Boredom Through Homework

Also Known As:

Torture Through Math

Ciel was bored.

And he had homework.

Sebastian was shopping.

So he couldn't do it for him.

Ciel glared at the sheet of algebra problems in front of him. Something about binomials…? And… small numbers floating in the air? And… maybe… if he was reading correctly, it might have something to do with multiplication as well…

You know, it was times like these where Ciel actually considered staying awake during classes… but when he remembers how boring they are, he very quickly throws that idea away.

Sebastian had long ago refused to do Ciel's homework for him. But no matter how many times Ciel was forced to try and learn this stuff, (As a demon, he'd been through high school many times. He didn't have much of a choice with the child education laws and everything in place during this time and century.) He just couldn't understand it.

He groaned and tried to figure out how hard he would have to throw his pen to get it to break against the wall. Who knew when Sebastian was getting home?


Ciel heard the door open and he jerked awake. He looked down at the page in front of him and noticed it was still empty. Damn.

"Ciel? Where are you?" he heard Sebastian calling him from the living room.

"Sebastian! I need your help!"

The raven-haired demon walked into the kitchen, where the small demon had hurriedly perched himself on the table. Small fingers held out a sheet of paper to him. Blinking away his confusion, Sebastian took the paper and glanced at it. His face immediately fell.


"I… think now you carry the four."

"But that would give us this and this doesn't go into that."

"Then… multiply out the four."

"But… wait, why?"

"Because the four is in the way, goddammit!"

"Don't you yell at me, the answer could be a decimal, you idiot!"

"Who- Who uses decimals in real life!?"

"The same person who likes the four!"


I'm sorry guys. This chapter sucks. I'm so out of it. My friend said I might just be in some sort of funk. I need someone to slap me in the face so I can get back on it. Anyways. Summer's here and I'll hopefully be writing more. Bleh. Gonna go write something. *is being out of it* *apologizes to everyone profusely* *throws cookies*