Summary: The Millefiore had taken over the governments of the world and soon became the force that controlled the lives of everyone. The only one who can oppose the Millefiore is the one who shall become Vongola Decimo: Sawada Tsunayoshi. Inspired by "A Darkened World" by deadly-chronicles.

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Safety, a word that lost its meaning. Mercy, something that is foreign and is only used to describe what is not here. Trust, a connection that is broken. Those words were all gone when the Millefiore Famiglia took over.

Screams echoed throughout the alleyways; pleads for forgiveness fell on deaf ears. Yells for help but none came since no one could do a single thing to help. No one spoke a word since if it was taken the wrong way, then you and everyone precious to you will be killed if you're lucky. Otherwise you will be tortured and suffer a fate worse than death. Those who dare utter a word of disapproval towards the new government will be beaten senseless by patrolling guards who are the loyal dogs of the Millefiore. If by some chance no guard heard you, you will be betrayed by someone. Doesn't matter it they're your parent, best friend, or someone who you thought you would die for; they would tell a guard on you just to receive more food, better shelter, and a prolonged life of a few seconds. No mercy, no trust, and absolutely no safety. It's just every person for themselves.

An apathetic looking brunette walked on the sidewalk with the intent on heading home. To his left were guards and the same to his right. They eyed him, expecting him to make a scene. This happened everyday and to everyone.

The brunette's name was Sawada Tsunayoshi, like many people he lived by himself. His mother was killed right in front of his eyes by the higher ups of the Millefiore. Her lifeless body without that warm smile replayed in Tsuna's mind as he slowly closed his eyes. He opened them again while trying to blink away the image. His father was missing and didn't even visit when she died. But then again his father could be dead as well and that wasn't uncommon in Namimori.

Tsuna continued to stare at the sidewalk while trying to avoid making eye contact with the guards. His day would always end up this way. When he turned the corner he heard a plea for help. He turned his head to the alley and saw a girl that was around his age with amethyst colored eyes with the same color for her hair. A white eye patch covered her right eye.

She clawed at the ground, trying to escape from the hands of the people who were trying to drag her away. Those men wore lab coats and Tsuna could only deduce that the girl ran away from the lab where human experimentation was held. Tsuna saw tears run down her eyes and for a moment they held each other's gaze.

Tsuna's emotionless façade quickly slid off as his indifferent eyes held sincere worry, concern, and fear for the stranger. Unconsciously he took a step towards the alley but was held back by someone. Without even looking the brunette knew who it was.

The girl continued to look at the brunette as she was being dragged away. A small smile graced her lips as more tears fell. She mouthed two words and Tsuna understood it. "Thank you."

Tsuna found a tear falling from his eyes and continued to stand where he was until the girl was no longer in his eyesight. The one that held back the brunette pushed him the rest of the way to his house. Tsuna's bangs covered his eyes as the reality of the world hit him again.

A cup of steaming tea was placed in front of Tsuna. He didn't look up from staring at the floor. The one who helped him continued to look at him for a second until a sigh escaped his lips.

"Sawada, it's extremely not your fault. If you went to help her than you would get the girl in deeper trouble and you wouldn't be able to come back here." Sasagawa Ryohei patted the brunette on the shoulder as gently as he could. Ryohei used to be known as an extreme boxer that would win every tournament for Namimori. But the change the Millefiore made had the boxer quit the club and work for jobs to earn money. However the boxer still loved the sport and secretly practiced at home.

"Onii-san, that's the problem. There's nothing that I can do. No one can do anything but suffer and it's not their fault. This's a mess." Tsuna continued to stare at the floor. Ryohei watched in sympathy as he sat beside the brunette.

Ever since the Millefiore came, everything became the opposite of what it was before. Everything became lifeless just like Sawada Nana...

"Tsuna-kun, Oni-chan! I've brought some food over from Hana's place. I thought that tonight we would eat something delicious for dinner." The soft sound of the door closing was clearly heard in the silence of the house. An orange haired girl around the same age as Tsuna came into view. Sasagawa Kyoko quickly understood the situation from comprehending the atmosphere surrounding the brunette.

Her eyes softened and she rushed over to Tsuna. She looked over to her older brother who only shook his head to signify that Tsuna needed time to think by himself.

"Tsuna-kun, I hope that you'll be able to have the appetite to eat the dinner I'm making." Kyoko embraced Tsuna for a short second and went to the kitchen to prepare for dinner. Tsuna seemed unaffected by the action as he contemplated about what previously happened.

That girl...she probably would be punished severely for escaping but she thanked me even though I couldn't do a thing to help her. I'm just as powerless, just as helpless and yet I'm too selfish and scared to even say anything against the Millefiore.

This is what goes on in the mind of Sawada Tsunayoshi. Unlike most of the people in town, in the world, Tsuna thought of others. Other people would worry about themselves over food, money, and shelter. It's reasonable to worry about that, Tsuna does too, but others want more than what they have. Such greed has been used to its advantage as Byakuran controlled people by using it. The Millefiore made sure such innocence like what Tsuna possessed would be destroyed. That whoever remained with naïve thoughts would face the brunt of their mistreatment. However Tsuna would mask his naïvety with an indifferent mask and so would Kyoko and Ryohei.

This world... hasn't anyone decided to stand up for the abused? Why hasn't anyone acted? A dish was placed in front of Tsuna, which snapped him from his thoughts. He looked up to the smiling, concerned face of Kyoko. Apparently he had been thinking for over an hour or two. He looked over to Ryohei who was smiling as well with a hint of worry evident in his eyes.

"Sorry for making you worry but..." Tsuna's voice trailed off as he tried thinking of the right words when he saw the disappointed look on Kyoko's face. "...I still want time to think so could I eat dinner outside?"

Kyoko's face brightened up a bit and she nodded. Tsuna sighed inwardly in relief. He saw Ryohei sigh as well but that was directed at him. Tsuna couldn't help but make a small smile; Kyoko and Ryohei were his sister and older brother though not related by blood. They would fuss over him like a little brother, in Kyoko's case she said that it was a sister type thing.

A paper bag was handed to Tsuna; he said his thanks and walked out of the house. Taking in a deep breath, Tsuna paused to watch the sun set. Whenever he was upset, the sky would comfort him. However the sky seemed to have dulled with the new changes in Namimori. He clenched his free fist and tightened his grip on the bag.

Walking onto the sidewalk, he turned right with a destination in mind.

"Reborn, come closer. I have something to tell you." An elderly man lied sickly on his bed while breathing irregularly. An infant wearing a suit with a fedora hopped onto the chair that was placed beside the bed.

"What is it Nono?" Reborn looked at his boss with a worried glance. A hacking cough came from the man as he lied still on his bed once it was over.

"Reborn, I trust you greatly and I know that you will never betray me. That's why I want you to do me this one request. I want you to train the one who will succeed me, the one who will succeed Primo. The next in line to become Vongola Decimo is also the only hope this world has. He is in Namimori, Japan and his name is Sawada Tsunayoshi. Tsuna is only a young teenager and possesses innocence that this world lacks. Please, I want you to bring the Vongola rings to him and guide him to change this world back into what it once used to be."

Reborn's fedora lowered to shadow his eyes. Without even speaking Nono knew what he was going to say. "I promise to find and tutor Tsuna. I promise that I will continue trying until the day I die to return the world back into the way it was."

Nono gave Reborn a gentle smile as his head sank further into the pillow. His eyes closed slowly and with one final breath he spoke, "Thank you."

Reborn continued to stand beside his boss for a few minutes. He raised his head to have one final look at Nono and then left to start the request.

Tsuna walked slowly while being deep in thought. One hand held the bag, which contained his dinner while the other hung limply to his side. The setting sun was shining on him and his hair seemed to be a golden-brown because of it. The teen hung his head and his bangs shadowed his face.

Soon within his reach was the park. The Millefiore thankfully left the park alone but almost no one came here anymore. They're just too busy working to survive that no one has time to relax or even remembered how to.

Tsuna placed one hand on the gate and pushed it open. A small creak was heard due to the lack of use. When Tsuna raised his head, he saw someone. Much to his surprise it was an infant. Not much babies were left here because of the fear of being kidnapped and being brought to the lab.

The infant looked up from his seat on the bench and watched cautiously at the brunette walking towards him. His shape-shifting chameleon, Leon, was sitting on his hand. In just a moment's notice Leon would change into a gun when the teen would show a hint of danger.

Tsuna didn't understand the gesture but knew that the baby was being wary around him. He sat down anyways besides the infant and placed the bag on his lap. He opened the paper bag and brought out a takoyaki. Tsuna handed it to the mysterious infant next to him.

"I've seen too many people die from starvation. Since you're just an infant, I don't want to see you dead on the ground tomorrow morning." Tsuna's voice did not hold much warmth to it. It sounded almost dead but with a hint of depression.

The infant raised an eyebrow at the statement and continued to watch the brunette. He held the takoyaki in one hand while Leon was in the other. Tsuna brought out another one and started to eat it. Tsuna raised his head to watch the setting sun and to wait until nightfall.

Seeing that the teen was harmless and that the food wasn't poisoned, the infant took one bite from the food. Right now he was on a mission but Namimori was filled with Byakuran's dogs. The park was where none of the guards were and was the only safe spot at that moment. He turned his head to the brunette and decided to ask. "What's your name?"

The brunette blinked out from his thoughts and looked back down to the infant. He finished swallowing before speaking. "Tsuna. And what about you?"

The infant remembered the name of the person he was searching for. "Reborn. By any chance, is your full name Sawada Tsunayoshi?"

Tsuna blinked again and this time he became a bit wary. "Yeah. Are you looking for me?"

Tsuna would have sworn that he saw the baby smirk. A shiver was sent down his back as he saw Reborn's eyes. Something was about to happen.

"We need a more private place to talk. Bring me to your house and I will explain." The brunette became more suspicious of the baby. Maybe this was a trick of the Millefiore: to use a baby to lure in the naïve ones so that they would be captured and used for experiments. Never show mercy would be beaten into him and he did not want that.

Tsuna stood up from his seat and started to back away from the baby. Reborn noticed this and decided on a different approach. "This might also involve your father, Iemitsu."

Tsuna paled at hearing his father's name. Why does this baby know about my father? Quickly the fear in his eyes turned into anger. His emotions bubbled inside of him and he tried to refrain from shouting at the infant.

"What do you know about my father? Do you know where he is?" His anger quickly subsided as his voice quivered in desperation. Tsuna just couldn't keep being angry with his father for leaving as his worry dominated his emotions. Reborn noticed the change of the indifferent look on Tsuna's face to anger and then to worry. This was definitely the Sawada Tsunayoshi Nono wanted him to find.

"You don't want him to be further endangered do you? Guards could be roaming around here soon and they would be able to hear precious information on him." Reborn watched Tsuna's emotions fluctuate; it was easy to read his thoughts through his eyes.

Should I trust him? He seems to know about my dad, but he could be lying. This could be a test set up by the Millefiore and if I bring him home, then Kyoko-chan and Onii-san would be in danger. But he is just a baby so if anything happens I can just fight back; after all I should be stronger than a baby. But I don't want to hurt him if that happens. What should I do?

Tsuna looked into Reborn's eyes and saw understanding held within them only to flash away a second later. Whenever a choice like this happened Tsuna would follow his gut instincts. So far Tsuna hasn't felt that afraid and endangered around Reborn. He also sensed no ill will towards him so that was a good thing.

"Fine. Follow me." Tsuna let out a sigh and turned around. Right now he was going to take a chance; if Reborn really meant no harm than he would learn more of his father and anything else the infant wanted to tell him. If Reborn were actually a part of a trick than not only he but also Kyoko and Ryohei would be in trouble. Reborn hopped off the bench and walked towards Tsuna.

"How will you be able to get me to your house without the guards noticing?" Reborn also had to remain cautious around the brunette; he did not know for sure that this was Iemitsu's son or someone who was pretending to be him. After all Reborn was a famous person and the Millefiore was sure to recognize him. They could have sent an actor that would lower his guard and then strike when he's vulnerable, not saying that he's ever vulnerable.

"Simple, we'll just be under their noses and they'll never notice."

A dark corridor with barely any light was laid in front of them. The only light source was the candle with the tiny flame that appeared to be nearing its end. Tsuna walked steadily in the dark with one hand still holding the bag that held his dinner. Reborn was walking alongside the brunette with Leon still on his hand. He was cautious, ready to act if anything dangerous came. He would glance at his surroundings but his eyes were focused on the brunette.

Tsuna felt a pair of eyes on him but ignored it; it was probably Reborn. Walking down this path again was nostalgic but it did not bring back fond memories. The last time he came down here was just like what was happening now. He had to escape from the park and return home; at that time he had his father with him while his mother was at home. Gunshots and harsh shouts was what he remembered before setting off hurriedly with his father. At the time he didn't comprehend the seriousness that the situation should be credited with. But he was still scared.

When Tsuna had returned home, his father left him with his mother, saying that he'll come back again. The young child had believed his father's words so he was not as frightened. However that was the last time he saw his father.

Abruptly Tsuna stopped in his tracks and so did his memory. Reborn paused and observed the teen. Tsuna turned to his right and pressed his hand on the wall; he slid his hand down until he felt the presence of a doorknob. Taking a deep breath he turned the knob and pulled it towards him. A creak reverberated throughout the area and the brunette walked inside. Reborn followed suit and closed the door behind him.

Up the stairs they went and Tsuna blew out the candle. There was no need for it since it would die out anyway. Another door awaited them and the brunette pulled it open again with no hesitation this time.

Warm air and the smell of delicious food lingered about. Tsuna allowed himself to smile at the comforting atmosphere; this didn't go unnoticed by Reborn. The brunette walked into the kitchen where he could see Kyoko and Ryohei eating silently. The sound of tapping came from Tsuna's feet and Kyoko moved her gaze at the brunette. A surprised but happy smile crossed her face and Ryohei turned around to see Tsuna.

"Sawada, when did you get here? I didn't hear the front door opening." Tsuna suppressed a laugh; Ryohei was still the same. The infant watched Tsuna's interaction with the other two residents of the room.

"Ara? Tsuna-kun who is this baby beside you?" Kyoko pointed her finger at the infant. Tsuna sighed; now was the time to learn more of his father's whereabouts.

"His name is Reborn; I found him at the park by himself. Apparently he was searching for me." Tsuna looked at the two siblings and saw them tense with worry. "He's still an infant so don't hurt him even if you're suspicious. Treat him as a guest until he has given reason to do otherwise."

Nods came from both of them and Tsuna smiled gently in return. Kyoko smiled at both Tsuna and Reborn; lately the brunette didn't smile as often or as bright as he used to. It was because it was that time of year again, the day when Tsuna's whole world turned for the worst.

"I want to talk to Tsuna privately; after that he can tell you two as much as he wants." Tsuna turned around and motioned for the infant to follow him. They went up another flight of stairs that reached to the brunette's room. Inside they went and sat around the table placed into the middle of the bare room.

"So, why were you searching for me?" Tsuna didn't want to prolong the questions. Reborn had all the answers that would relieve him of his anxiety.

Reborn sat in front of the brunette with dark eyes observing Tsuna's movements. "Have you heard of the Vongola?"

"Yeah. It was the most powerful Mafia Family until the Millefiore beat it. Now the survivors are being targeted along with any allies." Tsuna stared confusedly at the infant. What does the Vongola have to do with him?

"The Vongola Family was destroyed in the middle of Nono's time. The Vongola had ended. Or that was what was believed. There is one person who has the blood of the Vongola and that person will become the next leader: Vongola Decimo. That person is you."

Reborn waited patiently for the brunette to act. Shock and surprise was visible on Tsuna's face. He didn't ever expect that to happen; he didn't even know how to react. "H-how is that possible?"

"You are a direct descendant of Vongola Primo, Giotto. He is your great-great-great-grandfather. Vongola Nono sent me to Japan to train you to succeed the Vongola. If you are to do that, you will have to defeat the Millefiore."

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