Sometimes I think everyone is trying to crush me. My teachers, my soccer team, my 'friends' just everyone. And whenever someone attempts to pound me down, I grab my notebook and write. It has to be my notebook. It can't be my laptop. It has to be by hand. So here we have pointless yet fluffy SebaCiel oneshots, drabbles etc. because I want it. This'll be updated when I write more. I have about four ready, all written in this past week. So let's get started.

Disclaimer: Neither Ciel nor Sebastian are mine. They belong to Yana Toboso. And I am not her.

The little things

It was the little things Ciel like most.

Sure, he definitely wasn't complaining about the rough passion that went on at night, he thoroughly enjoyed that aspect, but it was the embarrassing words, the chaste kisses, the tight embraces that he really loved. No matter how hard Ciel may blush or how unexpected they may be…

"Young master, I've brought the chocolate cake you requested."

Ciel shook himself out of his thoughts when he heard Sebastian's voice. He looked down at his desk covered with paper. He sighed; this was no time to be fantasizing about his butler!

Sebastian entered the room and Ciel looked up from the pile of documents and smiled graciously at the sight of the two things he loved most in the world. Sebastian and cake. In that order. "Just set it here," he said pushing his papers to the sides, "I need something to distract me from my work for a little while."

Sebastian nodded before placing the cake in front of Ciel. As his master ate he stood by him and checked over every paper that had been completed.

Silently, Ciel indicated to Sebastian that he was done. But before the demon took his plate away he planted a brief kiss on Ciel's cheek. "I love you," he whispered softly, letting his warm breath brush against Ciel's ear and neck, "I love you, Ciel." And with that, he was gone, leaving the young boy to grin like an idiot and blush furiously in private, to his bursting heart's content.