to ease your loneliness."

"You can always ease my loneliness right now."

"Goodnight Reaver" she laughed as she leaves.

Reaver suddenly feels warm and starts fanning himself with his hand.

"Funny. I'm all hot under the collar all of a sudden. Must be that time in the season again." He muttered and he 'invites' some of his more attractive servants to his bed chambers without another thought.

Author's Notes

Hey everyone, thank you so much for taking the time to read A.L.Y. This is my first fanfic and I spent a lot of time thinking this up after wondering what had happened between Fable 2 and 3. The story became longer than I had imagined but stick with it, it gets exciting I've tried to make it as canon as possible and in keeping with the actual game's story line but if I've missed anything or made a mistake, I'm sorry The beginning is more character building but I swear it does get interesting :P

For future reference, I will (hopefully) be uploading every Monday :)

Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoy!

All characters and locations belong to Lionhead Studios.